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Jackie Keliher Sep 17, 2023

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Athen Hudson Sep 17, 2023

This law firm is incredible and really cares about their clients. Wonderful experience. Thank you so much!! Hire them.

Kristi Bownds Aug 22, 2023

Natasha K. is professional, thorough, and kind!

Carolyn Foster Aug 12, 2023

The first day that I talked to Natasha she assured me everything will be 9k and that Gregory Gold will make sure I will be taken care of well all of the opsticles we had to go through to find a doctor Natasha didn't stop until it happen

Amber Witte Aug 08, 2023

The Gold Law Firm has provided exceptional service to my family and I. Natasha answered the phone the first time I called, and has been more help than I could ask for. She is always kind, caring, compassionate and very knowledgable. She responds to emails and phone calls quickly, and always takes the time to explain things in a thorough and easy to understand manner . Natasha is understanding and works hard to advocate for her clients and make sure they are taken care of. I absolutely could not have made it through this difficult process without Natasha's guidance.

Mia Jasieniecka (Kulp) Aug 07, 2023

Greg is the master mind of the Gold Law Firm but Natasha is the Paralegal with a Heart of Gold ;) I recently had the pleasure of working with Natasha, a remarkable paralegal who left an indelible impression on me. From the moment I met her, it was clear that she possessed a unique combination of expertise, compassion, and genuine care for her clients. Natasha's depth of knowledge and sharp intellect were evident throughout our interactions. She effortlessly navigated complex legal matters, offering insightful advice and guidance that exhibited her vast experience in the field. Her ability to quickly grasp intricate details and provide solutions to my unique case was truly impressive. What struck me the most about Natasha was her unwavering kindness and compassion. She treated me not just as a client, but as someone going through a very challenging, life altering situation. Her empathetic approach, coupled with her deep understanding of my concerns, made me feel heard, supported, and valued. It was a comfort knowing that she genuinely cared about my well-being and the outcome of my case. Despite her vast experience and professional competence, Natasha has never lost sight of her human side. Her warm demeanor and ability to connect with people on a personal level fostered an atmosphere of trust and reassurance. She possesses a rare quality of being both knowledgeable and approachable. A true unicorn! In every interaction, Natasha demonstrated her exceptional problem-solving skills, seasoned wisdom, and an unmistakable wit. She approached each situation with a level-headedness that was both reassuring and calming. Her ability to think on her feet and find creative solutions to complex issues was truly remarkable. Working with Natasha was an absolute privilege, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of a paralegal. Whether you require expert legal guidance, emotional support, or simply someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing, Natasha is the perfect professional to have by your side. With her vast experience, compassionate nature, and unwavering dedication, she embodies the essence of what a paralegal should be. I truly believe that the Gold Law Firm would not be what it is without Natasha and equally her partnership with Greg allows her the ability to spread her wings and use her talents to advocate for her clients. I truly hope to never need legal help again but if I ever do - I will not need to think twice about who to call. Natasha, thank you for everything. Mia

Jacquie Jackson Aug 07, 2023

Natasha Koeplin and this entire team (firm) has been nothing but GREAT to my family and I. These are just a few words that can describe this phenomenal group of people; Knowledgeable, Hardworking, Persevering, Responsiveness, Very Patience, Analytical Skills, Customer Service, Speaking Skills, and Listening Skills all of these are great most importantly this team really cares about me and my family needs and the loyalty is beyond EXCEPTIONAL.

George Valent Jul 19, 2023

Greg has handled multiple cases for me and I could not be more pleased with him and his staff. Wonderful people and great results. Thank you!

Kristen Douglas Jul 19, 2023

Greg and his team did an amazing job patiently walking me through my personal injury case. Natasha Koeplin in particular was absolute rock star!! She had answers to everything I needed the moment I asked and kept things running smoothly over the course of my case! I wish there were better words to describe how highly proficient she was!

Britnee Cohen May 04, 2023

The Gold Law Firm has been so helpful for me and my family. Greg cares so much about getting cases done right. I couldn’t recommend this firm enough.

Tyler Conlin May 04, 2023

“Greg Gold is an awesome attorney. Working with The Gold Law Firm has been such a pleasure and I wouldn’t choose any other firm for my personal injury needs!”

Maya Baber May 04, 2023

This law firm has some of the most caring and professional people here. Greg Gold truly cares about every person whom he works along side with, making a stressful experience feel like a breeze. 11/10 would recommend

Kait Schroeder May 04, 2023

The Gold Law Firm is the only personal injury firm I will ever consider. Greg truly cares about his clients and helping them to the best of his abilities.

C M. May 04, 2023

The gold law firm is amazing, very attentive to my needs and eager to help with whatever I needed! Greg was extremely kind and genuinely cares about his clients, unlike most firms who just want the money. I would highly recommend!

Randi Apr 26, 2023

Had such a great time! The seats were amazing! Thank you!

Heidi Hemmat Apr 10, 2023

I work with law firms all across the country, and I can honestly say Greg Gold is one of the best! He truly cares about his client’s, he thinks “out-of-the-box” and he is an incredibly good lawyer. Greg is truly one of a kind! He is also generous with his 2nd row behind the dugout Rockies tickets. Thank you, Greg, for all you do to make this world a better place!

Heidi H. Apr 10, 2023

Greg Gold and his team are truly professional, outstanding, seekers of Justice.  I have worked with law firm all across the country, and I can honestly say they are the best. You will get personal attention, you will get your calls returned, your questions answered and you will get the best legal help available to win your case!

John P. Mar 31, 2023

Very appreciative for all of their help. Victoria and Dorothy were extremely helpful through a very difficult situation. Hoping I won't have to use them in the future however definitely will if something arises.

Michael Worthey Jan 22, 2023

We are fortunate that we have not been in need of an attorney. However, a friend of my wife’s was in an auto accident and suffered some injuries, she had no idea of whom to turn to. My wife suggested she contact the firm and ask for Colleen Parsley. Our friend was very pleased with how Colleen handled her case.

Robert Gordon Jan 12, 2023

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