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Lester Li Jun 24, 2024

I am not a client, I found Jae Lee through google map today and phoned in to ask about possible issues with my I-485 delay. Jae answered my concern patiently and gave me his suggestions for my situation, I appreciate it🙏🏼

Bekzod Fakhriddinov May 07, 2024

responsive, good person

Sebastian T May 03, 2024

Can not stress enough how AMAZING Jae is as an attorney, and I’m very grateful he was there for us on this legal journey

Raqeeb Abdul Apr 22, 2024

- Very positive experience. - Super fast response time. - Very knowledgeable. - Love the Customer first attitude

James Tillapaugh Apr 17, 2024

Jae Lee helped my family through this confusing process. This man actually cares about his clients. He’s extremely responsive and never left a question unanswered. My wife and I fully understood what was needed from us and deadlines were communicated clearly. Thank you Jae Lee for helping my family 🙌🏻

Rahael Asseffa Mar 29, 2024

Jae made the process simple and quick. He removed a lot of stress from the process and had an outline for every step. Communication was flawless and he was always a message or phone call away for any questions! Don’t hesitate he’s the best attorney for the job.

Sandra Spasic Mar 09, 2024

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Daniel Zipperlen Jan 10, 2024

I could have not asked for a better experience. Jae Lee lives up to his reputation. My wife and I wanted someone who would help us through this process. We are both very busy individuals. Jae Lee explained the process, did the work, and so much more. He kept us organized, and provided superior service. I can not imagine having a better experience with any other lawyer. If you are considering, this is a no brainer. His service is exceptional, and i can assure that you will see the value in his service. Jae Lee thank you for your commitment to us and your work!

Colton Huckaby Oct 31, 2023

I just had a consultation with Jae yesterday. He was flexible to take my call after hours, incredibly knowledgeable about immigration, and broke down the law in a simple and easy to understand way. I highly recommend.

Lorin Davis Oct 21, 2023

Honestly the most knowledgeable lawyer that I’ve spoken too. So helpful, I’m not sure if he has a receptionist on a daily basis but I called him on a Saturday morning and spoke with him directly. Spoke to him about what was going on with my husband and his citizenship status. And we didn’t even have to go through him with him, he told us the steps on what to do. If I have anyone else that needs immigration services. I will definitely be giving them his number.

Good Citizen Sep 26, 2023

Jae helped my wife and I from start to finish. We’re very pleased with his performance! Thanks Jae! You’re the best!!

Angelie DePace Sep 06, 2023

Our experience with Jae Lee and his office was First-Class from start to finish. From the first consultation about our case, to the final approval, we could not have had a better experience. Jae is highly responsive and provides the tools necessary to assist you in navigating the application process. Highly recommend!

Jenny Taylor Aug 24, 2023

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Hary Krishnan Aug 09, 2023

Thank you Jae Lee for your professionalism, guidance and patience in answering all my questions throughout the immigration process. Highly recommend Jae Lee if you are looking for an honest, transparent and knowledgeable immigration attorney with an exemplary work ethic!

Shephali Sharma Jun 15, 2023

Jae Lee is an excellent immigration attorney. He is extremely professional, prompt with answering emails and thorough. He helped my husband with his green card process and simplified the entire experience making it stress free. Thank you Jae Lee for your services!

Ash VA Jun 11, 2023

Highly Recommended Immigration Attorney! My husband and I had an excellent experience working with Jae Lee as my immigration attorney. His expertise, responsiveness, and dedication to my case were exceptional. I never had to follow-up with him for status updates. He prepped us very well for our interview and he gave us some pointers that you won't find online. I highly recommend Jae for anyone seeking immigration legal services!

Fiseha Dersolign May 28, 2023

We had Jae Lee’s support through the stressful and long journey of immigration. His support was immensely helpful. The service is well organized and reliable. Highly recommend his service.

Fati Mixha Apr 22, 2023

10/10 #1 immigration attorney in DFW

Patricia F. May 04, 2020

I called in looking for an attorney for some relatives. Jae was not only knowledgeable but candid and friendly. It felt like talking to an old friend. He answered some questions I had, took his time to look up some things while speaking with me, and was very helpful. I walked away feeling confident he can handle the job and armed with some new information. I recommend you speak with him so you can see what I mean. Thanks Jae.

anonymous Sep 22, 2017

He was great at explaining the process and handled all our paperwork. He was prepared and always there to answer any questions we had. The process went great and we got the green card without issue.