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Tina Chapman Dec 05, 2023

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Joseph Hall Dec 05, 2023

It's amazing, they have such a large selection of food, all high end and it was delicious! BUT we had sub-par service. I don't think he was new, I'm not sure if it was because it was a large party (15 people) or because there were kids (5 between 9-16yrs old), but he should not be in that caliber of a restaurant. He was short, condescending, and rude.

Terri Smith Dec 04, 2023

Had a great birthday lunch with Friends. Jeffrey Davis was so helpful and accommodating. Abbie was our server she was very efficient with our service and able to keep up with our large group. She was very pleasant throughout our entire lunch. Highly recommend Bon Appétit.

Opentable Diner Dec 03, 2023

Fantastic food and service . Thank you for a wonderful evening


Had worst meal at Bon Appétit. Place was packed because of boat parade. Took 15 minutes to get a menu. Had French onion soup and it was ok. Order Land and Sea for $42 and it was inedible. The steak tips were overcooked and very grainy. The scallops were ok. The risotto was inedible. The rice was like mush. I’ve had more solid baby food. My wife had lobster roll which was overly mayonnaise mostly claw meat lobster salad on a flat piece of bread. Not good. The manager came over and said he would make adjustment after seeing our food which was half off my plate. I had 3 pieces of scallops and 1 piece of inedible fillet tips and one bite of risotto. We will never go back.

Mary Lee Hughes Dec 03, 2023

It was Dunedin's boat parade last night, so friends and I dined at Bon Appetit outside dining. The hostesses were really informative and helpful. Our server, Christi was awesome and very attentive. The food was delicious from appetizers and dinner. Christi was wonderful and never rushed us. We enjoyed the sunset and part of the boat parade. Valet parking was wonderful. Every employee we had contact with were so nice and helpful. Thank you Matt Sr and my wonderful brother, Karl. We had the best night and the new pork dish was a big hit with my friend's husband. He really enjoyed. Thank you all!

Sonya Shively Dec 03, 2023

We had a wonderful lunch celebrating a friends birthday!! Jeffery Davis made our little get together so special and Abbey was the most friendly and attentive waitress. The food was delicious with large portions for lunch and the cocktails were expertly made by Rachel and Bobby. Would absolutely recommend!!!

Cameron Myers Dec 03, 2023

Rachel is an ANGEL!

Holly Cole Dec 03, 2023

It is a nice place for a special occasion, but bring your gold card as the cheapest item is $18. I highly recommend the bouillabaise. It was delicious and loaded with fresh seafood. I was really hungry, and it was definitely satisfying. The average bill at my table was $60 for dinner.

Kristin Dec 03, 2023

Amazing!!! Loved the food and Garrett is the best waiter ever!!!! Loved everything

Opentable Diner Dec 03, 2023

Absolutely wonderful. food was impeccable and service was great

KristinC Dec 03, 2023

Loved everything about it food was excellent and Garrett was such a great server!!!

DebraL Dec 02, 2023

It’s great when you get there and check in , you never wait ( you definitely need a reservation) . The food is superb! Try the squid it’s sooo delicious! We happen to be there on the night of the boat parade. Michele was a very sweet waitress. Worth going , most people go for a special occasion. Enjoy, Bon Appetite!

CarolynS Dec 02, 2023

Excellent. Can’t wait to come back. Drink prices were fair. I thought the food was a little pricey for the portion sizes in some cases. Terrific ambience, great service.

Opentable Diner Dec 02, 2023

Wonderful food, a little on the pricey side but worth it!

Michelle Buell Dec 02, 2023

Abby is so fantastic and Jeffrey is so great!!! Honestly the food and service is the very best!!! They made our experience so wonderful!!!

Umesh C. Dec 02, 2023

I have been going to Bon Appetit quite regulary since we moved to Clearwater 22 years ago. In fact, sometimes I wonder why !! Familiarity, great views. Love the French Onion soup. Sher and Miguel, the servers. Lots of good choices on menu. Great Lamb chops. Love the addition of Octopus dishes in the menu. There is one waiter clearly who should not be there, forget his name but he is a liability to the place. However, some things to improve upon. Prices have gone up to where one has to avoid some casual times one used to want to go there. Crab Cake as an appetizer for $ 20 does not make sense as it is one piece and there is less crab and more cake in it. Needs improvement and the whole world gives two pieces. One times the Georgia Peach salad was missing Peaches. For a place that is starting to have high pretentions, some times the greeting desk is unattended or has a hard time find your reservation.
All said and done still the best place to go to in Dunedin. (Corporates, watch out, do not lose the incredible loyalty built over the years !!)

Robin W. Dec 02, 2023

The Food was AMAZING! Jeffery and Abby made our meal that much more enjoyable!! Best staff EVER !!

Joan Anderson Dec 01, 2023

For the money, food should have come out at its best, not cooling down to room temperatures. Service was excellent. Atmosphere... noise level so high could barely have a conversation with the people next to me. No way to converse with those across the table without really raising our voices which would only make it worse. Will return for drinks outdoors, but not indoor dining.

Mmmm Dec 01, 2023

Went for dinner at 8PM with some friends and the restaurant was not very busy. However, we were sat next to two extremely loud and boisterous tables of 8 holiday parties. Each of the groups were intoxicated and overly loud, to the point where it was not possible for the three of us to hear each other at our table. I have no idea, why we were sat between these groups when so many other tables away from the holiday makers were available and to honest, I have no idea why we just didn't get up and either move ourselves or leave. Having said all that negativity, our server was extremely nice and helpful and the food was really very good. Everything we had food-wise was excellent. But, no one ever really enjoys a meal when surrounded by drunk loudmouths. Been to Bon Appetit numerous times over the years and have never encountered anything similar, hopefully it was a one time occurrence...