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Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. - Dallas is rated
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Joseph Dugan Mar 17, 2024

Jerry took care of everything for me after I was in an accident. He made sure the at fault insurance company covered my medical bills and that I received compensation for future care. Really knows what he's doing!

Steve Brandt May 03, 2023

Jerry Andrews handled my case with respect and professionalism. He achieved a successful resolution, and I would use his services again, hopefully will not need to!

Braylen Feinsilver Apr 14, 2023

My case was hard due to a very horrible insurance company, but after 2 years he not only got me more than i expected out of them, but also lowered my medical bills tremendously, i am very grateful to Jerry and his amazing team, he wont give up even after you do

Vashti C Apr 14, 2022

Good trustworthy attorney.

Debbie Baan Apr 14, 2022

Going through any legal process can be very devastating. Mr. Andrews has many qualities that made the process bearable. He is very honest, sincere and gives you his expertise on the case. Above all when it comes to making a decision he would give me the pros and cons before asking me what I wanted to do. Pretty much what you would expect and want from a professional attorney.

Ramona Sonmezler Apr 14, 2021

My family and I are very grateful for Mr. Andrews. He represented our child and was very sensitive to the case as our child went through a traumatic injury. Not only was he professional and beyond knowledgeable but he was very compassionate. We trusted him and he negotiated a settlement for our child. Mr. Andrews fought hard to get this settlement as the insurance company did not want to settle anything at all. However with his expertise, Mr. Andrews was able to get the settlement our son deserved. Thank you Mr. Andrews for your dedication to our child's case.

Elite 4 Champion Josh Apr 14, 2020

I was hit a by a driver with no insurance that totalled my car. Luckily I have uninsured motorists insurance and Andrew was able to exploit that to our benefit. I was given a nice 10k check free and clear after the dust settled.

Lisa Murphy Apr 14, 2018

Jerry Andrews is a phenomenal attorney. He guides you through the entire process making sure you understand everything. He stays on top of things and keeps you we'll informed. He does not nickle and dime you for everything he does, which includes going well above and beyond his abligations as your attorney. I would, and I have, recommended him highly. I was very happy with the large settlement l was awarded.

Jennifer Minonno Apr 14, 2017

Jerry worked diligently to help my husband and I recover, physically and financially, after being struck by a negligent driver. I won't hesitate to call him again, if the need should ever arise. I can't imagine trying to deal with this mess ourselves. He and his team are aggressive and professional, and easily accessible whenever I needed guidance. They handled my case completely and turned a nightmare into a stress-free process.

Anonymous Oct 10, 2014

Very good lawyer.

Anonymous Oct 02, 2014

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Anonymous Oct 02, 2014

Jerry Andrews is an excellent personal injury lawyer with personal client service.

Anonymous Aug 27, 2012

I know Jerry to be of the highest ethical character. I have tried cases against him as well as been on the same side of the docket with him. He has great legal acumen and conducts his practice in an ethical and honorable fashion.

Anonymous Jul 20, 2012

Jerry is my "go to" plaintiff's lawyer. He is incredibly ethical and I trust him implicitly. He is a great sounding board for cases and I steer folks in need his direction.

Anonymous Jul 16, 2012

Jerry Andrews is an excellent lawyer who has achieved great results for his clients. I highly recommend him.

Anonymous Jul 09, 2012

Jerry is an excellent lawyer. Lee Brown

Anonymous Jul 06, 2012

Can avoid a summary judgment, pays attention to and works his cases.

Anonymous Jul 06, 2012

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Jenna Sep 15, 2009

Mr. Andrews was amazing. I had an abnormal case that was causing me a lot of pain and stess. He was very considerate of my concerns and discussed all matters with me to ensure full comprehension for both of us. I was particularly impressed by his promt response and honesty. And, I always appreciated his advice and knew I could trust him to make necissary decisions on my behalf. I will in the future and have already recommended him to friends.

Joanna Aug 18, 2009

I am very grateful for Mr. Andrews negotiating a settlement with the insured’s automotive liability carrier that exactly matched what I told him my maximum expectations were. In addition, his fee was nominal and the expenses his office charged were minimal. In fact, Mr. Andrews negotiated my settlement without the additional costs of filing a law suit. Add to that, my settlement was delivered to me in a prompt and forthright manner. After negotiating with the insured’s automotive insurance carrier, Mr. Andrews negotiated with my medical insurance provider, Medicare, and had the amount of medical payments I was obligated to reimburse them reduced. In all, the settlement Mr. Andrews negotiated on my behalf was greater than 23 times the medical expense payments my doctors received from Medicare --- and that is the truth! I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Andrews to any and all persons who are considering engaging an attorney for a personal injury claim. My family and friends have worked with other attorneys on similar issues in the past but, my settlement was comparatively the best. At stated above, I am grateful for what Mr. Andrews did for me in all respects.