Chelsea C. Jan 17, 2023

Very attentive to clients needs, focused on what the client wants and is overall a great attorney.

Jennifer Dishman Nov 29, 2022

The team at the Law Offices of Kary Key did an amazing job for me with my divorce. There was excellent and rapid communication from start to finish, the process moved along very quickly (as fast as the legal system allows), and, they were overall just wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them should you need legal help.

Kevin Wallen Jun 01, 2022

Kary is a fantastic attorney and doesn't break up families with her style of representation. Don't hesitate to give her a call.

Chelsea Cutchen Jan 20, 2022

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Doug Knight Oct 06, 2021

Kary is great. Took care of me and got me everything I wanted

Todd Mauney Aug 15, 2020

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MissB BURNSXo Jun 09, 2020

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kelli Calhoun Sep 25, 2019

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anonymous Mar 07, 2018

Kary and her staff were always responsive to my questions and messages. She was open in what was possible and how. She always explained what further steps would be needed in my child visitation and support cases. Ultimately, I came out way ahead of where I started!!

Todd Sep 14, 2017

So professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. You can tell she does care about you and your families best interest. She was very honest and I feel blessed that I found her.

Todd M. Sep 14, 2017

Ms. Key is first and foremost a wonderful person. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and always felt I could trust her with every aspect of my case. I hope I never need her again but I will recommend here to anyone who does wit great confidence.

Julie Barnes Jan 13, 2017

I have been happy with every service Kary has provided me. She is caring and able to get the job done! If you need law services regarding family, divorce, or equine she is the attorney you need to call!

Kelsie Ryman Jan 13, 2017

Thank you Kary for being inderstanding and hardworking when it came to satisfying the specific services I required. I would highly recommend her for any Family, Divorce,or Equine Law services!!

anonymous Dec 17, 2015

Just during the initial consultation she was straight forward and completely honest about all of the possible outcomes in the court room of the Judge whom is presiding over our case. She states things in a way that a lay person can understand and walk away feeling comfortable they have a greater understanding of what is going to take place throughout the entire custody process.