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Revel & Flourish Jan 06, 2023

Sterling Catering is wonderful! The staff is kind and professional. The food is delicious! We can't wait to until we can work with them again. - Revel & Flourish

Revel & Flourish Jan 03, 2023

Sterling Catering is great to work with! They have great food and an amazing staff.

Shelby Simon Nov 23, 2022

We hired Sterling Catering for our wedding on October 30th of this year. The food and drinks were amazing! We were able to do signature fall drinks that they hit out of the park. The food was perfectly cooked, flavors were amazing and they accommodated the few people who had food allergies wonderfully. Communication was also great, they answered all my questions in a very timely and friendly manner. The staff were very nice and we didn't have a single issue the whole night! I highly recommend them, they have a very large selection of food and you will find something for everyone.

Aubrey Rasmussen Oct 14, 2022

Sterling was excellent! They worked with our menu selections and were professional, timely, and fairly priced. We used them for our wedding and everything was delicious! The food was hot when served and the serving staff did a fabulous job of organizing the delivery and removal of food throughout our event.Our menu consisted of steak, chicken, and fish options and each were prepared and cooked perfectly. We will use them again for future catering needs!

Taylor Werdel Oct 11, 2022

We loved our food menu and the variety of options Sterling gave us. They were very receptive to our request for signature cocktails (apple cider bourbon smash & pomegranate palomas), and were kind enough to allow us a single entree option from Green Mill (Maple Dijon Chicken) that we absolutely adored at the tasting. Overall, the critiques are what you'd expect of any wedding; some of the food was dry, and because the food is made in bulk it's not *quite* as good as the tasting. We were really disappointed that two hours before our ceremony they informed us one of our appetizers, the apple brie crostini, had been hit with a recall and could not be served. Totally understood and was not their fault, though we were sad that there weren't any alternative options we could provide our guests with the amount of food we'd hoped. They refunded us quickly though, and the snag was small in the grand scheme of things! Staff was super kind and helpful throughout the evening. but we're still pretty happy with how the evening came together with Sterling's support.