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Thomas Drake Nov 01, 2023

Great lawyers and office!

Brandonn Jones Oct 25, 2023

By far the best people in the business. From the beginning, Brian and his team made me feel comfortable and laid out various scenarios of how the process would go. Communication was always on point and you can tell they really about their clients. Kristen is always responsive and quick to contact the other parties representation. Brian made sure we were more than prepared for mediation and trial. Even after my case was finished, they followed up to see how things were going and made sure my needs were met. If you’re looking for a family law lawyer then look no further.

Debbie Castro Aug 02, 2023

Great lawyer

Jared Crabtree Jun 14, 2023

From the first meeting with Brian, he excuded a confidence from his knowledge on legal matters. Always very honest, straight forward and clear with his advise and guidance. Thanks to Brian we had a very favorable outcome in my legal matter.

Kristan Crawford Jun 01, 2023

This team is the absolute best! Professional, speedy and gets the job done. Kristen is quick to respond and get what you need in record time! I love working with them and they make me feel like family. This is not your typical firm, they think outside the box and really care.

anonymous Apr 13, 2023

Brian Bagley and Kristin Tinker were outstanding to work with from day one! Very professional, very attentive, and really cared about my well being and successfully servicing my family law case! This is a top notch and reasonably priced firm. I highly recommend them to anyone considering an attorney!

Riko Smalls Apr 10, 2023

This legal team in my opinion, is elite. I can’t say enough good about them. Brian has went ABOVE and BEYOND in making sure my kids have their father in their lives. If they’re busy Gwen will make sure that my message is relayed and I always get a prompt response. Kristen gives sound advice and is always available for my questions even outside of business hours, she will respond to my call or email. The communication has been great. These guys are parents as well and they stand for what’s right. I appreciate them for who they are and would recommend them to my friends and family with great confidence.

Ken Hiroshige Apr 10, 2023

Brian Bagley is the best family law attorney I have ever worked with. From our first online meeting, he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings. Kristen Tinker got back to me quickly and made it a seamless operation. Big thanks to Gwen who always supported me thru the process and gave me encouraging kind messages. I highly recommend and will work with this law office again. Thanks, Brian, Kristen, and Gwen.!!

Lyndell Benoit Apr 07, 2023

Although I didn't get the exact result I was hoping for, I got the results that I needed! Brian and his team were more than helpful to me. They never stressed out push the issue of payments, we're able to explain all invoices, there was constant communication between emails, phone calls, and text messages. Hoping that I never need another divorce lawyer but if I do ill give the firm another call. Thanks for everything!

Pratt Apr 06, 2023

Brian, Kristen, and Gwenyth were phenomenal in handling my divorce and traffic tickets over the years. They have handled my difficult situations without judgment, almost like family. They charge fair hourly rates and are 20%+ less expensive than the other law firms I consulted. I have referred close friends to them, and they have been pleased with their results. The Brian Bagley Law Office is well respected by judges and opposing counsel. I was relieved by how smoothly court appearances went during my ordeals. Thank you, Brian and your team.

Leo Franco Apr 06, 2023

Thank you for everything. You're staff deserves the highest of ratings. Thank you.

karina gil Apr 06, 2023

Kristen is extremely helpful and professional! I am very thankful for her and Brian!

Suzanne Curtis Apr 05, 2023

I had a great experience with Brian and his staff, especially Kristen. They were professional, responsive and sensitive to my circumstances. They made things easy for me and got my through a difficult time expeditiously! I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend Brian and his staff.

Carolyn Mitchell Apr 05, 2023

I can NOT say enough about this firm!! It took two very long and very stressful years to get my matter complete. Brian continued throughout to work diligently and forcefully so that we were victorious! His staff, Kristen and Gwen, were wonderful! Kristen held my hand almost daily and kept me calm, explaining clearly each step. Gwen was always spot on when I needed to speak with either Brian or Kristen. THIS FIRM!!! I recommend them HIGHLY!!!!!!!!!


This office is a top-notch law firm. My issues were handled efficiently and skillfully to my satisfaction. Kristen and Gwen were always just a phone call away and were always ready and willing to answer my questions. I would recommend Brian and this team hands down! They get the job done every time!

Blake Bennett Oct 04, 2022

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Tina Marie Baalman Aug 15, 2022

I had the best experience with Brian and his staff at Bagley Law Firm. So professional, timely and kept me calm as they guided me through the process. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks You Bagley Law Team!

Faithful Adams Jun 06, 2022

If I could give this young man 10 stars I would HANDS 🙌🏽 DOWN!! He came in, took over my case from a previous lawyer, did EXACTLY what he said he would do & got my case closed!!! Ms.Kristen is bomb a** too!! I’ll definitely refer Brian to anyone on this side of Heaven!

Govind "Vinny" Feb 13, 2022

I had another lawyer handling my divorce case prior to Brian, and she was an absolute MESS. It was very difficult to communicate with her, and she basically refused to listen to my concerns as far as my own personal family dynamic and how I wanted her to handle some things. Months into the divorce process, which was just not progressing At All under her handling, she unexpectedly filed to withdraw as my counsel, leaving me high and dry and out of money. I felt cheated, defeated, and very weary for I certainly did not want to get burned again with a new lawyer. Nonetheless I had to find new counsel to finish my divorce case. Thankfully I found Brian, who was nothing short of a godsend. He analyzed what had been done so far in my case, and then effortlessly and seamlessly corrected the mistakes and filled all the gaps my prior lawyer had needlessly created, and quickly got my divorce proceeding fully back on track. Additionally, his comforting, yet no nonsense way of speaking, also put my ex-wife much more at ease with the process and got her to comply with certain things that the other attorney could not. He strived to keep things amicable and always on the level for the good of all. He also kept the paperwork aspect of things very streamlined and did not file unnecessary paperwork in order to charge me more. Brian's pricing was fair, just, and reasonable. I appreciated this very much given what had just happened to me with the prior lawyer. I also appreciated his and his assistant Kristen's prompt responsiveness to my calls. While divorce is certainly not an easy or a pleasant process for anyone, having a great and compassionate lawyer who strives to understand your own particular situation helps smooth the process along immensely. Brian was certainly that person for me. His professionalism and utmost competence can only be matched by his human compassion and sincere friendliness. Brian was a pleasure to work with, as was his office staff. Since Brian took over my case not once did I ever feel that my case was being handled improperly, or that I was being ignored or unheard when I needed clarification on things. I would recommend Brian in a heartbeat to anyone who is just beginning the divorce filing process, or who needs a knowledgeable attorney to fix a prior lawyer's mishandling of their divorce case. He'll be your shining star in either case, and certainly through and through!

shae Dec 15, 2021

The most personable attorney you will find. He and Kristen will make you feel like you and your case matter.