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Zishan Ali Jan 30, 2023

Bottom line up front: Brandon won me primary custody, helped set the provisions against the non-custodial parent, and the firm was always available/professional throughout the duration of the case. My case had a few variables that I was concerned with, especially being a father in the military, but Brandon was upfront and honest with expectations. He gave sound advice and was confident when fighting the case. Could not recommend him and his firm more

Sydney Jackson Jan 29, 2023

I am always so pleased with the service I receive here. Ariel has gone above and beyond my expectations of an attorney, and has always been such a pleasure to speak to. The office staff is also very very helpful, friendly, and attentive. This will always be my recommended family law office.

Travis Hays Dec 04, 2022

I want to start off saying my divorce was a train wreck. In the very beginning I called around and nobody seemed to be interested, no one really wanted to take a new client and absolutely just kept getting the run around. My soon to be ex at the time was just uncooperative, and had a narcissistic cloud over her head and that made trying too see my daughter hard, and with no lawyers helping I felt lost and betrayed… Until I contacted the law firm of Brandon Wong & Associates, immediately I knew they were the ones who not only cared about me but cared for my daughter, without hesitation they gave me advice on what to do next and I established who I would be working with, attorney Megan Meyerson. When I say that this award winning lawyer and her amazing paralegal Tiffany H. have been an absolutely fantastic, and ecstatic team but they work extremely well together and have always been on top of everything that has happened during my divorce. As a male in the state of Texas it is hard to fight and get your rights but these amazingly talented women deserve more than a five star rating, they got me everything I asked for and a 50/50 split with my daughter! I couldn’t be more grateful to the marvelous lawyers and team that helped make this happen! I cannot thank y’all enough…

UTSA_ESL Writing Assessment Research Nov 04, 2022

Mr. Wong is a great lawyer that tells you things as it is. A consultation is a great start to decide if the case is worth to move forwards. Definitely recommend!

Ming Ming Nov 04, 2022

Great staff! very professional and helpful! Good knowledge and honest people.

Trevor Black Aug 19, 2022

Hiring Brandon saved my daughter and me. As a black dad, I entered the search for a lawyer with the expectation that I had no chance to win custody of my child. Even after the custody evaluation went the mothers way, Brandon and his team did a masterful job to the point that looking back now you could tell we were winning during pre-trial and preparation, we won during jury selection, we won during testimony. I have custody of my daughter now and have a hard time believing that the result would have been the same with any other lawyer.

Trevor Aug 19, 2022

Brandon and his team provided such exceptional service and guidance. I was involved in an extremely contentious child custody suit over my now 6yr old daughter. The case took just over two years to complete and was absolutely horrendous to be involved in just due to confrontation between myself and the mom along with an impartial child custody evaluator. I had a lot of fear that as a dad, I was never getting a fair chance at having custody of my daughter. Not only did Brandon and team provide excellent legal services, Brandon also talked me through some of my most difficult moments where my emotions related to moms actions (such as cutting off daughters hair) could have put me at a disadvantage. Brandon provided such a professional demeanor when we walked into court during the first week the jury took notice and every moment from the pre-trial items through the actual last day of trial, he knew what was necessary for us to have a chance to win. I followed his directions and I'm happily with my daughter everyday. We just started 1st grade and couldn't be happier!

Sara Aug 11, 2022

I’m so happy that I hired Brandon Wong! He was extremely professional and efficient. Brandon was respectful of me and my time. Brandon, Terri, and Gloria were all a pleasure to work with. I will gladly recommend Brandon’s services to my friends and family.

Thorough Cleaning Aug 09, 2022

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Taeza Aug 05, 2022

The experience retaining legal services of Brandon Wong & Associates was a demonstration of what good, knowledgable, competent and exceptional legal expertise looks like. My previous legal representation left me in a particularly precarious and frustrating situation that resulted in having to terminate their services and restart the search for an attorney who would work on my behalf. Initially my outlook of securing proper legal services under a severe time crunch was glum however in speaking with Brandon and his team, and their performance in handling my case, my confidence was restored that there are really good law firms out there and that finding that proverbial needle in a haystack worked in my favor. Would emphatically recommend.

