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Michael Jun 15, 2022

After more than 8 years fighting unsuccessfully to win my disability claim, I was blessed to meet Attorney Cornell. Often times veterans are not capable of obtaining the best representation to assist them in applying for benefits; this was my situation. However, with the help of Attorney Cornell, my battle is over. She won my claim. Additionally, beyond being a great legal practitioner, my health was always a major concern she made sure was being taken care of. Not only is Attorney Cornell a winner, she is an individual that cares about your well-being. I encourage all individuals to utilize her services.

Adam Apr 27, 2022

My claims were complicated and required a lot of work. Catherine was not afraid of the challenge and was able to help me out tremendously. She has helped my family and I to her fullest ability and I would recommend her to anyone!

S. TAY Mar 26, 2022

After several denials from the VA, we retained Catherine Cornell to represent my husband for what seem to be a losing battle. Catherine actively listen to our concerns, she is very compassionate, professional, personable and extremely patient! Catherine continuously provided us with updates for the past several years keeping us abreast of the long tedious process. Catherine WON our claim! Catherine Cornell is a great attorney well versed with Veteran Law. We would like to publicly express our gratitude for Catherine’s expertise!

Chris Jan 10, 2022

After my application for VA benefits was declined by the VA, I knew that I needed assistance appealing my case. I contacted several law firms that specialized in veterans benefits, some were not interested in my case, and some did not even return my phone call. I found Mrs. Cornell on a the National Veterans Advocates Assn. website and decided to contact her. She took the time to listen to my story and was confident from the beginning that I had a strong case and a high likelihood of winning my appeal. Utilizing years of experience and intimate knowledge of veterans law and the VA system, she meticulously reviewed my files and she built my case and expertly guided me though the steps of building a appeal that would be difficult to deny my service connection. It was clearly event though our interactions that she has the best interests of veterans at heart, and conducts herself with the utmost professionalism and integrity. I have recommended her to my veteran peers, family, and would highly recommend Mrs. Cornell of the Veterans Practice to anyone needing assistance with denied VA benefits!

Anonymous Nov 12, 2021

Catherine was excellent. She advised me every step of the way in my VA case and was always respectful, honest and courteous. The VA response took longer than expected and Catherine kept checking in throughout the process to reassure me that she was periodically checking with the VA regarding my case.

Anonymous Nov 12, 2021

Hiring Catherine as my representative was the best decision I made throughout the VA appeals process. She alleviated any stress and tumult I had by providing expert counsel. Catherine kept me informed on every new update and explained everything in a clear concise manner. Catherine's professionalism and attention to detail cannot be overstated enough. To anybody looking for the best attorney look no further. -I.A

Anonymous Nov 12, 2021

When I first met Catherine I was frustrated and ready to give up on dealing with the VA. But after meeting with her she explained to me how she's a veterans advocate and understood the process and maintained knowledge of all changes. She also helped me understand and got me to the point that I was not going insane and maintained the course. She kept up with all the p[aperwork and maintained tedious record keeping to make sure that nothing slipped through the cracks. In the end we got the results and more than what we expected. Hands down a great attorney, advocate for Veterans in need of help, and friend.

Dorothy Apr 01, 2021

Catherine was exceptional in working for me with the Department of Veterans. When I saw her, she listening to me and took time that was needed to go over over all information that I had concerning my husband. Her professionalism was top-notch. Her kept me abreast of what was happening with my case, and was able to help me receive the compensation I applied for.

Ken Sep 11, 2020

I was two years into rejections from the VA and then I found an attorney Who cared and was willing to help me. It took another two years but Catherine won the battle for me and my claim was granted. She was always available when I had question or just wondering if anything was happening. Catherine was willing and quite able to stand up against the giant VA system plus has a vast knowledge of how the system works. I could not have found a better attorney to represent me and so I am thankful for her willing to help Vets like me.

