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Anthony “Kinganthony” D Sep 29, 2022

The most professional and proficient attorney around. Really knowledgeable and keeps you steps ahead of your case. Really cares about his clients.

Andy Lopez Sep 20, 2022

Mr. Issa is a great lawyer, no BS. He was clear from the beginning as far as expectations and possible outcomes. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him for sure.

Marvene Tribble Sep 14, 2022

When I tell you professional, this man is it. I have worked with him (2) different occasions and both experiences was outstanding. Always respond via email or text never left me wondering what the status is. Always good communication I loved working with him. I recommend ISSA LAW.

Trilogy 101 Sep 13, 2022

Handle business on his own.. but if u ever needed to talk he was 1 call or email away.

Jessica Grubbs Sep 10, 2022

I am very grateful for the help I’ve received from Kal. For the last 3 years I have needed his services and he’s exceeded my expectations. He explains everything in detail and made the process a better learning experience. At any time I may have a question or concern, he’s always available to help quickly and always maintains a good level of professionalism.

Casmira Evans Sep 09, 2022

I'm grateful for Issa Law. I was involved in car accident, where other party was at fault. They insurance company would not corporate with me. Issa Law, LLC totally had my back. Thank you

Joseph Okroi Sep 08, 2022

Very efficient. He got our vehicle paid for in less than a month and I got 5 times as much as what the insurance offered for my injuries in a much shorter time than I thought. I would highly recommend.

Brianna okroi Sep 07, 2022

Fast and efficient

Factsbaby Sep 01, 2022

This guy hear has been very patient with my case. Very knowledgeable and definitely got the job done.. highly recommend

Jesus Valencia Aug 26, 2022

Thank you for everything attorney issa!!! Issa law is the best!!! Hired him for a traffic ticket & he got the ticket thrown out easily!!! Will definitely hire again if need be!!! Thanks for everything issa law!!! Definitely recommend him!

Vicki Hill Aug 20, 2022

Kal Issa is an excellent attorney. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, he is is great at making sure you understand every aspect of your case. He is very professional and available to speak, and is great at following up via phone or email. He negotiated a great settlement, I would definitely recommend Kal to anybody needing an attorney.

anonymous Aug 20, 2022

Kal helped me out with my accident after someone rammed into me and left. I was so scared because I didn't know what to do the police really didn't seem to care. I thought I'd have to cover my own bills and thought I was going to get fired because I couldn't go back to work right away. Kal handled all of it with ease and told me not to worry. He really knows his stuff inside and out and it all happened! Thank you so much Kal. Not just from me, but from my whole family!!

maria pimentel Aug 14, 2022

I have used attorney Kal Issa in more than one case. I was very satisfied and happy with his professionalism. He was understanding and patient with my son's case and that eased my mind because as a mother, it can be very stressful. I hope I don't need an attorney in the near future but if I do, I know I can count on Attorney Kal Issa.... Thank you!

Hannah Picco Aug 13, 2022

Kal is one of the most proficient and professional attorneys my family has had the pleasure of working with. Very detailed in his approaches and is quick to respond to any needs or concerns of the client. Even after my case, I had a question- he didn’t hesitate to answer and assure the outcome. Highly recommend him, truly a great attorney to represent you.

Altamas Vhora Aug 12, 2022

Issa law LLC (mr.kal) very very best lawyer, today was my court date at markham il for red light running citation ticket police officer gave me I was worried about my court fine and record etc. one of my friend refer me to choose this lawyer and trust me Mr.kal lawyer is worth it tried at his very best lavel judge dismissed my ticket less then in 5 min I am very happy about lssa law LLC if you have any question they will answer with politely and with respected. thank you Mr. Kal and staff addisnolly I LL give 10 star

Layan Shaar Aug 10, 2022

The most genuine attorney I’ve ever dealt with, who goes the extra mile! I was referred to him by a friend who told me he is different, and they were so true. Kal treats you like family, and is very straight with you. Thank you so much for standing in your clients corner! The only attorney I’ll refer nowadays.

Dragon beast Jul 29, 2022

I’m so glad I went with Issa Law! I was terrified that I’d be in serious trouble and called around to so many attorneys. Kal was straightforward with me the whole time and knew the process so well, he told me the police probably made a mistake. Turns out he was 100% right! Because of the technically, we won! Thank you so much, you have no idea.

luis perez Jul 25, 2022

Highly recommended! Mr. Issa is an amazing attorney and even greater person. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain everything to me about my situation. Kal is the one to call with any traffic/DUI cases. I’m extremely happy he was there to represent me.

prince asare Jul 22, 2022

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Jeremy Zabrinas Jul 19, 2022

Kal did a phenomenal job breaking down my case and explaining the steps I would have to go through. He made the entire process as simple as could be and was able to get the best possible outcome.