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Rozlynn Harris Feb 02, 2023

Jericho did an outstanding job on my kitchen refresh. They were great to work with from start to finish throughout the whole project. The contractors were highly professional and on time. Every part of the refresh from the tiling, cabinet painting, countertop and flooring installation were expertly done. I am very happy with their work and highly recommend Jericho Home Improvements to anyone looking to update/repair their home.

Tracy A. Dec 22, 2022

We had the Jericho team come out and bid our kitchen project.  We thought it seemed a little steep but they were the quickest to respond and to be on site.  That said something to us.  Then when they started the project, they were prompt and efficient!  They insured there was no overflow to the rest of the house and cleaned up EVERYTHING!  When we had a follow up issue, they came out the next day and corrected it.  The kitchen looks great and the folks on site were very friendly and answered questions.  Once it was done, we sat back and definitely decided it was worth the investment!  They will be the ones for our next project.

Isaac F. Dec 21, 2022

these guys are the best in the business! They started my job when they said they would start. They finished on time. The price they quoted is the price that I paid. No hidden fees. And their workmanship was top-notch! Everyone was friendly, professional and they are definitely worth the money. Great company!

Bruce K. Dec 21, 2022

What great and friendly service.  We had a bathroom remodeled.  They helped us pick out fixtures, lights, mirrors ourselves.  Found most on sale at various locations.  Had issues with plumbing that they were able to resolve. Robert was always on time and courteous.  Clean up every day after work was spotless.  Would certainly use Jericho again.

Amanda Schafer Nov 18, 2022

We hired Jericho for our kitchen remodel. We kept our granite, but had cabinets painted, new backsplash, new lights, new hardware, and under-cabinet lighting. The craftsmanship is excellent. The crew was always careful to clean up at the end of each day, which I appreciated. The crew was also courteous and I felt comfortable having them in my home, which is important to me as a woman who is often home alone. There was a delay, which was my fault, as I changed my tile choice at the last minute and had to re-order everything, but I desperately wanted the green tile. They are more expensive than some of the other companies we considered, but we have learned the hard way that if you buy cheap, you buy twice.