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Laine Carnley Jul 28, 2023

Kate Bihm and her amazing team where an absolute pleasure to work with! Kate is very straight forward, honest, and kind. Her firm's response time to questions or items needed were always precise and prompt. She far exceeded my expectations in what I was looking for in an attorney and is just fantastic at what she does. Her staff is top notch and always made me feel like I was a priority. I can't speak highly enough about this wonderful firm and their attention to the smallest details. I will recommend Kate Bihm and her staff to anyone who is in need of an excellent divorce attorney! They are simply the best there is!

Rebecca Alcantar Jul 18, 2023

Kate Bihm is my go to person when referring cases in Montgomery County. If you have a family law or criminal matter she is the right attorney for the job.

Lisa McNabb Jul 03, 2023

If you are looking for an attorney who is experienced in family law, look no further. Her and her associate, Andrew, are both extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the Montgomery County judges and their expectations which makes for a smooth process. There were four other attorneys I met with before Kate that told me what I needed couldn’t be done in Texas. Kate told me she could do it and DID! She guided me through my divorce and child custody orders for my daughter. Because of her and her firm, my daughter will grow up in a safe and happy environment and for that I am forever grateful. I can't say enough great things about this firm.

Bandie Straughan May 24, 2023

Ms Bihm was extremely knowledgeable and caring about my situation. She gave me great advice and did not over complicate things for me and my children, which I greatly appreciate. I hope to not have to use her in the future(or any lawyer for that matter) but I most certainly will, if I need one. I highly recommend her and her law firm

Bridget May 10, 2023

Kate goes above and beyond. She listens and is respectful to all of your concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable and I felt very confident having her on my side. Her entire staff communicated fast and efficiently. I highly recommend Kate Bihm.

Brittany Green Apr 14, 2023

Kate was extremely professional and courteous in the consultation. She gave clear expectations, was kind and listened! Thank you!

Sonja Riffe Feb 10, 2023

Although I didn't use this firm...I had a consultation and I felt very comfortable. It was straight forward and to the point... just how I like it

mary ann moore Jan 27, 2023

They represented my daughter and I was present to witness professionalism, knowledge, and support for my daughter with her battle in the theater known as divorce court. Kate is the queen of demanding respect, making sure that the laws governing divorce are followed and with Andrew made the outcome a wonderful one. I am thankful she was on our side. If I ever need an attorney the Bihm Firm would be my first choice.

shannon inman Jan 26, 2023

I am truly thankful and appreciative of everything Kate, Andrew, and their staff did for me and my family. They were professional, up front, dependable, and ultimately victorious. I relied on their experience and knowledge to guide me and it paid off greatly. I would recommend them to anybody in need of quality representation.

Patrice Redmond Dec 06, 2022

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Terra Nov 04, 2022

I have been in a highly contentious legal battle with my ex husband since I filed for divorce over 7 years ago. I was very poorly represented for the first 6 years, and I paid for it dearly. I lost time with my children, and spent over 250K without ever having the appropriate evidence entered on my behalf. Fast forward to a year ago when I hired Kate Bihm, and everything changed. When I tell you this was a David vs Goliath situation she was facing with my court case, that doesn't even adequately describe what she was up against. (It's amazing what 6 years of misrepresentation can do to your ability to win in family court). But Kate and her team did just that. Not only did she restore the relationship with my children that had been unjustly severed, but she restored my faith in the legal system - specifically, family court. If you want to understand how much she did for me, I can put it to you this way: my husband and I are expecting our second child together this Spring, and we are naming her Kate. ❤️

Becca Wolf Oct 10, 2022

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anonymous Oct 19, 2021

I highly recommend Kate Bihm at the Bihm Law Firm. Her as well as her staff are polite, professional caring and honest. Kate put my emotions at easy and allowed me to focus on what needed to be handled. She laid the cards out and shared details as to what I could expect. What I should and should not worry about. Kate and her team are quick to respond to emails so you never feel unanswered. In the court room, I give Kate an A++. Not just because I came out of the court room with the results I wanted, but she knows exactly what she’s doing, classy, tough and can handle a bully. I hope to not ever need to be in the court room again but Kate will be my go to should I need representation and I will recommend her to everyone I come in contact with that may need a lawyer for similar needs. Thank you Bihm Law Firm

Branden mccarter Sep 30, 2021

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Robert Seton Mar 10, 2021

I highly recommend Kate Bihm & her team for anyone considering a divorce! They helped to protect my assets & handled my case effectively & efficiently! They kept me up-to-date and prepared! Thank you!

Niki Johnson Feb 11, 2021

Ms. Bihm and staff have my highest possible recommendation. They guided me through a very difficult and financially complex divorce with the utmost level of professionalism and competence. The Bihm Firm conducts themselves in a highly moral fashion demonstrating a level of care and concern for their client's best interest. My questions were answered in a timely manner as they guided me through the legal realities of my situation. Kate Bihm and Andrew Gastler both worked my case and I feel very fortunate to have had them both represent me in the most difficult time of my life. You will not be disappointed if you choose to hire The Bihm Firm.

Liz Feb 04, 2021

I hired Ms. Bihm on my suit to modify parent-child relationship. My original lawyer from a different county was not prepared to handle someone with BPD, which ended up being a treacherous combination for the initial divorce. Here I was nervous from being served and honestly sick to be heading down this road again but I am telling you now that securing her as my lawyer was the best armor I could suit up with and worth every penny. I walked into mediation, trusting in her and she did not fail me. After 20 minutes of just the mediator and I talking, she stepped in and made it clear what we were dealing with and additionally made it clear that she was ready to fight. Within a few hours, she was sure we were going to walk out of there with a signed agreement and I didn’t believe her. I considered for a moment that I had made a mistake because that sounded way to good to be true. I cried the whole way home because I did indeed walk out that day with signed papers, and even more, confidence that I am a good mom, doing the right thing and that my efforts were not in vain. -She didn’t unnecessarily call me for insignificant things, making sure to tend to my financial needs. -She didn’t beat around the bush. She told me what she thought was worth the fight, what she thought wasn’t, and what I needed to consider or do differently. -She was on time to all of my appointments and was able to take my call or return them quickly the few times we needed to chat. -I came to her broken and lacking confidence and she took that and made me sure of who I am and what I am doing. -She was at times playing a duel role of Lawyer and Therapist and she does it gracefully. -She set me up for success in the future should I need her services once again in ways I would’ve never considered. -Her (and her staffs) attention to detail is impeccable. I am very organized and detailed oriented and it’s not often I feel others are on the same page as me. When asked to look at documents, I all too often have numerous corrections. I believe that only 1 item needed to be corrected. Also, I would feel confident in saying that our arrangement is a far cry from something that one could copy and paste from a previous order. -Do not come to her if you plan on not being fully honest with your lawyer, I would not want to be across the table from her explaining anything or trying to back peddle my way out of a situation. -Other than that caveat, I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring Ms. Bihm to handle your case, if she’s confident, it’s for a reason.

Michelle Nov 15, 2020

Kate Bihm represented my son on a child custody case. She was hired to modify a joint managing conservator order that had been in place since his divorce (about 5 years ago). We considered the circumstances to be dire and she managed to get an emergency hearing within days of our filing. Not only did she guide our family through the legal system, she handled and addressed every concern we had throughout the entire process. After two failed mediations, we went to trial. Her professionalism and expertise were displayed in the court room. We ended up with a final order that was over and beyond what we had expected. I consider her one of Texas' best attorneys ever.

Anonymous Oct 17, 2020

Katherine is an exceptional attorney and exhibits the highest degree of professionalism

Bobby Ezell Sep 16, 2020

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