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Shannon Benson Jan 09, 2023

I am so over impressed with this law group that it is almost beyond words. I had a legal problem that seemed so complicated that I had no idea what to do about it. I called to make an appointment and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Thomas Fine. He had an idea he shared with me on the phone that he thought may be an easy fix and cost me no legal fees. It turned out to be true and I could not be happier. Thomas evened called me back to find out my progress though they were not making any money on me! This company is a rare and precious find. If you need help in this area of law, call this group and know you are in super good hands.

Badger Jewell Dec 20, 2022

I was unable to afford to retain their services, but they treated me with respect and were extremely straightforward with me, about my situation, about their plans, and expectations of what this battle will cost. So many lawyers offices are slimy, but my experience at Ramage was that they are honorable and humane.

Michael Brumbaugh Nov 21, 2022

The founder of this firm is committed to providing great legal services and compassionate help to their clients. This is the team you want on your side!

Jo-Anna Nieves Nov 18, 2022

This Firm not only cares about their clients but they give back to their community as well. The professionalism and care that comes from their owner trickles down to the team and makes for a safe space for those going through the difficult process of a divorce.

Sabrina Sep 01, 2022

Gwen and her team worked tirelessly for months on my custody case, truly learned every detail and used it when necessary. Having a knowledgeable dedicated team on my side was absolutely invaluable. Gwen's attention to detail on the case, paperwork, and timelines as well as her genuine support for my family was everything I needed. I cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with them and highly recommend!

Warren Mills Aug 30, 2022

I had such a great experience with RAMAGE. They were flexible, accommodating, and detail-oriented during the a very very difficult time in my life. Gwen Williams was the lead attorney, and Caitlen Politz was was also heavily involved throughout the process. They were both so helpful and kind, and I’m grateful.

Ronnetta Gipson Jul 21, 2022

This legal team was very professional, thorough, efficient, and reasonably priced. I would recommend their service!

Nevine May 29, 2022

Most don’t understand the importance of having a good attorney until they’ve gone through the process and have regrets that money can’t fix. As a previous employee of this firm and seeing what they stand for; I wouldn’t look elsewhere. Gwen is thorough and won’t leave a stone unturned, Marissa is quick-witted and doesn’t forget the reality of your situation, Mary quickly proved that she’s a rockstar and other attorneys should watch out when she’s OC. If you care about your family more than your wallet, go with the firm that will fight for your family like it’s theirs. They’re one of the few special education firms and the outcomes of those cases are impressive. It’s refreshing to see them be one of the good guys, your child’s voice and they won’t back down.


We needed strong and competent lawyers for a custody case, and we are very pleased with the Ramage Group. There is always someone available to answer your question or at least find out the answer. Honestly, good legal representation is costly, but you get what you pay for. I wish we had started our case with this group. Handling a case competently from the beginning will actually save you money in the long run.

Selena Cabrera Apr 19, 2022

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Todd Baehler Apr 14, 2022

Sharon Ramage has been an outstanding family law attorney in Collin County for over 20 years. I have referred her multiple clients and they say she is the best. I highly recommend this firm if you are contemplating a divorce.

Debra Whitson Apr 09, 2022

You deserve the best law firm when you are going through a divorce or a custody case. Look no further - Ramage Law Group is the best.

Jennifer Jasinski Apr 09, 2022

Sharon has the drive and commitment for every one of her divorce, custody, and support clients to get excellence in their vigorous work, customer service, and goals.

David Furry Jan 12, 2022

Mary Barefield, Caitlen, Colleen, and Navine have been pleasant, communicative, and professional in handling our case. My family and I are satisfied with their legal services and recommend this firm for adoptions and legal needs related to special education students to include dyslexia.

B Mo Nov 02, 2021

Ramage Law Firm is a professional and thorough firm. They have taken my case and been consistent and understanding of my wants and needs while advocating. They have been able to answer each question I have and provide solid advice. If you want things done correctly the first time around then contact them and let them help you resolve your stress.

JOANNA DEMOTT Oct 25, 2021

I can not thank the Ramage Law Group enough for their responsiveness, professionalism, and dedication. Marissa Balius's expert knowledge of family law and the system are invaluable. It was a difficult custody case and her calm, straight forward approach to all the issues resulted in a safe, positive outcome for my son.

Callisse Ntiri Sep 28, 2021

Although I came to them with little in hand and a victim of some vicious events..they did not turn me away. I was referred to a firm that took my case and did an excellent job. Ramage care for the people that ask for their help..I am forever grateful.

Ben McGreer May 11, 2021

Ramage law firm was extremely professional and responsive. They were experts in my needs, provided sound, useful, and constructive advice, and definitely helped make me feel like my best interests were of their utmost concern. Overall, great experience.

Rala Gossett Apr 06, 2021

Claire was my first point of contact, when she answered the phone she immediately made me feel comfortable. I received a reply quickly and will definitely call the Ramage Law Group again if I need legal help.

Kimoy Bowley Mar 30, 2021

During the hardest moments I have had to face as a mother, Gwen Williams, Sanette Hunter and the team worked expertly to resolve my case. Their due diligence and clear understanding of the law allowed for a very complicated custody case to be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. I was treated with dignity and respect by every member of the staff that I came in contact with. I never left a conversation ever feeling more confused or hopeless; every nagging inquiry was met with patience, understanding, and the expertise you’d expect from a Firm of their caliber. Most importantly, Gwen kept my family together. I will forever be grateful.