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Guilty Sea Sports Pub - Indian Rocks Beach is rated
4.3 out of 5.0 based on 578 reviews

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Tomas Rodriguez Jul 22, 2024

Friendly staff. Great food! The burgers were fantastic. Great place to watch sports and grab good food. I'll definitely be back

Renee Rose Jul 21, 2024

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Tri Vo Jul 21, 2024

Response to General manager's response -- "We only bring out one crab leg cluster at a time for each AYCE customer.": That's a silly policy, because your servers would have less work to do if they were to bring out more clusters at once. Imagine your limited amount of servers having to run back and forth into the kitchen to continuously bring back out a single cluster for each customer as they finished their last order. Bringing out 2 or more clusters for each AYCE patron effectively cuts the workload of the servers literally in half, thus in turn frees up their time to attend to other patrons. This also makes the patrons happy. It's a win/win for both? Original review: AYCE crab legs are a SCAM. If there are two patrons that paid $50 each for all you can eat crab legs on Mondays/Tuesday, they'll bring two clusters at a time for you to share and then you'll have to wait another 10 minutes for another 2 crab leg clusters. Big NOPE. Not worth.

Stephanie Jackson Jul 20, 2024

First time trying Guilty Sea and it was great! Smash burgers and ribs were amazing. Service with Shane made it a great dinner out! Pickle fries are delicious too! Fun atmosphere - check out the jukebox app !

Eric Bass Jul 20, 2024

Great food, huge portions.