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Troy Fields Aug 14, 2023

Great group of help.

Jo Jenkins Sep 25, 2022

I certainly recommend this company. Liz and her team rescued me. As trustee of an estate (both spouses were hoarders) with two houses, a non-operational antique car and 5 non -working washing machines, air compressors, you name it, this estate had it. Liz and her team disposed of stuff that wouldn’t sell. Organized all the household and non-household items for an estate sale. Then hauled off stuff that didn’t sell. Liz and her team know what they are doing. I was throwing away stuff that would sell. Liz supported me emotionally during this time period as I was overwhelmed. Let them do the work for you.

Kathryn Lenker Martin Jun 20, 2022

Helped us empty a rental home and they did a very good job! I would give them 5 stars but when I went to get a final look of the home there was 1 closet full of furniture left! They did come and take the furniture away quickly but didn’t offer to compensate for that furniture… which I know would have sold in the auction for decent money as all of the furniture usually gets a good price!

voygal May 09, 2022

My husband and I were downsizing from 3100 square feet to 1100 square feet in a retirement community and had a lot of 'stuff' even after family take-aways. Liz Donnelly and her knowledgeable staff came in and made sense of all our remains, grouped them appropriately and wrote wonderful descriptions of items along with posting clear pictures. The online auction of items was fun to watch and those final couple of hours were amazing! With Donnelly's preparation and presentation, our estate sale brought in a nice little addition to our nest egg. They even hauled away 'junk'! I can't recommend their services enough.

Amanda S. Apr 14, 2022

We had a family health emergency and the Owner, Liz, went above and beyond, to ensure a good outcome. This woman has a distinctive head, and heart, for business which is evidenced by stellar service. If you need to move with people you can trust-call Liz! Thank you for making our lives better! I will be recommending you with the utmost confidence!!