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Niomi Perez Feb 09, 2024

After a few short months, Alford and Clark was able to settle my case after being hit by a drunk driver. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Thank you to Amanda, Emily, and Nicole for being so efficient and communicative throughout the process to ease my concerns. Highly recommend going through this firm for personal injury cases.

Tara Digiacomo Jan 05, 2024

This law firm pretty much did the impossible with my case. I thought I was going to lose it. But this firm was amazing! They were extremely attentive to me, and worked very hard on it. I would absolutely refer anyone to them! Thank you so much Alford and Clark!!

Andrea Cooper Dec 30, 2023

Jacob Alford was amazing. Easy to talk too and I enjoyed working with him. Thank you Jacob!! Definitely a good guy.

Sonya Davis Sep 12, 2023

I thank all of you for your support and services. It was a struggle and hard, but everyone pull together and worked very hard on my case to close .I like to mention these people Mr Clark ,Amanda, Candace and Natalie thank you.

Elizabeth Almquist Sep 02, 2023

I was t-boned back in 2017 and it's pretty much the worst situation you can imagine; The woman had one of the worst insurance companies representing her and despite the proof I had of her being at fault, they didn't want to compensate me for my injuries or my total car. And then the add-on insult to injury, her insurance filed for bankruptcy. But Alfred and Clark continued to help me until I was able to get a settlement. It wasn't as much as they thought and not as much as I deserved but it was better than nothing which is probably what I most likely would have gotten if someone else had represented me.

Yolanda Rangel Aug 29, 2023

I truly admire the entire Alford and Clark team. They picked up my moms injury case and they were so thorough and won the case. From answering all of our questions and making us feel like family, we are grateful for them.

Rachel Patterson Jun 29, 2023

Staff is phenomenal! Very professional, very knowledgeable, very competent! Highly recommend! :)

Cameron Lee Jun 29, 2023

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Fleet Decal Services Jun 27, 2023

The staff is professional, courteous, and a big help.

joey ruiz Jun 26, 2023

Great service and staff. A pleasant experience I must say.

Christa Ruiz Jun 26, 2023

Love the staff and appreciate the positive attitudes and friendly environment!

Alejandro Ruiz Jun 26, 2023

My mother was hit by a driver who was using their cell phone. Thankfully Alford & Clark were fast acting and on top of everything. Because of their great knowledge and amazing practices, she was able to win her case against this ignorant driver! THANK YOU ALFORD AND CLARK :D

Celene Martinez Jun 26, 2023

Tienen un equipo muy profesional... Estoy muy contenta con los servicios de Alford & Clark. Mas por que hablan Español!

Alex Ruiz Jun 26, 2023

Great customer service and professional support!

Gwynn Broome Jun 25, 2023

My attorney got more than I expected from the semi insurance that hit me! I’m so pleased.

Dan R Jun 23, 2023

Great experience working with every individual in the San Antonio office. Highly recommend!

Jennifer L. Farmer Jun 11, 2023

Connor Colemere is one of the smartest people I've ever met and definitely one of the best lawyers. He cares about his clients and does the best job. You are in good hands with him!

Justin Arreola May 25, 2023

Working with Alford & Clark during my lawsuit was an outstanding experience. They were incredibly professional and responsive. Was explained the entire process to me and were patient in answering any questions. The attention to detail and dedication paid off with a successful outcome. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking legal representation.

emely soliz May 25, 2023

My mother recently got into a car crash. She hired these attorneys in order to fight her case. They were very efficient and very helpful throughout the whole process. My mother recommend this law firm.

Dino Hall Apr 13, 2023

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