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Jeannine Gilbert Dec 27, 2023

After my husband's passing we called Kris and Jeanne. They have been so wonderful and helpful to me that I don't know what I would have done without them! So far,,, so good! Great ladies!

Alan Zanagra Jan 11, 2022

I highly recommend caring transitions, they are fantastic to deal with and made the experience a pleasure.

Marlene G Jan 11, 2022

I have bought many, many (over 30?) auction items from these Kris and Jeanne with the Edmonds Caring Transitions. I have had exceptional service from them in comparison with other auction services. An excellent example of this is the responsiveness by phone when I have a special need for pick up or question about an item, even when the . In all of my experiences with them, their staff is friendly, helpful and caring. I'm very sorry to the Gentleman who left the poor review. I saw that item he was referring to and it was noted in the description there was a broken pane and also in a photo. All the defects have been noted in my purchases. I would definitely recommend!

Michele McGraw Jan 11, 2022

This group in particular really runs a great sale and/or auction. Clean, organized, & professional. Friendly, helpful staffing and extremely fair pricing make this a "don't miss out" experience. I'm always excited to find a new treasure or happy to re-home really functional, useful items from these sales. Can't say enough good things about the knowledge, savvy, and experience Kris & Jeanne bring to their business. If you're the client, they've got your back. If you're a customer, you'll leave feeling you've had an awesome shopping day!

greg wardecke Jan 11, 2022

My wife and I have dealt with Caring Transitions of Edmonds on different auctions and estate sales. Descriptions and photos are accurate, payment and pickups are smooth. We purchased a very large unique item, Glimakra countermarche weaving loom, and CT did their very best to answer questions and provide answers. They admitted their limited knowledge as the owner was deceased but a picture is worth a thousand words and they provided whatever photos were needed to answer questions. With auctions we the bidders determine prices. With the estate sales I feel their prices are fair to all. I follow their auctions and sales and if an item interests me I know I can bid without reservation.