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Keshia Pettus Oct 31, 2023

Rashad has been more than awesome during a difficult situation. He answered all of my questions and addressed any of my concerns promptly. His assistant Priscilla was excellent as well. Both responded promptly to phone calls and emails. Mr Blossom truly did make my whole process easy and handled everything. professionally. I would highly recommend him to handle any of your legal issues.

LaVonna Hailey Sep 25, 2023

Best lawyer in Charlotte!! answered all questions!! Took care of all matters when needed. I would highly recommend

Mobile Supplies Aug 07, 2023

Best Bankruptcy lawyer in NC , very smooth process and he is so knowledgeable. I highly recommend Blossom Law PLLC !!

Angela Cipriano Jul 28, 2023

I highly recommend Attorney Blossom. He is very professional and respectful. I was very stressed and he resolved my bankrupt issue with ease

Jessica Jun 03, 2022

Rashad Blossoms was very professional, answer all of our questions. He was very prompt,he's knows his profession very well. God sent l would recommend Rashad to any one, A real blessing

Michael L. Jun 11, 2019

The excellent service started right from the beginning, Mr. Blossom ready to take notes and listened very careful to my needs. Mr. Blossom was right on top of my case, always carefully checking every document, asking questions to make sure that we were in the same track and reminding me in written and in some cases to reaffirm that I do not missed any appointment especially when I needed to appear in court. My case ended in my favor because Mr. Blossom professionalism, caring and above all his knowledge. I really sincere appreciated his service.

Cathy Feb 21, 2019

Attorney Blossom has made the entire process painless for us. We are coming to the conclusion of our Chapter 13 case and over the last 5 years he's been our partner in this process. Even when it got difficult along the way, helped us stay on track and focused. We can't express how much we appreciate his diligence and hard work!

anonymous Jul 05, 2018

Attorney Blossom was simply amazing! This was such an overwhelming experience and decision to make for me! At this crossroad in my life, Atty. Blossom ensured that I had all of the information to make an informed decision! Having his guidance made the world of difference! I wasn’t just another client! He was available for questions and explained the impact to my personal and business ventures alike. He was an empathetic wealth of knowledge and guidance! I consulted with other attorneys before finding Atty. Blossom—not one other compared! I’m eternally grateful, Atty. Blossom! Thank you!

Michael May 21, 2018

Mr. Blossom was friendly and extremely easy to work with. He was able to explain the whole process to me in a way I could understand. He worked with me every step of the way and continued to check in on me throughout the process. He made the whole thing painless and easy. I highly recommend Mr. Blossom for your legal needs!

Tiffany May 20, 2018

Mr. Blossom is professional and respectful. My initial thoughts about bankruptcy were filled with horror stories that I'd heard from other people whom didn't have a good lawyer. He made sure that was knowledgeable about everything in my case. He answered all my with questions and eased my concerns. I never had to leave him messages and wait for a long time to hear from him. He was timely and genuinely concerned. He is reasonable and straight forward. If you want a lawyer that is professional, honest, detailed and concerned for your case then he's the lawyer for you.

anonymous May 09, 2018

The firm is very understandable and treated we with respect during this difficult decision. Service did not end once the initial process was completed. The firm remained responsive as issues arose and always returned calls promptly. I sincerely recommend the firm for anyone facing this type of decision.

Martha Frederick May 03, 2018

After being hounded for state taxes, I went to see Mr. Blossom. He took care of everything, and I now have no more tax debt. He was the best to deal with!! Thank you, Mr. Blossom!!

anonymous Jan 16, 2018

My on boarding experience was excellent resulting in a very comprehensive review.

Trasina Dec 17, 2016

Reashad was very thorough in handling my bankruptcy. He was very informative in handling my case.

anonymous Sep 11, 2016

Mr. Blossom has been great. The consultation was free. He gave me options on whether to file Chpt 13 or 7 and since I didn't have the cash upfront for 7, I went with 13. He helped me understand it wasn't the worst thing in the world (filing bankruptcy) answered all of my questions and was with me every step of the way. He responds to emails in a timely manner (day or night) and his fees are reasonable. He sends me any questions or communications from the Trustee or court as soon as he receives it. I really appreciate someone who works with you and I don't have to go through an Admin or someone to get my questions answered. I feel like I made the right choice choosing Mr. Blossom and I would do it again!

