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Jack Lawrence Mar 24, 2024

My brother and I had a situation where our uncle passed away and his ex wife had illegally taken his retirement that was supposed to be his. He had already given her what she was owed when they divorced but had failed to change her as a beneficiary. Kevin was able to get us a court order that she had to pay I back and the judge placed a lien on her property so she could sell or refinance until she payed it back. On top of that Kevin is a great person. He helped a homeless man who was dying get in touch with his daughter that hadn’t seen her father in years. If I could give six stars I could. Kevin is the only attorney I trust.

Armando De La Rosa Mar 08, 2024

As, a single father I wanna Thank you Mr Kevin Clark and your law firm for being there for my custody battle with success again lord of thank you’s to you alls hard work and succeed all around

Trudy Guerrero Corbitt Dec 29, 2023

I didnt get to use Mr. Clark, but the consult and short meetings i had with him, Mr. Clark provided the best advice and had a great big heart. I hope he is blessed for his goodness.

Christian Sep 29, 2023

As a father of a 5-year-old boy, I honestly couldn't ask for better lawyers to represent me in court. Lisa and Kevin normally work with me and they are AMAZING! Extremely professional, punctual, and great at communicating with me both in and out of the courtroom. One of the district judges even said I have the best family lawyers in the county. I gotta say, I agree with him. I could go on and on about how great they are but I'd be here all day. If you have a family case hire them! Especially if you're a father!!

Kat Fratantoni Jun 29, 2023

Kevin and Lisa of the Law Office of J. Kevin Clark, P.C., handled my divorce and prepared my case so that I had a very successful result in mediation. The final agreement addressed all my concerns and exceeded my expectations. Kevin and Lisa were always available to answer questions and discuss my case. I really appreciated their advice and hard work. I highly recommend them to anyone who is facing a difficult divorce.

Scott Aug 25, 2021

My previous attorney was not returning my phone calls. I needed help with finalizing a Qualified Domestic Relations Order and did not know who to hire. I was under a time crunch as I was moving out of the country and needed to get it done as soon as possible. Luckily, I called the Law Office of J. Kevin Clark, P.C. and Lisa helped me through the process." I highly recommend this firm for all your divorce or post-divorce needs. I wish I would have used them for my original divorce proceedings.

Jeff Feb 16, 2019

I cannot say enough positive things about Kevin Clark & his team.I was afraid of what would happen to my children & my business.Kevin and his co-counsel,Lisa spent a lot of time preparing for my court hearings and mediation.Through out the entire process I relied on experience & advice.They helped me every step of the way.I was very happy with the end result.If you need help don’t hesitate to call them for a meeting .After my meeting with Kevin & Lisa I knew I wanted them on my team and I never looked back .

Eboni Oct 31, 2018

I filed my own divorce petition and tried to protect my children, my house and my retirement. Before long, I realized I could not accomplish this by myself. I hired Kevin and Lisa P. to help me. Several times, my husband tried to persuade me to agree to things that were not best for our children or me. I talked with them about his offers and I am so glad I followed their advice to stay strong. In the end, I could not be happier with the outcome. I would strongly recommend Kevin and Lisa to anyone who needs help with their divorce.

Christie Jun 19, 2017

As a retired Court Coordinator, I have worked with Kevin for over 12 years in the court system. He is always polite and professional with the Court and court staff (which is something you really want in an attorney). When I made the decision to hire a lawyer to assist my mother in her estate planning, Kevin was an easy choice. He was so kind and patient with my aging mother and never failed to ask about her whenever our paths crossed. On the day of my mother's funeral almost 2 years ago, I turned to look at all the guests in the church. One of the first faces I saw was Kevin's. He really does care about his clients. I would not hesitate to refer a friend to J. Kevin Clark for their important legal matters.

Christopher Harrell Jun 13, 2017

I have worked with Kevin on several matters and he is a highly competent lawyer and excellent litigator. I would recommend Kevin without hesitation.

Shari Jun 06, 2017

I have consulted with, retained and referred J. Kevin Clark multiple times over the 18 years that I've known him. Mr. Clark provided me with exceptional advice when I was going thru a divorce. He was very helpful during the negotiation of details and showed great compassion for the struggles that I was facing and helped guide me thru the process. I have since consulted with Mr. Clark on other legal matters because of the confidence I have in him knowing that he would confidentially represent me and my best interests. I have great esteem and much appreciation for what he has done to help me in the past. I have had the opportunity to refer Mr. Clark to others and they too have hired him and thanked me for the recommendation.

Salim Jun 02, 2017

Mr. Clark helped me with a property issue. There was some urgency to the matter, and he expeditiously handled my case. He was very knowledgeable and professional and his staff is first rate. I would highly recommend Kevin Clark for any litigation needs

Kat May 31, 2013

Kevin Clark and Donna Soules were fabulous people to work with. They did a great job answering all my questions and getting back to me within a reasonable time period. They both listen to what I wanted and made it happen. I always felt like they had my best interest at heart. I needed someone that was going to look after me and they did just that.

Gerald Mar 30, 2013

I came to know Mr. Clark last year, when I made the decision to divorce after 8 years of marriage. A friend of mine highly recommended Mr. Clark. After my initial consultation, I was thrilled. He has provided a sense of calm in this tornado that we call divorce. Mr. Clark has given me guidance that is spot on every time. At one point early in the divorce, I made a bad choice. Mr. Clark saw this and redirected my actions. I’m glad I listened because, it positively affected the outcome. I have recommended Mr. Clark to friends who need a divorce or mediation attorney. I am very pleased with Mr. Clark’s knowledge, memory and life experience. I will continue to recommend Mr. Clark to anyone who is in need.

John Mar 13, 2013

I retained Mr. Clark to handle my divorce. He was straight forward, honest and responded quickly to any requests I had. I would definitely use him in the future (if the need arose, fingers crossed) and I would highly recommend him.

Frank Mar 13, 2013

Divorce is probably always tough. Certainly was for me. The process of getting divorced turned out to be not difficult at all. Kevin treated me and my situation personally and helped me through this time. Donna was there at all times to answer any questions. She is so knowedgable. That was only value added as his true service was getting through the process without any wasted time. Billing was more then fair and he gave me the guidance on actions to take to assure I was able to retain the assets that I felt were just. The process of getting divorced went very well thaks to both Keven and his assistant Donna. I would be glad to provide a personal recommendation. ;