karen zimmerman Mar 12, 2023

Our parents recently moved to assisted living and their 67 years of history and belongings were a daunting task for my sister and I to take on. We found Caring Transitions of South Dayton by searching for an online auction company. We interviewed Jean Hodge, along with some traditional auctioneers and Jean stood out with her processes and her confident and caring personality. Almost immediately we felt like she was the answer to our task at hand. The contract was straightforward and Jean was very easy to work with on meeting our needs. She had us on the schedule within two weeks when her team showed up to start sorting, categorizing and taking photos. They accomplished this all within four days and the auction went live on day five. As promised, bidders from all over the country and locally were tapped and the bidding process exceeded our expectations. The auction was live for five days and bidders had a 3 hour window to pickup items. Outside of the monsoon rains that day, there were very few items that had to be picked up on an alternate day. We contracted for their clean-out services and again Jean’s team exceeded expectations. The whole process was completed efficiently and very effectively in a two week timeframe. I can’t say enough good things about the process, the electronic software tools, the depth and breadth of what their bidders wanted and the professionalism and knowledge of Jean’s staff. Our parents were very pleased and comfortable with the process and outcome, as well as the relief they felt knowing their lifelong belongings were handled with dignity. If you have a similar daunting task in the South Dayton suburbs, don’t hesitate to give Jean a call.

Sharon powers Jan 08, 2023

I found Caring Transitions through a friend’s referral. My husband had past away 2 years prior, after a lengthy illness, and I was left with a basement full of my things, his things, his parent’s things, my Mother’s things and my Grandparent’s things. Then I met Jean Hodge and her team of angels. They have become my family. The process led to 3 sales and a complete clean out. This included a woodworking shop that my husband created and loved with a table saw, drill press, saber saw and anything else you might need to make furniture as a hobby. My emotions were all over the place throughout this project. Jean and her team were absolutely amazing. They understood all of my emotions and were the kindest people I had ever met. They were extremely professional and got down to the business of organizing,cataloging ,photographing and presenting everything. I had an overwhelming amount of stuff and they tackled everything. I did not lift a finger. I have been telling my story to everyone I know with the highest recommendation possible to this company. I will always believe they truly are angels in everything they do. I feel so relieved to have taken the journey and so thankful I met this amazing company. I will always be grateful to them. I’m not leaving my home, but now I know I can thanks to this caring group of people. God bless them for what they do. Sharon P Centerville , OH

Jody U Oct 05, 2022

I wish I would have known about Jean and her team sooner! While my dad's passing wasn't a shock, it was still full of grief and overwhelm. I love two hours away from his house and there was a lot to manage. The biggest part was deciding what to do with the considerable amount of things in the house (60 years worth) and where to start. Jean was both professional and sympathetic and gave great advice on how to manage everything. My brothers and I took that we wanted from the house and Jean's team took care of the rest - sorting, advertising, auctioning, donating and clearing out what was left. The fee was well worth it and we made more through her auction efforts than I would have every thought possible. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that Jean lifted a great weight off my shoulders and helped me move on to the importance of grieving and renewing and taking care of what was truly important - my family. I have not hesitated in recommending Jean and Caring Transitions to others. Thank you, Jean!

Jill Klimaski Sep 22, 2022

My dad passed away in April and my mom and I were frantically searching for an estate sale company to help us liquidate the house and move. Jean and her team were a wonderful fit for us. From start to finish, Jean was amazing! She helped us every step of the way. By the end of the summer, Jean had helped us pack the house, move, sell items, donate, and clear the house from top to bottom. My mom and I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting.. Jean and her team did it all and were fabulous! We appreciated working with Jean and are so thankful we found her! Definitely would recommend her and her company to anyone in need of her services.

Michael Rosenberg Jun 14, 2022

We had a wonderful experience with Caring Transitions. After the passing of my father-in-law, my wife and I had to manage the dispensation of his estate from several hours away. We interviewed several estate sale companies, but none of them provided the breadth of service that Jean and her staff did. They treated the family estate with great care and respect. For the online auction, they did an outstanding job describing and categorizing the items -- they produced identifying information such as dates, manufacturers, and extensive descriptions much more effectively than we could have. The online auction format was comforting to us, as we appreciated not having countless folks just wandering through the house, especially without us around. Once the auction was complete, Jean's team cleaned out all the remaining items, leaving the property ready to go on the market without needing to hire a separate service. They were very efficient and the overall cost for their services was very reasonable, especially considering everything they did. In addition to the excellent service that Caring Transitions provided, Jean was incredibly respectful and compassionate towards us and empathetic with the situation in which we found ourselves. She was easy to work with and provided consistent followups. Highly recommend!