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Michael Pesek Jan 24, 2021

Very genuine. Truly a beacon in the darkness of Divorce

David Castleberry Dec 16, 2020

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Zika n Fina Nov 09, 2020

I haven’t hired them; but they get an A+ on a good looking website.

Tom Cibulskis Nov 27, 2019

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Jessica McIntosh Aug 22, 2019

Great custody mediator.

Matt Feb 14, 2019

It was a pleasure working with Erin and her office. She handled my case perfectly and professionally making everything completely effortless for me. Erins knowledge and advice was flawless every step of the way.

Linda Feb 11, 2019

Erin is the most understanding, compassionate attorney I have ever dealt with. Due to the nature of my job, I know a lot of attorneys, and Erin is by far the most professional attorney I have ever met. She is not only intelligent; she is by far the most detail oriented attorney I know of. The end result of my case was ruled in my favor, but even if it hadn't gone in my favor, I would most definitely recommend Erin. She is very attentive, knows the law, and will make time to talk through everything with you. Her staff is absolutely exceptional as well. I can't say enough good things about Erin and her staff.

Ed Jan 23, 2019

I was looking for a divorce lawyer for a year. I did 12 months of due-diligence. Erin and her staff were by far the best of the best! Erin has been a great Lawyer, who is very knowledgeable and works for the best outcome for you, Her entire TEAM is fantastic! They communicate and rely same day. Erin is for you. She is very professional and always kept me informed all the way through this difficult time.I have recommend her in every media I can and I will continue to do so. Thanks Erin TEAM!

devynn cerda Nov 30, 2018

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ED Walsh Nov 27, 2018

5 out of 5 stars going down the home stretch. Erin and her Staff are fantastic communicators. The follow up and follow through is beyond my expectations. Arielle in Erin's off is just unbelievable to work with. She truly makes me feel so comfortable to a a situation I am in that I am totally ignorant too. If you listen to Erin and Arielle everything will go smoothly and professionally. If you try to play lawyer when your not qualified and Erin is, than you are only fooling yourself. Listen to Erin! Work with her and her staff. I do not know why I do not see more men using Erin's firm! This law firm is not just for Women. I did my due diligence for two years,, and there was only one choice!! Erin's Law Firm! If you doubt that please respond and ill give you my cell phone number to call me. Thank you, Ed

Kyle Pruim Jul 24, 2018

Erin was very professional and easy to work with. She did everything in her power to make a stressful situation as easy to deal with as possible. In the end a fair and mutual agreement was reached.

Steve Infante Jul 23, 2018

When I was going through my divorce, we hired Erin to mediate the child custody agreement. Before walking in, emotions were high and things were very stressful. Erin came into the room with extreme confidence and a calm demeanor that eased the tension in the room immediately. She directed the conversation in a very matter of fact manner, and offered up a very level and honest opinion. It would have been very easy for her to take advantage of an emotional situation and drag the proceedings out overtime so she could make more money. Erin chose to do the right thing and make a strong recommendation that we all agreed was correct. It’s saved me a lot of headache, a lot of money, and a lot of stress on my children. I will be forever thankful to Erin for her honesty and approach. I highly highly recommend Erin!

Carrie Rawley Apr 19, 2018

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Colleen Apr 16, 2018

I love Erin! And Kailtyn and Arielle! This is a wonderful office of very strong and competent women. They work SO HARD to do right by their clients. Erin has called or emailed me numerous times, trying to do her best for me, always in a professional and very kind manner; she is also very succint, as she does not wish to add to my bill. Divorce is so ugly, even when there is (some) agreement. Erin goes out of her way to make it hurt less. I am so grateful to Ms. O'Brien; she truly is THE BEST (as is everyone in her office). Thank you for working so hard for me! You are all a beacon of light in a dark time.

Chris Seppi Apr 16, 2018

The low-rater has to be a rare case, OR Erin wasn't his lawyer! I 'had to' hire Erin when my ex got himself a lawyer and decided to make our divorce harder than it had to be. From the first time I met with her, Erin was the kindest, most patient, professional, thorough, and attentive lawyer. It wasn't easy, but she fought for me and my kids, took the time to make sure I knew exactly what was going down, and worked her butt off for me. In the end, I was able to get the divorce I wanted. Even after the final decree, Erin was there to help with further issues. Best choice I could've made and best money I ever spent!!!

anonymous Feb 09, 2016

I can’t imagine a divorce ever being a good experience, but Erin worked hard to make a bad situation as good as possible. Her practice is small and specialized, so she can give her clients the attention they deserve. Erin was always quick to respond to email and phone questions. She knows her stuff too. When it was time to make a decision, she would thoroughly explain all of my options and the possible consequences of each. Her sound recommendations were made based on her knowledge of the law, the judge assigned and her “legal opponent.” By hiring Erin and her firm, I believe I got the best result possible. I certainly hope never to have to use her services again, but I would certainly recommend her.

Veronica H. Oct 05, 2015

Erin and her team were fantastic! I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of my divorce case thanks to her. She and her team kept me up to date on whatever was going on at all times and explained things that I didn't understand. She advised and fought for what was best for my daughter and I. Herself and her team always got back to me in a very timely manner and answered all my questions thoroughly! (& trust me I asked a ton!) I literally got everything I asked for in my divorce and most of that was due to Erin and her teams knowledge, determination and guidance. If you want a great attorney go with Erin... Trust me you won't be disappointed!

David Dec 02, 2014

If your looking for a great Lawyer, who is very knowledgeable and works for the best outcome for you, Erin is for you. She is very professional and always kept me informed all the way through this difficult time.I have recommend her to several of my friends. She was the best choice and i am very happy with my results. Thanks Erin

Jimmy Aug 05, 2014

If you are looking for a detailed oriented go getter, look no further. Erin reviewed my agreement that was written up by my soon to be ex- wife's attorney. In short, she read every word of my agreement with passion to help me. She read through the standard language that I was expecting to pass through. She is so detailed orientated that she not only found wordage of great concern, she also found grammar and punctuation problems. If you are looking for an attorney to get things done right, set up a consultation with Erin and see for yourself. I believe you will be as impressed as I was. My only wish is that she practiced other areas of law. Thanks again Erin! Jimmy

Chris S. Nov 25, 2013

Do yourself a favor and HIRE ERIN!!!

   I didn't plan on hiring a lawyer. I filed pro se and had to hire one when my ex went and hired his.
   After looking and asking around, I decided to hire Erin. BEST MONEY EVER SPENT!!!
   My ex's lawyer was one mean s.o.b and fought me on every issue, trying to delay the process and get me to concede a number of things. Erin fought for me and my kids and our best interests all along the way.
   Either she or one of her staff answered every question in a very timely manner, thoroughly so I could understand it, either via email or on the telephone. No question was left unanswered or treated as stupid or unimportant. They were all so supportive and caring that it made the worst time of my life much better.
   In the end, she helped me get a settlement that was better than I had originally counted on.
   I've had a great many issues and problems with my ex in the 16 months since my divorce. Erin has stepped up and assisted me with getting them settled. (Yes, for a fee, but well worth it!)
   Having Erin and her staff on my team made me confident and comfortable throughout the process and continuing.
   If you're looking for a lawyer in Will County, I can't say any more than I did above - hire Erin! You won't be sorry!!! Not many people can say they 'love' their divorce lawyer, but I sure can and do as often as I get the chance.
   Thanks Erin, Jessica and Arielle!!!!