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Brandon Jones Jan 19, 2024

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Brandon Jones Jan 19, 2024

I had a custody case that started almost 10 years ago. Robert Weimer took my case and was helpful every step of the way. If I ever needed help I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to Robert again. Thank you all so much for all your hard work!

Carol Thomas Oct 26, 2023

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Howard Ekblad Oct 17, 2023

Professional and timely communications.

Carol Thomas Sep 28, 2023

I was so scared, concerned and three states away from my sister in a nursing home. I was afraid a family member was not taking good care of her. My husband and I reached out to Gary Brown and began a relationship that took care of my sister’s situation. He was so professional yet understanding to me, even when my emotional state was frantic at times. I cannot thank him enough for his availability and communication with me during a truly difficult time in my life. I will be forever grateful.

Jackie Washam Sep 26, 2023

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Jackie Washam Sep 15, 2023

Robert Weimer IV helped me with a legal matter. I would highly recommend him and use him again in the future if needed. His services were very reasonable in cost as well. I live in Texas and would recommend him to anyone that I know here or in Louisiana that needs a competent attorney.

Jenifer Blackmore Jul 26, 2023

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Jenifer Blackmore Jul 17, 2023

Carley Distefano helped me through the process of my divorce She listened to every single one of my concerns, and gave me options. She represented to me in court, and changed her line of questioning so I wouldn't have to answer painful questions on the stand. She checked in on me during the process to see where I was mentally, and I felt that small gesture went above the business transaction of lawyer/client. It showed to me that she understood that there were lives that go beyond printed words on legal paper that gets filed.

AC Emiliano May 26, 2023

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Angelique Zeller May 26, 2023

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Robert Olivier May 26, 2023

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Robert Olivier May 16, 2023

I reached out to Gary Brown at Brown Weimer and he has been immensely helpful and patient with all my question as I try to wrap my head around estate planning for my father. Cannot recommend highly enough!

AC Emiliano May 15, 2023

I have had to use this legal team on multiple occasions and have been EXTEREMLY satisfied every single time! Whether its over the phone or via email, they are professional and very quick in responding to inquiries.

Angelique Zeller May 03, 2023

Robert Weimer helped me with a custody case. It was obviously a sensitive family matter and he was so respectful and patient with all parties, and he was even thoughtful about my expenses. It was a difficult and stressful time, and I am so grateful to have had him guide me through it and ultimately end up with the result I wanted. I happily refer him to friends, family, and clients whenever I can.

Eva Hidalgo Apr 26, 2023

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Eva Hidalgo Apr 17, 2023

I worked with Carley Di Stefano at Brown Weimer for my case. She was recommended to me by another friend who is also a lawyer and this was a great recommendation. Carley has been very responsive throughout my case, very knowledgeable, and very transparent with both legal proceedings and fees. I have always been able to get into contact with her when I needed and she has always explained to me what I can expect for my case. I highly recommend using her.

Susie Gorby Mar 26, 2023

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Susie Gorby Mar 06, 2023

I am so impressed with Mr. Brown's handling of the Medicaid Estate Recovery following my mom's death. He is extremely knowledgeable of the the law. His response to the estate recovery was excellent, and he quickly responded to every question I had. I am thoroughly pleased to give him the highest recommendation.

Kame Asonye Jan 28, 2023

Robert Weimar shared so much information with me about my case I am extremely grateful