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Blake Bennett Oct 04, 2022

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Tina Marie Baalman Aug 15, 2022

I had the best experience with Brian and his staff at Bagley Law Firm. So professional, timely and kept me calm as they guided me through the process. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks You Bagley Law Team!

Faithful Adams Jun 06, 2022

If I could give this young man 10 stars I would HANDS 🙌🏽 DOWN!! He came in, took over my case from a previous lawyer, did EXACTLY what he said he would do & got my case closed!!! Ms.Kristen is bomb a** too!! I’ll definitely refer Brian to anyone on this side of Heaven!

Govind "Vinny" Feb 13, 2022

I had another lawyer handling my divorce case prior to Brian, and she was an absolute MESS. It was very difficult to communicate with her, and she basically refused to listen to my concerns as far as my own personal family dynamic and how I wanted her to handle some things. Months into the divorce process, which was just not progressing At All under her handling, she unexpectedly filed to withdraw as my counsel, leaving me high and dry and out of money. I felt cheated, defeated, and very weary for I certainly did not want to get burned again with a new lawyer. Nonetheless I had to find new counsel to finish my divorce case. Thankfully I found Brian, who was nothing short of a godsend. He analyzed what had been done so far in my case, and then effortlessly and seamlessly corrected the mistakes and filled all the gaps my prior lawyer had needlessly created, and quickly got my divorce proceeding fully back on track. Additionally, his comforting, yet no nonsense way of speaking, also put my ex-wife much more at ease with the process and got her to comply with certain things that the other attorney could not. He strived to keep things amicable and always on the level for the good of all. He also kept the paperwork aspect of things very streamlined and did not file unnecessary paperwork in order to charge me more. Brian's pricing was fair, just, and reasonable. I appreciated this very much given what had just happened to me with the prior lawyer. I also appreciated his and his assistant Kristen's prompt responsiveness to my calls. While divorce is certainly not an easy or a pleasant process for anyone, having a great and compassionate lawyer who strives to understand your own particular situation helps smooth the process along immensely. Brian was certainly that person for me. His professionalism and utmost competence can only be matched by his human compassion and sincere friendliness. Brian was a pleasure to work with, as was his office staff. Since Brian took over my case not once did I ever feel that my case was being handled improperly, or that I was being ignored or unheard when I needed clarification on things. I would recommend Brian in a heartbeat to anyone who is just beginning the divorce filing process, or who needs a knowledgeable attorney to fix a prior lawyer's mishandling of their divorce case. He'll be your shining star in either case, and certainly through and through!

shae Dec 15, 2021

The most personable attorney you will find. He and Kristen will make you feel like you and your case matter.

Robert Nov 17, 2021

If your in need of a Rockstar Divorce Attorney, I highly recommend The Law Office of Brian Bagley! I’ve worked with Brian now for over 2 years, Through a highly complicated Divorce Case. Brian has been amazing to say the least. He is very responsive, easy to talk to, strategic and a Rockstar in the courtroom during litigation. He has responded personally to all my questions and has a strategy for any situation thrown his way. He ran circles around the opposing council and always made sure we stayed ahead of the game. Brian genuinely cares for his clients and understands how traumatic this can be for his clients and their families. High stakes/complex divorce or not, you definitely want Attorney Brian Bagley on your team!

