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Gary Weems May 17, 2022

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Laurie Taylan Barone May 16, 2022

What a fun ride and visit we had yesterday! As soon as it started to descend my battery charger fell out of my jacket pocket. They said they would look for it but haven’t heard from them. The phone number listed is not a monitored vm. Does anyone have the direct line to the office???

Brad Laudenslager May 14, 2022

Little pricey, but I have nothing to compare it to. Other than that - it was so cool. Definitely worth going to for almost any age.

Miles Fishing and hunting May 13, 2022

Fun stuff

Brian Guill May 11, 2022

Very fun experience. My kids even loved it!

Laura C May 09, 2022

We had the absolute best time here with our entire family. The owners were incredible with our young children and we all had a blast. They truly made it such a great experience for us all. We can’t wait to come back again next year.

Mamabear3 May 06, 2022

We had an absolute blast at the Mustang Mountain Coaster!!! Incredible value, super fun, awesome experience. The views are absolutely beautiful! I cannot say enough positive things about how friendly and kind the entire staff is! We HIGHLY recommend this activity for ANYONE! We had 9 people in our group ages 6-62! Thank you for such wonderful memories made with our family!

shaun mclaughlin May 05, 2022

Go there. Go fast. Don't pull the brake. Dare you not to. Have a blast. Enjoys the views

The Amazing Empty Nesters May 01, 2022

Rode in the off-season (early May) and no lines or wait. Cost was $20 per person and $10 for each additional ride after the first. Ride lasts about 3-5 minutes. Was it fun, hell yeah. But when the season opens and the lines get way longer I don't know if the $20 price and long wait would be worth the 3-5 min ride.

Megan Walton Apr 30, 2022

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carrie moore Apr 26, 2022

Kids loved this place and the owners were awsome

Laurie Avalos Apr 18, 2022


Ashley G Apr 18, 2022

We did this with our two kids 6 and 8 over spring break, it was a lot of fun! Friendly service as well.

JJ Williams Apr 16, 2022

Super fun alpine coaster. If the person in front of you goes fast or nobody else on this has some nice speed when not braking at all. Fairly pricey for the ride length. Worth it at least if in town.

Jeffrey Walker Apr 15, 2022

The Mustang Mountain Coaster was a GREAT experience! Each car has a break so you can control your own speed. The scenery is beautiful and the staff is extremely friendly & helpful. We and our wedding party actually went here after getting married in Rocky Mountain National Park and they treated us like royalty. They made sure we got some amazing pictures of us all riding down the mountain in our wedding attire! Such a special experience! One we'll never forget! ❤️

Josias Herrera Apr 10, 2022

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Karen Gale Apr 07, 2022

Loved it!! Super fun, fast (you control the speed) beautiful setting and no lines, when I went. Buy multi-pass, you will want to go more than once!!

Misti Marcantonio Mar 26, 2022

My kids have ridden this coaster more times than I can count! The top of the coaster has the best views of Estes Park, when compared to anywhere else in town.

Talitha Scholtz Mar 25, 2022

This was a fun surprise to find the coaster. We had so much fun and wished our kids were there to enjoy it with us. This is a fun activity for young and old.

Eduardo Ramirez Mar 20, 2022

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