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Mustang Mountain Coaster - Estes Park is rated
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Whittney Bartkey Feb 05, 2023

So fun but way too pricey for such a quick ride - $20 to go once 🥲. I’m not sure if it’s worth the price

R T Jan 22, 2023

Great views. Not too expensive. We got a first responders discount. The kids absolutely loved it. Me. Not so much. I have vertigo and was tripping. Lol. Everyone had a great laugh at my expense. I deserved it. Staff were super nice. They let us borrow some gloves. Ride felt safe.

Hayden Filsinger Jan 18, 2023

A fun thing to do, it's kind of a short ride but it's worth doing once or twice.

Nicole Wisniewski Jan 14, 2023

We have always wanted to do a mountain coaster and this one was so fun! The view was spectacular!

Jonathan Trussell Jan 08, 2023

The coasters were a blast, staff was super friendly, the line moved fast. We had a really great time. Thanks!

Tanya Romero Dec 24, 2022

Fun place! I recommend getting the 3 ride ticket. Friendly staff. Nice facilities and tables for picnics.

beacher77 Dec 13, 2022

This was so much fun! First time ever on an alpine-style slide/ride and it was even more fun than expected. So fun we had to ride twice! Would definitely recommend for all ages.

Robert B Dec 02, 2022

Here in the mountains in the Fall and this place is still providing the thrills from my youth. This is one of those 1 person coaster cars that provides an exhilarating experience from your mis-spent youth in controlling your own experience going down the hill. Each car has a place where you can take smaller kids with you who aren't big enough to go by themselves. Great FUN !!!

Timberly Krutz Nov 13, 2022

Amazing experience!!! So much fun with beautiful views! Scary to try to go full speed as an adult. The little kids behind me were flying and had to slow down for me. Great prices and line moved really fast. Employees were super cool and helpful. Will definitely go again. Shoutout to the old man who sat by Metallica on a plane years ago!!

Riverside ATV Nov 02, 2022

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Dennis DeuPree Oct 31, 2022

This place was a BLAST! SO MUCH FUN!! And the entrie staff was amazing.

icash95 Show (Realsawc) Oct 30, 2022

If you go pay the $10 for re ride it's worth it

John Hill Oct 30, 2022


M Baker Oct 28, 2022

This was such an amazing experience for us all!!! We did it 3 times and could have gone more. Staff is super friendly as well. A must do in Estes!!

natalia carolina bertran Oct 26, 2022

Small but beautiful coaster. The views are amazing, 100% recommended during the autumn!

Tim Collins Oct 25, 2022

A must do in Colorado. Kids 10 and 7 loved it. We rode it 3 times. Only takes about 10 min. per ride.

Csaba Andrasfi Oct 23, 2022

Stopped in on our way going through the Rocky Mountain National Park. We went with out 8 and 6 year old, they both enjoyed the ride. However, it felt very short. We only bought the single ride passes which were quite a bit overpriced in my opinion for the short ride, but the kids enjoyed it.

Jackie Montpetit Oct 22, 2022

Fun and definitely worth trying it once! The staff was great- they seemed to be having fun, too!

Adrien LeBlanc Oct 20, 2022

Awesome experience, definitely recommend going!!

Ashlyn Johnson Oct 19, 2022

What a gem brought to Estes park! Off the side of highway 34 the Mustang Mountain Coaster is worth the trip! Estes is amazing outdoor location but not every kid/adult wants to hike and bike. The coaster gives those folks a chance to try something new on vacation and is fun for the entire family. What a great way to enhance Estes without impacting the natural beauty!