Emily Markley Oct 22, 2021

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Deborah Aug 16, 2021

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Brian Bagley as your attorney and the paralegal, Kristen Tinker, is one of the best ever! This is by far the best Law Firm in Collin County and the state of Texas. Brian Bagley is very polite. empathetic, compassionate, knowledgeable, patience, responsive, and will get the job done for you. He is upfront, honest, and will fight for his clients. I am writing this review to help someone who may be going through a difficult divorce or a situation and I am a witness to tell you that this law firm is the one to call. Brian Bagley and Kristen Tinker is the best team of Collin County and Texas. Omg! I have so much to say about Kristen Tinker, the paralegal, she is authentic, caring, a true fighter in your case, a hard worker, a listener, responsive, patience, empathetic, someone to cry to, and most of all very compassionate about her clients with a heart of gold. My case was very complex, and difficult in that I was dealing with a narcissist but when I hired attorney Brian Bagley and Kristen Tinker as his paralegal, they were the only ones who were able to get me divorce and fight for me. Brian Bagley And Kristen Tinker together are true life savers and believe in fighting to get you out of a bad situation! Now, I am happily divorced after hiring them on what another attorney could not do. I regret I did not call them sooner but I am truly grateful for all the time, efforts, dedication, and professionalism both put into my case. This law firm was truly the best I've ever worked with. I wish I could give you a million stars but it only let me give you FIVE..Thank you so much! Love this law firm forever!!!! Highly Highly Recommend!!! Call them Now! You will get Excellent Quality Service Guaranteed!!!!

Jordan Wilson Aug 13, 2021

I couldn't imagine NOT having Brian Bagley as my attorney! Brian got me every single thing I asked for, and his paralegal is AMAZING! I feel like I divorced the biggest narcissists' in Collin county and Brian never once was unrealistic, sugar coated anything, and he truly gave me the best legal advice while staying in my budget. There is NO ONE else I would ever recommend or hire.

Todd Baehler Jul 29, 2021

I have know Brian for over 6 years. I have found him to be an excellent family law attorney. He is thoughtful, empathetic and responsive. I would highly recommend him to anyone going through the divorce process.

toberin2019 Uribe2019 Nov 10, 2020

I recommend Attorney Brian Bagley and I guarantee once you use his services, you will not look any further. He is an HONEST man, he goes above and beyond for his clients, do not hesitate to hire him.

Awsome Randomness Oct 23, 2020

Brian is an exceptional lawyer. He's honest, knowledgeable, response to your questions and keeps you in the loop. Most lawyers like BS you and tell you what you want to hear, but Brian's not like that. Brian is reliable and gets done what he says he's going to! I'm very thankful I took the time to do my research and found him! I definitely would recommend him to any friends or family.

Natalie Firtos Aug 23, 2020

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Lacy Moore Nov 17, 2019

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bri pipitone Apr 04, 2019

If you need a hands on, caring, and a great attorney, Brian Bagley is your guy. He’s been helping my husband and I on a family law case and I couldn’t be more thankful for finding him. Out of 20 attorneys I called for help and pricing, Brian by far has the most competitive pricing and the ONLY one who called me back that helped me right away. Within 5 minutes of our first phone conversation he was searching things for me, telling me how to go about a situation properly. He’s been a huge blessing to our family. My husband and I fully intend on keeping Brian as our attorney for anything we might need for as long as he is practicing law. As well as recommending him and using him for other family members court needs as well.

Jeff K. May 10, 2016

Use the Law office of Brian Bagley twice for the business contract negotiations. Simple and very effective. Definitely will  use him in a future.

pablo Mar 07, 2016

Brian handled my custody case. The way he commanded the entire situation was impressive. I was in awe of his litigation abilities. His staff is also incredibly knowledgeable and great at keeping you up to date on the case status.

jessie Dec 18, 2014

Attorney, Brian Bagley is a great attorney. He was very knowledgeable with the courts and with my case. He was also very personable and that helped me keep my faith in the case. Brian Bagley can be trusted to keep on top of the case and keep you informed on what is going on. Brian also kept in touch with Mr as I had questions and needed answers. He is the attorney I would want on my case if I had another one.

Sanette Dec 18, 2014

Brian Bagley is really an amazing and very impressive individual. He is always there for me when I need him any time of the day. He knows how to handle all cases, especially, divorces, modifications, child custody, adoptions, DWI, criminal, actually pretty much any case you put in front of him, he will be able to handle it. I just know that being a lawyer is hard and he does a great job protecting clients and being there for them. He is not one of these attorneys that just want money, he is actually an attorney who cares about his clients and their cases. He will actually fight for you until the end. I will always recommend my friends, family, and people I know to him, because he is someone I trust.