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NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq - Chicago is rated
4.1 out of 5.0 based on 106 reviews

Makeda Sep 14, 2023

I sought the help of next level law for my divorce case. I worked primarily with Myron Grant and was so appreciative of his professionalism, efficiency, and clear communication throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend this law firm

Yabsera Gebrekidan Aug 21, 2023

Daniel is highly knowledgeable, confidence inspiring and simply good at what he does. I am thankful I reached out to him for help!

Francisco Doble Aug 16, 2023

Profesional, honest, I’m very helpful.

Shaquanta Stacey Jul 10, 2023

Daniel wasn't able to take my case, but he provided helpful information and was extremely supportive.

Jesus Montesinos Jun 17, 2023

Daniel was amazing, he gave me a lot of advices about an issue that I had with my condominium. He is very attentive with details, 100% recommendable 😀

Marcelina Retsinas May 23, 2023

Daniel is efficient in his conversation and when gathering notes on your subject matter. I look forward to working with him in the future he made me feel good and gave me clear direction.

Benjamin Pineda May 15, 2023

During my initial consultation, Mr. Daniel Hernandez made me feel heard and understood. We got straight to the important details of my situation and laid out a clear plan to enact. He patiently answered any questions that I had and developed rapport by relating to me. I look forward to working with him!

Saleemah Lowder May 04, 2023

My experience with Ashlee was personable and professional. Thank you for sharing resources, wisdom and providing more direction for my current situation.

Jacqui Navarro Apr 20, 2023

I emailed my situation and Mr. Daniel Hernandez telephoned me within a few minutes. He gave me direction on how to try and proceed w seeking the information I needed. I appreciate that guidance and courtesy. Not many will even take the time to speak much less offer guidance for inquiries. He also said if I had any additional questions to reach out and he will assist with what he can. I appreciate that courtesy. I wished my problem was not out of his jurisdiction, because based on his response I would have gone w him. That speaks volume. Thank you for your courtesy and help. It is appreciated. .

DaQuita White Apr 13, 2023

Daniel and his team are very professional. I love the way they handle things. He made me feel very secure in my position as a client and he’s very trustworthy to get the job done. I’d recommend him to all. I promise you he will NOT let you down !

Ronald Dominique Apr 10, 2023

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Jesus Cardozo Apr 03, 2023

Estoy muy agradecido con el abogado Daniel, me asesoró muy bien, me dio muchas opciones que desconocía, es una persona muy humana y empática, sin duda un abogado que se puede elegir con los ojos cerrados.

мs вεαυтιғυl Mar 14, 2023

Atty. Daniel Hernandez Was the best lawyer he answered all of my questions and concerns if you have any questions and concerns or lawyer call Atty. Daniel Hernandez he will definitely help with anything that you need help with

David Curtis Feb 21, 2023

Attorney Daniel Hernandez was very quick to respond to any and all of my questions regarding my legal matter. He was very knowledgeable and consistent. I really appreciate the professionalism, and the fact that Daniel and his staff are advocates for the LGBTQ plus community. Thank again!

C Fad Feb 02, 2023

Atty. Daniel Hernandez is one of the best lawyers in town. It may sound a cliche but he has the heart and wisdom of a must seek lawyer in Chicago. I asked him a legal advice about my living situation. He responded within an hour with questions to understand me and the situation. He set aside his emotions and based his honest and legitimate answers to facts. If anyone who needs help about anything to ease your mind, he’s the lawyer to ask. Thank you for the help! I pray that you stay healthy so you can continue to help others.

S S Jan 19, 2023

I worked with Tiffany Waddell on a court modification that came to a desired outcome. Tiffany has a good handle on the court process to move things through in a straightforward manner.

Orlando Sanchez Jan 16, 2023

Daniel was very helpful and kind person went out of his way to help me out and found me a civil rights attorney thank you Daniel if I know someone that is gonna need your service I will send them in your direction.

Christopher Conner Dec 10, 2022

Alejandra and Dan took care of my grandmothers will. Both of them were very quick and effective. They are great for will

Sweet Sweet Nov 14, 2022

I’m Hanna L. Daniel and NextLevel Law answered all my questions. They worked quickly to assist me. Best attorneys out there!

Terri Finesmith Nov 10, 2022

Daniel is an ethical, thoughtful and empathetic person who is eager to solve problems and provide support. He also happens to be fun and engaging and is a pleasure to work with!