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Jennifer Dilley Nov 19, 2023

I made a wish...... And a group of amazing angels swooped in and made my dreams come true! After breaking both of my ankles (at the same time) and working hard at recovery, I decided that life is too short and I needed to be liberated from all of the trappings we can get consumed by through the years. I called Lisa and said that I wanted to just walk out of my house, leave everything behind except the essentials that I would take with me. I asked her how she could help. Her answer was simple. "We can do it all" and they did! They packed me up, moved me to an apartment, went back to the house to organize, sell or donate everything that I left behind. It was all done in a matter of weeks and now even my house is sold! They were a delight to work with, they worked super hard and super fast. I never could have achieved what they did in two weeks! I'm calling it my "Life Edit" and it was made possible by Lisa, Robin and their entire Caring Transitions of Chapel Hill team. I highly recommend!

Lindsey Zenker Nov 19, 2023

I never would have been able to complete this last-minute move myself! I am extremely thankful for all that Lisa and team helped me with including coordinating whole move, setting up steam-cleaning for all of my furniture, packing my things, unpacking everything, and the overall friendliness and hospitality I received. I would recommend Caring Transitions to anybody with extenuating circumstances who needs assistance beyond traditional movers!

Susan Harkins Oct 19, 2023

We live in Texas and Caring Transitions handled EVERYTHING to help us move a family member to assisted living and then to auction house hold items, give some to non-profits, clean out the rest of the items. They were efficient and we trusted them explicitly! Great job and great service all around.

Bob Bazemore Oct 18, 2023

Caring Transitions is awesome! Lisa & her team are thorough, efficient, very professional & deliver what they promise. I have used them twice in the last two years and are the best movers, packers & set up I have ever experienced. I highly recommend them!

Lisa Schuster Jan 06, 2023

Review from one of newest success stories: Caryl and Adam Glickman: Review of Caring Transitions: A true Senior move carylg2 Caryl G. January 6th, 2023 Lisa Schuster of Caring Transitions of chapel hill nc did a wonderful job with our move. They had a schedule to come a day before the move to pack non-essentials. They were packed nicely and labeled so the very same people would know exactly where to put things in the new apartment. We highly recommend them.