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Cody Walker Jun 22, 2020

ICommontions has raised our online presence, social media, customer feedback, new client acquisition to a new level. They stuck with us and did the right things during the shutdown and positioned us in a way that contributed to our ability to quickly recover when we opened back up. Contracting with them has made for a superior product, that in the short and long run has cost less then the staff hours that would have been required. Give these guys the reins you wont be disappointed, you better be ready to help them help you because the sky is the limit.

Robert Alexander Feb 07, 2020

Fritz and his team did a wonderful job of getting our new website up and running. Great work guys. Highly recommended.

Patrick Donlon Sep 04, 2019

By far the best service and a genuine concern for the success of my company. Highly recommend.

Andrea West Sep 04, 2019

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Andrew Stubbs Sep 04, 2019

iCommotion offers a variety of resources including Facebook management, website SEO, digital, programmatic display ads, PPC, web design, social media marketing and website blog services. They pretty much do everything.