Scott Karstaedt Oct 08, 2023

Louise is a very caring person and it comes thru loud and clear. She was super helpful in helping me "solve" my fathers estate. Was a rather unique case for her to handle but once all said and done what I expected in sales etc actually exceeded expectations. Special shout out to Kat simply outstanding!!!

Courtney Koch Jul 14, 2023

Outstanding service. Takes care of their clients with professionalism and is very punctual. Always has the best interest of their clients. Louise and her team is definitely who you want to service you. Pleasant attitudes and welcoming smiles.

Matt Natalizio Nov 14, 2022

Caveat emptor, but this one is all right... I purchased a lennox nativity music box and knowing it takes awhile to receive I waited. But nothing. After waiting more than 4 weeks, I contacted the seller and she indicated she would get back to me. I waited some more than received an email indicating, she was sorry, but item was l Iost and she would refund my purchase price. Hmmmm, makes me wonder whether if it was lost or was a higher bidder found after the sale? Normally I would have never thought twice about it, but I have a few other won auctions missing item going on currently CTBID auctions. So, a little suspicous. Update: Sometimes things go wrong; but what's important is how some addresses the mistake and how they communicate with the customer. In this case she did evrrything right. During the process she did communicate. It was her last ditch effort that found the item and she called me. She then offered to pay for the item to be shipped. While I declined she did what she thought would make things right and I appreciate the effort and her willingness to make things right.

Rain Shine Nov 14, 2022

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Angela Faust Nov 14, 2022

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