Hakeem Hurd-Shabazz Bey Jun 01, 2022

It's been a long road. Ms. Dana Burket is my attorney and I am her first client when she arrived at the firm. We immediately hit the ground running as I had a very volatile situation with my child's mother. Both of us being active duty military, my ex tried to use the excuse of my deployments and other things to alienate my parental rights. Before hiring Ms. Dana I wasn't allowed to see my child for months as the mother was not cooperative. She's has been proactive and responsive to my needs, as I mentioned I'm military and i have a hectic schedule but ive been able to consult with my attorney day, night, and holidays while dealing with the opposing sides, not only going to bat for me ensuring that my story was Hurd by the presiding judge. Long story short I went from none, some, and now I have joint conservatoryship to build that relationship with my daughter. It been nearly three years but I cannot put a price on my relationship with my daughter. If there's any gripes, complainants, concerns it's the state and federal laws we need to go after. They are the one imposing unfair treatment and allowing for these women to manipulate the system. I am for equality and if anyone wants to petition inbox my name is my Facebook as well. Peace.

Liestela Aguilar Jun 01, 2022

I’ve been living a nightmare since dealing with divorce and child custody. My case is intense. I went two years without seeing or having any contact with my children. I hired Dana to legally represent me. I’m happy that she was able to do emergency custody orders. And was able to get my kids for summers and holidays for now. She’s been extremely patient with my whole situation. For once I feel I’m being heard and truly cares about my case. Still long road to finalize my divorce and come up with a custody plan. I’m happy that I hired her and definitely recommend her. Yes this whole process has been expensive but being able to see and have my children is priceless. I believe in her to help me win this case. Thanks Dana for everything and can’t wait for the outcome.

Natasha Barnum May 30, 2022

After a Google search and reading reviews of multiple law firms, I finally came across Brandon Wong’s firm. I scheduled a consultation. After speaking to Mr. Wong, I felt confident my custody case would be handled in the most civil and positive means. Mrs. Dana Burket was assigned to my case. After initially speaking with her and filing out necessary paperwork, etc I had a greater understanding of how Texas Custody cases go, and what the potential outcomes could be. Ms. Burket is knowledgeable and undestanda how family law and family court works. I was confident all would go well with my custody case after speaking with her. And I can say at this time, it has been handled and continues to be handled carefully, with full disclosure and positive outcomes. My family is on the road to a success story because of Dana Burket! She has been awesome!

Marco May 09, 2022

I hired Brandon early this year around January. I never thought I would be going through this life situation but with Brandon on my side he gave me the confidence that this isn't the end of the world and that I am not the only one that goes through this non a daily basis. I am very thankful for Brandon and his team for being very supportive and walking me through the whole process. This was very fast and accurate. I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family.

Marco Alvarez May 09, 2022

Where to start, there is alot Brandon and his team did for me in order to get the results I was expecting at the end. They are beyond amazing and the communication was always there. Thank you Brandon and team for everything I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends and family.

Eric Carlson Mar 19, 2022

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Matt Boude Mar 18, 2022

Marvel and Wong are the best firm out there!!! They helped me get my life and child back!!! I wouldn't go to anyone else for help!!

Sid Mar 17, 2022

Brandon Wong is super meticulous and professional. He assisted us in gaining visitation with our grandchildren even though we live outside of Texas and he was always responsive with any questions we had. Thank you Brandon!

Vanessa Feb 22, 2022

I have difficulty articulating my absolute gratitude for Brandon and Terri, because nothing I write will do it or them justice. Brandon was my third attorney on a case to modify custody and to say it was (and still is) a high conflict challenging emotionally draining case is an understatement. Brandon was straight with me. I am someone that likes to do my own independent research and annoyingly play the “what if” game. He was patient with me, entertained my various scenarios (before and after every hearing and there were quite a few of them), and gave it to me straight. He did not over promise anything and gave me likely and unlikelyhoods, which for my personality I greatly appreciated. I know the effort and costs it takes to interview attorneys and to be disappointed with the process. This was by far and away not the case with Brandon, I highly recommend them.

Joseph Jimenez Oct 16, 2021

Attorney Karen Marvel is an amazing person and is very knowledgeable in the cases she represents. She was able to bring my unique case to a resolution, in which I was extremely satisfied. I strongly consider and hope to encourage you whom are looking to obtaining her as your representative.