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Soraya Joslin, P.C. - Weatherford is rated
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sarah bentley Jan 15, 2024

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Crystal Gitthens Jan 03, 2024

Soraya Is amazing. I went to court to sign for time and walked out with probation. Soraya was standing in for my attorney and I didn't know I had options and Soraya changed the outcome of that. I recommend Mrs.Joslin if your looking for a great attorney. Thank you a Million Soraya.

mark mcqueen Nov 05, 2023

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Jose Villegas Jul 18, 2023

I got into some serious trouble in Weatherford and knew I needed a outstanding defense attorney to represent me. After speaking with multiple lawyers on the phone, I had a gut feeling to move forward with Soraya to work my case. Prosecutors had leverage and solid evidence against me for a harsh punishment, at the end of it. She was able to workout such a amazing deal, I couldn't believe it, nor do I think anyone else will. She was highly strategic, knew when and how to make the next move!

Amber Vail Jul 05, 2023

I was facing a difficult situation with an old charge out of state in Texas which had to be dealt with in order for me to get on with my life. I hired Soraya Joslin. She was true to her word from the very start and ultimately arranged for the best possible outcome (case dismissed) in my situation, which by no means was an easy task. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially those with lingering issues in Parker County.

Misty Groves May 21, 2023

Wonderful Attorney

Marcos Pacheco Apr 13, 2023

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Walkisha S. Jul 06, 2022

Soraya Joslin is an amazing attorney. She genuinely cares about her clients and is affordable. I got myself in a bad situation for the first time ever and of course was scared out of my mind.  Mrs. Joslin and the rest of her team helped me so much with my case and eased my mind about the whole process. Great customer service and professionalism. I pray that I don't but if I ever get into any other trouble, she will most definitely be the one I will call on. I highly recommend Soraya Joslin and her team. Thank you so much for everything!

KELLI Nov 17, 2016

I used Miss Joslin in a custody guardianship situation and was very pleased with the professional, kind, caring and effective way that my case was handed by her office. I would highly recommend her!

Amber Aug 14, 2016

After calling a few attorneys, I was very fortunate to find Mrs. Joslin. She took the time to listen to my case and understand everything that had happened. She asked for a little background about me and for a couple documents. She presented my case to the court and was able to get my case dismissed. I did not have to take several hours out of many different days to go to court for a minor offense that could have resulted in fines, loss of license, and possibly even jail time. I am very thankful for her services and will use her services again in the future if I may ever need them, which hopefully I won't. I would highly recommend Mrs. Joslin to anyone I know needing an attorney.

John May 18, 2016

Did a great job getting my son out of trouble..

Martha Oct 08, 2015

Ms. Joslin recently prepared my will and related documentation. She was thorough, efficient, and extremely helpful. In addition, she was a joy to work with. Her positive attitude and professional nature were exactly what I was looking for.

donna Apr 26, 2015

I would like to say THANK YOU. Soraya made me feel very comfortable and showed compassion and genuinely cared about my case and thats few and far between. Charges against me were dropped.

Debbie Mar 18, 2013

I have a neighbor that was in need of a REAL lawyer. The one they were going to was not up to par, I don't even know if they were on the same course. I heard from another friend that Soraya was the person to solve it all. Shortly after sender her there, the case was over and my neighbor was victorious!