Ben Dec 11, 2019

The world of VA Compensation & Disability Claims can be very nerve-wracking experience, especially if you go at it alone. I spent the better part of four (4) years collecting personal military records and other documentation that I thought would help solidify my claim, unfortunately for me, the VA was not impressed. My confidence was absolutely shattered. It wasn't until I talked with Catherine, that my confidence returned and I felt like I had a fighting chance. Of all the attorneys that I spoke with in regards to my claim, Catherine made it seem like I was her one and only client. She kept me up to date on every step of the process. When my claim was denied a second time, she never lost hope and went right back to work. And through it all, I can finally say our journey is complete! The week before Thanksgiving I was notified that my VA Appeal had finally been approved and I have Catherine to thank! I am very thankful for her dedication to her craft and the passion she carries for veterans and their families! If you are considering hiring an attorney for a VA claim, look no further!

Scott Heyob Oct 05, 2019

Helping vets like no other

Scott Oct 26, 2018

Catherine is amazing. The VA gave me a rating of 10% on a disability that warranted a much greater rating. Catherine recognized this and immediately began working on my case. Shortly after, the VA sent me for a follow up assessment and changed my rating. It is very clear that the VA knew that with Catherine's help we had a good chance of winning this case and they simply changed their decision. Catherine is a terrific communicator and very thorough. She took the time to understand my case and get to know me personally. I would recommend Catherine highly to anyone who is fighting a legal battle with the VA. She knows her stuff and can help you win a case that would be difficult to win without her help.

Sandi Sep 11, 2018

Catherine was the best choice we made to handle our appeal. She made the entire process easy. The outcome was better than we expected. I would highly recommend her.

Alex May 12, 2018

A friend recommend Catherine Cornell to me,we met at her office she was very friendly and very knowledgeable so we talked and she took my case.to start I didn't have no evidence to support my claim.she worked long and hard for over a year.and got me all the evidence I needed.to support my claim and we won.best decision I ever made.i highly recommend Catherine cornell.

MV Feb 16, 2018

After my first meeting with Catherine I knew I was in the RIGHT place!!! She understands Veterans and their families and cares about them. She asked about my husband, his service, our family etc. She's compassionate, hard-working and truly cares about the work she does. I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine as your attorney!!!

Jeanne Feb 03, 2018

Catherine Cornell’s ‘tag line” reads that she is dedicated exclusively to helping veterans and their families and I can totally attest that this is absolutely true. Ms. Cornell stood with me during the entire appeal process and was completely successful in my being granted benefits from the VA. She was compassionate, well-versed in her knowledge and kept me in the loop during the entire process. I would totally recommend this attorney in a heart beat. She is the best there is!

Russ Feb 03, 2018

My request for DI for my Parkinson's, from my exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, was denied. I looked up many options for my appeal, and I made the best choice using Catherine Cornell. She was attentive, professional, diligent, and very concern. She evaluated my case, and went over all of my options, how much time it would take, and was very honest in what the outcomes could be. This made it very easy to put my trust in her. She guided me every step of the way, ended up with over 100 page of evidence submitted. It was a long wait as expected, but I ended up with 100% permanent. I highly recommend her as she will give you the best chance for getting what you deserve.

Brian Jan 31, 2018

My lawyer Catherine Cornell has worked over the last three years appealing my claim. Never giving up, we came to a successful resolution. With her work our success would of never happened. She’s a fighter and the best attorney I have ever dealt with. Brian

Scott Feb 11, 2017

I started working with Catherine after 3 years of strugging with my VA disability appeal which involved a physical combat injury as well as PTSD. I was getting nowhere and thinking of giving up. The day I recieved my last chance to improve case in the next 30 days letter I was referred to Catherine and am so thankful I was. She met with me quickly and left no stones unturned on our way to building the strongest case for my appeal possible using her invaluable expertise in law and especially the inner-workings of the VA bureaucratic machine. When all was said and done she produced results I wouldn't have thought possible especially trying to put an appeal together on my own. Catherine is from a military family and treats her clients like family. She is always available when I have questions and goes above and beyond to look out for her clients well-being not just their case. My family and I are so thankful for her help I can't imagine where we'd be without her. Thanks Catherine!

Peter Feb 10, 2017

She provided all necessary forms and filed them on time to the VA. She followed up on all appeals and even put in new claims. She kept me informed all the time. She contacted any source I provided her for backup information. She went above and beyond in her job.