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Anne White Dec 27, 2023

After the death of a family member and being tasked with the clean out of a very cluttered upstairs place, I called no less than 6 liquidation, auction and estate sales company’s. No one was interested. The clock was ticking as we had 25 days to empty the place. I called Barb at Caring Transitions and she changed our lives! What would you like done? When would you like us to come? Those questions were music to our ears as we were up against a hard stop on time. She and her team of very careful, thoughtful workers showed up at the appointed day and time and got to work. Moving large, heavy furniture was no problem for the workers as they demonstrated they were very experienced with the tasks. Not a scratch on the furniture or the walls were found as they were extremely careful. I highly recommend Barb Bloxom and her team to help make a difficult situation seamless!

Richard Crandall Nov 28, 2023

Our mother had to make the move from her home of 45 years. With all of her kids living abroad, this task was going to be monumental. Barb and her team at Caring Transitions were phenomenal!! From the very start of the process, Barb was responsive, professional, and ultimately cared for mom’s well being. They packed, auctioned, moved, and unpacked moms belongings like it was their own family member. Barb and her team were our secret weapon in getting mom moved with dignity and care. Highly recommend!

Jaron Fried Jul 11, 2023

Barb was professional and responsive to our family and our needs!!

Josh Bates May 20, 2023

Amazing experience !!!! More than I expected.

Robert Yi Jan 28, 2023

Words can't fully describe the incredible service we received from Barb and her Caring Transitions team. Our family made the very difficult decision to clear out mom's house after 35 years. We live out of state, and relied on Barb to manage the packing, separating, estate sale, and final clean out. Like other senior transitions, ours was an emotional and challenging time... with lots of opinions involved. Through it all, Barb was awesome! Super responsive, understanding, and patient. I highly recommend Barb and the Caring Transitions team!