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Dino Hall Mar 15, 2023

Support towrds the case deserves unmerited favor, the needed preparation for the dispositions was of great ease. I found working with this firm that focused on honesty of the matter was the determinat factor in selecting their representation I will always refer this firm

Rufus Weatherly Mar 03, 2023

Its all good!!

Eve Garcia Mar 01, 2023

Great people that listen to their clients. The communication is great!!

Veronica Schnitzer Feb 28, 2023

Attorneys and staff were very attentive and supportive , my case was successfully settled and I’m very pleased. I’m am thankful to have found them , it was very comforting to have such a caring team to get me through the stressful process of my case.

Blanca Galvez-Perez Feb 27, 2023

Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys took really good care of me and my family. After years waiting to be able to finalize my case, they were life savers! We will always be grateful for their professionalism and knowledge.

Maria Feb 26, 2023

Helping with my ongoing case. Been really helpful from the beginning.

Thomas Oyen Feb 24, 2023

Couldn't ask for a better injury lawyer. They took care of everything and got the job done!

Roxy Prieto Feb 24, 2023

Thank you for all your help. My son and I appreciate all your time and effort

carlos dunning Feb 23, 2023

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

John DeLoach Feb 23, 2023

A day like any other took an unexpected turn leaving me in quite the predicament. So many questions, and so much to think about left me rather confused and truthfully depressed. The height of the pandemic has made things that much more confusing. Long story short, I have been blessed with the people of Alford and Clark helping to make things as easy as they possibly can be. I was further impressed by their devotion to providing the most professional, if not pampering, and thorough assistance possible. Definitely a firm worthy of your inquiries. From lawyers to the front desk personnel, I would have to say Texas finest. Thank you, WC and everyone else that's been there through it all.

Blair Blount Feb 23, 2023

They have been doing a great job on my case any questions I have they’re able to answer if it’s not right away, they get back to me in a timely manner

Debra Guerrero Feb 23, 2023

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Dawn Feb 23, 2023

This is the nicest people ever! Mr Clark and his staff are all very responsive and respectful of your needs. Definitely recommend!!!

Lisa Vu Feb 23, 2023

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

T Kyles Feb 02, 2023

I haven't started my case yet but I tell you I had no hope. No lawyer was taking my issue I guess because I wasn't as billionaire worthy but they would say oh yes you have a case. Then by chance someone took the time to listen and talk with me. He was honest and forthcoming, I loved it. At the end of the conversation I didn't think I would ever hear from him again. One day feeling like God will give mercy and help me figure this out. I stopped worrying and BOOM HE CALLS. The happiness, instead of hopelessness,in my heart the feeling of joy that He made this insignificant person have a name. My name is ********* and I want to thank you Mr Carter for taking my case. may the Lord bless you in multiply all your dreams 100 times 100 for being so kind, compassionate, and caring to the servant of God. Thank you so very much!

Tabitha Carter Oct 27, 2022

Jacob and Ryan rock they do know how to make one feel heard and I swear there like my family specially since they have handled 4 different cases of mine major to small and they have been able to put up with my attitude and all…I would say choose them if you want to be heard and you want the max of your money, also good for if the lawyer you hired can’t get the job done call them they will get some results..

Sil Vas Oct 26, 2022

I want to thank Will and his associates. They took care of my well being. It was devasting for me. I can tell you patience goes a long way. I know everyone's situation is different. I would highly recommend Will and his team. Thank you very much for taking care of me.

Tabitha Williams Oct 26, 2022

Awesome Team off lawyers

Carlos Castillo-Santos Oct 19, 2022

Alford and Clark has a great team. Always one step head of me regarding questions or concerns. I literally did not worry about anything. They took care of every phone call and truly looked out for my best interest. Big congrats to Alford and Clark for great team work

Joanna Santillan Aug 11, 2022

Alford and Clark provided support during the whole process. Very helpful staff, ready to answer any questions promptly. I have nothing to say but thank you for your great work during our hard ship. Also was a relief to have multiple people who speak Spanish and help talk to my parents.