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NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq - Chicago is rated
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C Fad Feb 02, 2023

Atty. Daniel Hernandez is one of the best lawyers in town. It may sound a cliche but he has the heart and wisdom of a must seek lawyer in Chicago. I asked him a legal advice about my living situation. He responded within an hour with questions to understand me and the situation. He set aside his emotions and based his honest and legitimate answers to facts. If anyone who needs help about anything to ease your mind, he’s the lawyer to ask. Thank you for the help! I pray that you stay healthy so you can continue to help others.

Orlando Sanchez Jan 16, 2023

Daniel was very helpful and kind person went out of his way to help me out and found me a civil rights attorney thank you Daniel if I know someone that is gonna need your service I will send them in your direction.

Christopher Conner Dec 10, 2022

Alejandra and Dan took care of my grandmothers will. Both of them were very quick and effective. They are great for will

Sweet Sweet Nov 14, 2022

I’m Hanna L. Daniel and NextLevel Law answered all my questions. They worked quickly to assist me. Best attorneys out there!

Terri Finesmith Nov 10, 2022

Daniel is an ethical, thoughtful and empathetic person who is eager to solve problems and provide support. He also happens to be fun and engaging and is a pleasure to work with!

Kyle Niewald Nov 10, 2022

Daniel is passionate, professional, effective at the work he does for the people he helps. He and his team will take care of you start to finish. Highly recommend!

Mark Newton Sep 17, 2022

great advice!

Patrick Mahoney Sep 02, 2022

Daniel was very thorough and took his time to explain everything in detail with us. We highly recommend his practice.

Alex Fregoso Jun 22, 2022

I had the pleasure of being assisted by Alejandra Escobar. She is always helpful and understanding towards the most logical/beneficial outcome for her clients. I also appreciated how quickly she responded to any questions/concerns. I was very happy and will continue to use her services whenever needed.

Jeri Reeder Jun 02, 2022

Dealing with legal issues is overwhelming, confusing, and emotional. Daniel's combination of positive energy and sense of calm - along with knowledge of family law - makes him an excellent advocate for his clients. He immediately set my mind at ease, and made me feel heard. Highly recommend!

Maria Wallace Jun 02, 2022

Daniel is such a compassionate person I sometimes forget he's a lawyer!! 😁 What brings me back to the reality is his incredible grasp of the law and legal solutions. He is solution driven but doesn't forget the "human" in all of his clients

Maria Montero Apr 13, 2022

Daniel, Connor and NextLevel Law were amazing during our real estate transaction! I have nothing but great things to say and always felt that they had our best interest at heart. We will certainly be using them for our next transaction!

Aaron O'Brien Mar 17, 2022

I am beyond grateful for Alejandra Escobar and Next Level Law. She is a diligent attorney, a great listener, and a professional advocate for families. Her character and expertise really shines and would recommend her to anyone in need of family law services.

Doug Johnson Mar 05, 2022

Daniel is a true professional, and was very knowledgeable about the issues I consulted with him on.

Gloria Garcia Mar 04, 2022

Our consultation with Alexandra was very informative. She covered all the aspects for our case that we needed. It seems that with her experience, this law firm will be able to achieve all our goals. Thanks again. Roberto Garcia, POA

Ricky D Feb 10, 2022

I had a great and very comfortable experience. Our discussions related to my issues were constructive and gave me great piece of mind. Daniel and his team were very responsive to my concerns and worked with me in a very friendly and professional manner.

Rocio Rocha Jan 27, 2022

Excellent service! He’s very helpful, bilingual, and very respectful! I had a very good experience. Would recommend!

super schein Jan 26, 2022

I sought legal advice for my upcoming divorce. Daniel was very responsive, attentive, and empathetic. He has a great way of conveying legal concepts to the lay person with ease. He has a great demeanor and a excellent grasp on how to communicate with those who are going through a rough time.

Selene Aguirre Jan 10, 2022

I had my first ever legal consultation and spoke with Daniel Hernandez. I felt guided , well informed and understood. I was a bit nervous having to seek legal help for the first time but appreciated Daniels calming and profesional advice. I recommend him for a consultation .

Olivia Govea Dec 16, 2021

I sought legal counsel with Daniel Hernandez and from the moment I tried to set up an appointment, he and the staff were courteous, professional, and proactive. Daniel was very knowledgeable and was able to answer every question I had and put all my doubts at ease with kindness and understanding. His eagerness to help will definitely bring me back if ever the need. Thank you Next Level Law!