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Lisa Rizzo Jan 19, 2023

Having to move my parents from Delray Beach to Saint Cloud for a final move to a new independent/assisted living facility to be close by is no easy thing to do. From speaking to Erik was wonderful, but the staff they sent, husband and wife, Tati & Juan, and her Mom, Miriam, all I can see they are top notch and I hope they get paid well! We spent 2 days together, they packed up a majority of the condo they had as snowbirds for for the last 19 yrs, the last 1& 1/2 as full timers the first day, leaving a portion of couch and TV my folks could watch the last night, along with their mattress the next morning. We all headed north around 10 am the next morning, they had a couple more workers meet them to take the big furniture into their living space which was quite the downsize as Miriam started the daunting task of unpacking. I can’t say enough about Tati, her caring, compassion and knowledge of her job, and Juan does everything from lifting and moving furniture, packing, hanging pictures, even folding clothes! They also dropped some furniture off at my kids at the end of a very long day. Is it an expensive move, oh yes, that’s an understatement! But they do a fantastic job!

Diane Carter Dec 02, 2022

Highly recommend! These movers were patient and packed every object with care. They double checked and confirmed every step of the way. They came on time, and finished before we expected, leaving everything precisely in its place.

PRIMAC Realty Nov 29, 2022

Carly and team are amazing, as a real estate broker, I recommend them for their services, downsizing and moving.

Lindsey Prato Nov 25, 2022

Despite living in North FL (with my entire family in Central FL), I found it extremely easy to work with Caring Transitions of Winter Park. Very professional company and you can tell they truly care. Would definitely work with them again.

Margaret MacNeil Nov 14, 2022

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