Cassandra Aug 03, 2016

Mr. Blossom is by far the best bankruptcy attorney out there. He made a very complex and stressful experience pain free and successful. Without his expertise I don't think we would have made it through this process. He was friendly, patient and professional every step of the way and I would recommend him to anyone facing a bankruptcy and are not sure what to do or who to turn to.

Annette Jun 03, 2016

Mr. Blossom made a very complex process, understandable and concern free. He was timely, approachable, professional and delivered excellent services with a pleasing out come. His correspondence was clear and detailed. Thank your Mr. Blossom

Jordan May 20, 2016

After having financial difficulties, I decided to speak with Rashad about bankruptcy and I am so glad I did. He thoroughly explained the process to me and made me feel a lot better about my situation. He was extremely knowledgeable about the situation and was always available for me no matter the time of day. He made sure filing chapter 7 was a quick and smooth process for me and has followed up with me after my case was discharged. I had a great experience working with Rashad and I HIGHLY recommend him!

Dottie Apr 18, 2016

I bought a new 2015 Chevy Impala in March 2015. In October, it broke down and had to be towed. From that point on, it broke down 4 more times with the same problem. The dealership was great to work with. They tried everything to fix the problem. The car was not safe to drive though and I ended up renting a car. I contacted Rashad Blossom to start the process with General Motors to buy back my car under the NC New Car Lemon Law. General Motors was not interested. It took several months but finally General Motors gave in and bought back my car. I could not have fought GM on my own without Rashad Blossom's help. I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed with him. He was extremely professional, responsive and respectful. He did not talk over my head with a lot of legal jagon that I did not understand. Instead he talked with me, laid out options, and together we made decisions. He was very patient with me when I would ask questions or push back on him. He was approachable and available. You never had to wait long for him to return a phone call or email. In fact, most times that I called him, he answered his phone. He gave me personalized attention and made the process less painful than it could have been. I highly recommend Rashad Blossom to anyone seeking an attorney who is professional, knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients.

anonymous Aug 21, 2015

First and foremost, I am not one that writes reviews unless I truly feel one has gone above and beyond the call of duty. So with that being said, I want to share my husbands and my experience with Rashad Blossom of Blossom Law based in Charlotte, NC. Back in Aug of 2013, my husband and I found ourselves in a situation with a local dealership. A situation we thought could NEVER happen. To make a very long and stressful story as short as I can, we purchased a vehicle form a local dealership in May of 2013. We tried to plan ahead and spoke with the sales manager to work out all the numbers on our trade and to get an approval on what we were wanting prior to going in to the dealership; due to having a 2 yr. old at the time, and not wanting to take her in and spend an entire day at the dealership. After they pulled our information they called us back and told us we were good to go and to come on in. We went over ALL our information, what they were giving us for our trade, who would be buying the loan from them, our interest rate, payments, and length of term. We thought it was a done deal!! It was ours!! WRONG!! We were informed after having the truck 2 ½ months that someone had dropped the ball, and did not submit the paperwork as it should have been. They called us after we had been personalizing the vehicle and driving like our own, and told us we had to bring the vehicle back or they would come get it. We had NO idea anything like this could ever happen, but it can!! I had reached out to Rashad Blossom to seek advice on what we could do; we were lost, confused, and unsure of how the dealership felt they could do this. The moment I spoke with Mr. Blossom, I was at ease knowing we did nothing wrong, and the dealership in fact was in the wrong. Now I am not going to say that it was not a nightmare on so many levels as we went through the past two years getting this situation taken care of. I will say, we could not of gotten through it with our Mr. Blossom. His professionalism, personalism, and knowledge was far more then we ever expected. He was so patient with us during the times we felt so frustrated and confused. He has really raised the bar for us in trusting an attorneys word. He has shown he has high standards for doing what is right and giving it his all in making each wronged situation that is presented to him have a better out come for those who have been effected. My husband and I could not be more pleased with how he advised us during our case. We highly recommend anyone that could use Mr Blossom's services, to give him a call. He will be so upfront and honest, you can't go wrong. He definitely will not stray you down the wrong path!