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Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC - El Paso is rated
5 out of 5.0 based on 28 reviews

Katherine Blouin Nov 21, 2023

Excellent lawyer. If you need somebody that loves and does their job well call Cal Mundell! Very professional and smart man. He’s excited to help others and knows what he’s doing.

Ma Nny Nov 21, 2023

The best attorney in El Paso with the best staff! Will definitely recommend to my friends family!

Anekin Cruz Nov 17, 2023

I can’t recommend Cal enough to anyone dealing with a personal injury case! His staff is amazing and everyone guided me so well throughout my entire process. They ended up settling my case for a lot more money than I expected and I’m super grateful! Thank you Cal and staff!

Rebeca Talamantes Nov 04, 2023

Had the best experience with Cal!, he and his staff were nothing but helpful and professional, they are the best in the city! Highly recommend him

Katrina Binkley Nov 01, 2023

Cal and staff are great. Would highly recommend in the event of an accident. God bless them

Paoo Leimgruber Nov 01, 2023

I really liked that they explained the entire process to me, they answered all my questions, they also always answered my calls. The only thing I can say is that it is a very professional office.

Liliana Flaco Oct 19, 2023

One of the best law firms in El Paso! Attorney Mundell is professional, experienced and caring. His staff, Lulu, Hugo and Ashley, are very caring and helpful. Thank you very much for all your help. God bless you always!

Samantha Martinez Sep 30, 2023

Cal and his staff are FANTASTIC! They took care of me in a matter of months rather than years . Beyond satisfied with their services . Cal was very professional in calling me personally about my case and giving me updates . Lulu and Ashley were such a delight very kind and helpful over the phone and in office . 10/10 recommend cal and his staff 😊

sergio arellano Aug 24, 2023

He settled my 2 cases and without delay for more money than I expected. His staff is very professional and totally committed to customer care. I would highly recommend the Cal Mundell Law Firm.

Mary Sanchez Aug 17, 2023

Cal was so hands on and does everything he can to fight for his clients and do the best for them. I am thankful for him and his hard work!

Chris Silva Aug 14, 2023

I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding legal support I received from my Cal during a difficult time after a major car accident. Their dedication, expertise, and compassion guided me through the entire process, step by step. From our initial consultation, I knew I was in capable hands. Cal Mundell took the time to listen to my concerns, patiently answering all my questions and ensuring I understood every aspect of my case. Him and his team had clear communication and willingness to explain complex legal matters put me at ease, even in the midst of a challenging situation. Throughout the entire journey, he demonstrated an unmatched level of professionalism and commitment. They were always available to address my concerns, providing updates on the progress of my case and promptly responding to emails and calls. This constant communication helped alleviate much of the stress I was experiencing, as I always felt informed and supported. One of the most remarkable qualities of my attorney was their ability to empathize with my situation. He showed genuine concern for my well-being and fought tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for me. His negotiation skills were exceptional, and they were able to navigate the complexities of my case with precision and expertise. As we moved towards a resolution, Cal's attention to detail became even more evident. They left no stone unturned when gathering evidence and building a strong case on my behalf. His strategic approach and comprehensive understanding of the legal processes reassured me that I was in the best hands possible. Thanks to Cal Mudell dedication, my case reached a successful conclusion that exceeded my expectations. Him and his staffs support extended beyond just legal matters; they truly cared about my recovery and ensured that I received the compensation I deserved. I can confidently say that without their guidance, I would have been lost in the complexities of the legal system. Thanks Cal and Team, keep up the hard work and providing value for others involved in a situation as such!

Jaime Perez Aug 04, 2023

Working with Cal to get litigation assistance. So far Cal has been excellent and visiting his office is a most wondrous experience.

Damian Ramirez Aug 02, 2023

Thank you for the transparency, it was a smooth process & definitely the top lawyers I have dealt with. Thanks again!

Nancy Gueta Aug 02, 2023

Had an amazing experience with the staff and Cal Mundell I 💯% recommend him he did a great job helping me and my brother

Jose Ibarra Jul 28, 2023

Awesome experience working with Cal Mundell and staff. Customer centric and very transparent. My only regret is I should have called him first. Going forward I will recommend him to my family and friends. No doubt Cal Mundell Law Firm is the BEST!

Sean Hooper Jul 26, 2023

Fantastic service from Cal and his team. Any questions or concerns I had were immediately addressed. The team was professional and had everything done in a very timely manner. Will be back here if the need ever arises.

Patricia Dentinger Jul 10, 2023

Cal Mundell is truly THE BEST lawyer I have ever had! He is personable and made sure to answer all my questions whenever I needed help! For a case that seemed hopeless, he gave me hope and in the end I got Justice! I 100% recommend him for all you legal needs!

manuel gomez Jul 06, 2023

Great Lawyer in El Paso! Very attentive to the client and will always be honest. Extremely resourceful, and will fight your case like his life depends on it.

Andre Sanchez Jun 30, 2023

This is a great law firm. You will get your phone call and questions answered. Cal is a great attorney and got my case settled in half to time I was initially told it would be!

Mariana Luna Jun 22, 2023

Cal Mundell is an amazing lawyer! Throughout the entire process, he stayed in contact with me and was very detailed oriented. I was able to cover all of my medical and living expenses through the settlement. 10/10 would recommend!