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Mustang Mountain Coaster - Estes Park is rated
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Joe Boswell Dec 02, 2023

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Bruce Medress Nov 13, 2023

Great experience and fun. However 70 dollars for 2 people,for 3 rides each is a ripoff just everything else that is overpriced and inflated. Ride was over in less than an hour.

Ginnette Afanador Nov 11, 2023

Visited from Miami with my husband and had such a fun time here. Everyone that worked here was so nice & helpful, they all had a smile on their faces which made the experience 100 times better. I will definitely return!

Lisa Thompson Nov 10, 2023

Omg had a great time!! The owners are all so friendly. They go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy yourself. Have been a few times since I moved here and I have brought family each time they visit. Love it!!

Manoj Manghnani Nov 09, 2023

The most fun activity in Estes Park, a must do for anybody visiting the park.

Denise Barber Nov 08, 2023

I can't believe it took us so long to check this place out. I absolutely loved it! It's fun and family friendly. It's straight forward, you buy your ticket walk over to the entrance and the employees instruct you on what to do next. Make sure you go ahead and invest in the three ride pack because you're definitely going to want to go again! The view you get of Estes going up to and from the top is out of this world!!! Location is easy to find and staff is super friendly! We'll definitely be back❤️

rodger whiteside Nov 05, 2023

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Katherine Ruiz Nov 04, 2023

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Steve Selthun Oct 29, 2023

Never got to ride but looks like a great time.

Roberto Quirós Oct 29, 2023

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A_can_i_think Oct 29, 2023


Rhonda R. Oct 27, 2023

Our family of 6 (2 children with Down syndrome), LOOOVEED this park!
Yes, the ride was quick, but it was the experience and speed we loved the most. Yes, we felt safe the entire time because you can control the speed.

I would recommend getting the 3-ride pass deal. We purchased only a one-ride pass, and we went back to get more because it was so much fun.

Abby Kuznetsov Oct 26, 2023

Must try. This is a great way to see amazing views.

Carly Oct 24, 2023

Love this ride!! If you like roller coasters you will definitely want to purchase 3 rides, and don’t use the breaks! It’s way more fun if you just let loose! I also lost my credit card on the way up and the employees were so awesome, they sent a couple people up the mountain to retrieve it for me. I was so thankful as I was on vacation and needed that card to check into my hotels. Awesome place and awesome staff, who care about their customers. I would recommend this place to any thrill seekers visiting Estes!

Tyler Sulzberger Oct 24, 2023

Very friendly staff. Great family fun. Exactly what we hoped for.

Sam Suesz Oct 19, 2023

Very fun. I, a grown man enjoyed it. And my 2 daughters (3 & 7) both enjoyed it. It wasn't too much for the young girls.

Vivian A. Oct 18, 2023

We had a fun time doing these coasters. It's a better deal to get multi-rides than getting a single ride so we jumped at the chance. Our girls were small enough where we could still ride with them which was probably best as our oldest had a fear of heights/too fast and she ended up breaking most of the way, much to the dismay of my hubby who was behind her. So up we went again, this time she rode with me and we went top speed. What a fun experience! It's a bit pricey but we are glad we went and we'd be happy to bring out of town guests here to experience it as well.

Nicole Coy Oct 15, 2023

This was something we found out about last minute when we were visiting and I am very glad that we did because it was a really cool experience! When you think of a coaster you think of a really intense, fast roller coaster. This is thrilling and fast but it's much more low-key and not really scary. It's something that would be suitable for all ages and it does go slow enough to allow you to enjoy the view. I would recommend purchasing the pass where you get three rides. The ride can feel a little bit short but at the same time it is still really cool and I think worth the money. I only wish I would have done it a couple more times!

Michelle Daylong Oct 14, 2023

This was so fun! Really fast and the staff was so cool. Only down sides were the price and the length of the track.

Glenn Toolmaker Oct 14, 2023

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