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charles loomis Apr 24, 2024

have used Dowe & Wagner for many years and we always happywith there ITEMS AND THE WORK they do. Will aways use them.

Debra M. Feb 22, 2024

Jason was very professional, answered all of our questions, worked hard all day getting the furnace in. All staff that we spoke with were great.

Ken Van Dyke Feb 08, 2024

From my century-old original coal-burning furnace to an ultra-modern 95% efficient smart furnace capable of being controlled remotely by your cellphone, Dowe and Wagner can handle it all - and I am living proof.   I recently had a chance to "Time Travel" with Dowe and Wagner and found out first-hand what an incredibly adaptable and knowledgeable HVAC company they are. When I initially contacted D&W, it was to bid on replacing my ancient Winchester Boiler/Cast Iron Radiator heating system.  Yes -  it was manufactured by the same company that manufactured Winchester Firearms.  It was installed new in ~ 1915 as a coal-fired  "Advancement over the drudgery of felling, cutting, splitting, hauling, stacking and burning wood".  Over the decades, that same Winchester system was eventually converted to oil burning, then finally to natural gas.  It is a gravity operated thermal-conduction hot water boiler/radiator system that has operated flawlessly for over a century, no matter what kind of fuel was used.  But my electric went out during a cold snap and parts of the system froze up and burst.  It was not pretty. I have a little experience as a handyman and so I bought two natural gas space heaters and temporarily hooked them up to prevent further damage from the cold and to give myself time to find a good HVAC company that could deal with the situation. It took a while to contact a company that still had the "old knowledge" necessary to deal with this system.  Most of them simply said they didn't deal with the older stuff, several of them admitted that they were intimidated by it.  I finally found Dowe and Wagner and they came right over.  D&W has been around for over 70 years, they have seen it all, and they can deal with it all.  I did look up their ratings on Google and found out that they were VERY highly recommended.  I soon found out why. Tom Eppers came over, surveyed the situation, and gave me a number of options.  They ranged from testing and replacing the bad radiators and pipes and trying to salvage the entire old boiler system, to replacing just the old Winchester Boiler and keeping the old radiators and pipes, to replacing the Boiler and keeping some of the old radiators and piping and replacing some of them with new baseboard radiators and PEX pipes, to replacing it all with new everything.  (We also discussed the new "independent" Mini Split heating/cooling systems, which I had never heard of before - they are the ultimate in efficiency and cost-savings.  I will probably have D&W install them upstairs this summer.) Tom took it all in, took lots of notes & measurements, asked a lot of questions, then asked me for some time to put it all together.  When we met again Tom had put all of my options together with price tags on all of them.  We talked for quite a while, then I asked for a little time to examine everything and think it over. We asked Tom how much it would cost to test out which parts needed replacing in the old system, and he said that if we went with his company he wouldn't charge anything more than the estimates he had already given us. (I know for a fact that he and his staff put in more time than he thought they would, but he was true to his word.) We decided to update to the newest and most efficient unit available, and D&W did a great job of putting it all together.  Tom & the staff were pleasant, polite, and never left a mess - much to the delight of my better half! I should also mention that D&W gave me the best apples-to-apples price quote from among 4 HVAC companies bidding. The highest recommendation I can give is that when I do decide to replace the aging heating and A/C system upstairs, Dowe & Wagner will do it.  I will go with one of the new Mini-Split A/C - Heating systems that Tom assures me will eventually pay for themselves relatively soon. Do yourself a favor, and make sure that D&W gets a chance to bid on YOUR next HVAC need. Ken Van Dyke

Beth Van Dyke Feb 03, 2024

I would like to tell you what a great experience I always have with Pam S. In customer service.We have been customers of Dowe and Wagner many years now and one of the reasons we have stayed with them is because Pam has always been there to resolve any service or billing issues when they come up. I have learned to consider the quality of good customer service you will get beyond the initial purchase of a product and with Pam, we know we’ll get it.👍

Barbara E. Jan 13, 2024

The entire goal of this company is to rip people off! Almost anybody is cheaper and better than them,