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Good Citizen Sep 26, 2023

Jae helped my wife and I from start to finish. Weโ€™re very pleased with his performance! Thanks Jae! Youโ€™re the best!!

Angelie DePace Sep 06, 2023

Our experience with Jae Lee and his office was First-Class from start to finish. From the first consultation about our case, to the final approval, we could not have had a better experience. Jae is highly responsive and provides the tools necessary to assist you in navigating the application process. Highly recommend!

Jenny Taylor Aug 24, 2023

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Hary Krishnan Aug 09, 2023

Thank you Jae Lee for your professionalism, guidance and patience in answering all my questions throughout the immigration process. Highly recommend Jae Lee if you are looking for an honest, transparent and knowledgeable immigration attorney with an exemplary work ethic!

Shephali Sharma Jun 15, 2023

Jae Lee is an excellent immigration attorney. He is extremely professional, prompt with answering emails and thorough. He helped my husband with his green card process and simplified the entire experience making it stress free. Thank you Jae Lee for your services!

Ash VA Jun 11, 2023

Highly Recommended Immigration Attorney! My husband and I had an excellent experience working with Jae Lee as my immigration attorney. His expertise, responsiveness, and dedication to my case were exceptional. I never had to follow-up with him for status updates. He prepped us very well for our interview and he gave us some pointers that you won't find online. I highly recommend Jae for anyone seeking immigration legal services!

Fiseha Dersolign May 28, 2023

We had Jae Leeโ€™s support through the stressful and long journey of immigration. His support was immensely helpful. The service is well organized and reliable. Highly recommend his service.

Fati Mixha Apr 22, 2023

10/10 #1 immigration attorney in DFW

Dejen Wogayehu Feb 22, 2023

Give me free consultation on my family immigration case. He is honest and straight forward. Recommend any one want legal service.

Terri Coffman Feb 03, 2023

He was incredibly helpful with a case we've had pending for over a year with our parents and was willing to help us even though we weren't clients yet. If you genuinely need help or don't understand your case, this is definitely the place to go...I have never felt so genuinely supported by a law office before and it was a breath of relief!

Karina H Dec 26, 2022

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help! He was very knowledgeable and actually took the time to explain and breakdown the process and answered all of my questions. ๐Ÿ’ฏ Recommend !

Miodrag Vicentic Dec 08, 2022

Highly recommend Jae Lee and his team

Patricia F Nov 03, 2022

Excellent experience with this attorney. Jae is not only knowledgeable and professional but very friendly. After speaking with a couple of other attorneys I would not go anywhere else. Jae is definitely my go-to.

Charles Oct 22, 2022

Jae provided great service to my wife and I regarding her green card renewal, we just had a few simple questions and he was kind enough to just answer them for us without gouging us with a high consultation fee. We will be recommending his services to some of our family members that will be applying for green cards in the near future.

grace kule Sep 02, 2022

Hands down ! Most offices will charge for phone consultation. But I called and got to speak with attorney right away and my questions has been answered too. May God continue to bless this office

Geno Kim Aug 15, 2022

Thank you for answering questions regarding the current situation we're going through. I highly recommend giving Mr. Lee a call for legal advice!

Thao Ho May 29, 2022

Jae is a great lawyer who always do above and beyond. We got approval for our green card after 9 months. He is always available to answer questions. I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. Great experience with Jae.

Peter Galles May 12, 2022

#1 immigration attorney in DFW. Jae is a true American patriot. He donated his time and money to help a disabled combat veteran. Jae is also a veteran himself. Extremely knowledgeable and honest at his work. He always made time for us and he cares so much about his clients. Jae made the immigration process very easy for my wife to understand and experience. Thank you so much Jae for what you have done for my wife and I. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Jon Cannaday Mar 25, 2022

My wife and I applied for the marriage based green card. Mr. Lee walked us through the steps from beginning to end and answered all of our questions. 9 - 10 months later, we had our interview and got accepted.

Tom Roma Mar 06, 2022

I HIGHLY recommend the Law Office Of Jae Lee. Jae helped my wife and I navigate the the process and paperwork for obtaining a green card. He was always available, patient and informative when we had questions. Very affordable and worth every penny.