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Joanne Vail-Nixon Mar 31, 2023

The Caring Transitions rep was so professional, empathetic and respectful of my aunt’s possessions. CT came to my rescue, and I strongly urge others to allow them to help!

Kurt Young Jan 24, 2023

My Mother is best described as a clean hoarder. She loves shopping, and would never let us thin her down when she was headed to retirement. Recently her health took a turn for the worse, and we had to move her to assisted living. I am an only child and a busy professional with two jobs, married to another busy professional and we have to care for a special needs child. And my Mother's home is in a suburban neighborhood with a homeowner's association that is very particular about sales and the like. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning things up, finding a way to sell it, and making any kind of money to help pay for my Mother's care. The team from Caring Transitions came in, saw the potential, and made it happen with the absolute minimum of effort from us. They created online auctions with lots that moved quickly, and made more than our target for the sales. They found some family heirlooms we missed along the way, and gathered them up for us and made sure they were protected. They researched items and found some hidden gems. And they got rid of the few things of value that didn't sell by donation, and all of things without value that didn't sell as well. In a very short timeframe we went from a house we thought would take six months or more to get on the market, to one we could do some minor work on have ready to sell in a little over a month. And because they do care, the helped get the trash cans out and in and they even helped us get folks into the home to do some flooring, and other work so that we'd be able to get the house on the market in a good position to quickly sell. The shortest version of this review would be they care, go above and beyond, and they are very good at what they do. And I highly recommend them.

Di Word Oct 24, 2022

just wanted to say that you are the best auction site locally. From your listing, pictures of items. How you group like items, giving each one a name brilliant! To letting us know if there are any flaws, by circling them in the picture with a close up you don't hide anything. Love that you can trust in your company honesty. Picking up your items you are very organized. Petra helped me today with my pick up she was great. Thank you for a trusted auction site, I would say if anyone where on the fence about bidding, just do it you won't be sorry. Sincerely Dianne

Beverly Thierwechter Aug 07, 2022

The Caring Transitions staff’s help was invaluable to us. Your compassion, knowledge and expertise made a very difficult move much, much easier. We cannot imagine what it would have been like without your company’s assistance. For sure, we would have been there twice as long. From arrangements with movers on short notice to sorting, packing, cleaning and moral support, the services were outstanding. Thank you, Caring Transitions.

Sheri Hanna May 20, 2022

I highly recommend Caring Transitions! They are very resourceful, provide timely, excellent, and compassionate customer service with attention to detail. They had an online auction, then cleaned out my Mothers home for a very reasonable price. Many thanks to them! I cannot imagine handling this task without their help.