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Evy’s Terrace Bar & Bistro - Clearwater Beach is rated
4.6 out of 5.0 based on 240 reviews

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Rick Kaiser Jun 13, 2024

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X1293TXsuek May 10, 2024

We went to Evy's for an appetizer and drink. We went a second time to watch the sunset and a couple of cocktails. The food and service is great. Our issue was, we left a cash tip, then checked out bank account when we returned home to find out a 20% charge was added on. We knew about the 10% menu stabilization charge. We asked if a tip was included but was assured it wasn't. We left a cash tip both times and was still charged 20%. Also just beware, you can't actually see the sun set. It goes behind a building. There is a nice view though.

Eric Norris May 04, 2024

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Katie Valenti Apr 13, 2024

This place could be really nice if they hired better staff. The ambiance is great. The staff is terrible. Not just one person, but two. Worst service I have ever had. I wish I could tell you about the food, but, an hour after ordering a charcuterie board that never came we gave up.

MelissaH572 Apr 04, 2024

On the rooftop of Hampton Inn, the bistro has fabulous food and a wonderful view of the sunset. It is family friendly but it does not have a kids menu. Bistro offers many options for flatbreads. The salads are very flavorful and the charcuterie board is very big and will feed a lot of people. The cocktails are also fantastic, I recommend the mojitos. Staff is very friendly and helpful.