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Guillermina Martinez Feb 06, 2024

I have worked with Chris several times. Every time, she is so kind and professional. I always come away feeling like I got a good deal. You can tell she really cares about her clients.

Joseph West Aug 13, 2023

Great experience! Very friendly service!

Marshall Henson Aug 06, 2023

Very easy transaction!

Aleyna Gutierrez Jul 20, 2023

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Diana Kim Feb 15, 2023

Christine and her team came highly recommended to me from another company I was working with as I was cleaning out a deceased family member’s home and belongings, who had been hoarding for many years. I absolutely highly recommend Christine and her team! They were reliable, punctual, and caring. I am so thankful for them because I had already been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of items that this family member had and it was time to seek professional help. Before working with her and her team, I had contacted other estate clean out companies and oh boy! It seems that the companies were so focused on how much was in the home because all they wanted was a quick buck for an estate sale. I explained to these companies that I wasn’t interested in doing an estate sale, I only wanted to hire extra help to actually HELP me with the clean out of the home, AND most companies wouldn’t even consider helping me because I had begun getting rid of the items. When I explained to Christine that I was just needed help, she was caring and kind and she made it known that she was there to HELP. I knew just from interacting with her, that she is someone that actually cared about her clients, and was not in this business simply for making money. Christine and her team worked around my busy work schedule and they made it absolutely effortless for me to sift and sort the family member’s belongings. They even boxed up the items we were donating, AND they hauled the items off to be donated at various charitable organizations. I highly recommend hiring Christine and her team if you are needing help with any of the services they offer!