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too Pack Feb 27, 2024

My first time using this firm we won our first case. Will be using him again. Thanks again for the good work and waiting on the next project we have to tackle.

Leo Santana Feb 02, 2024

Jim one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with …… couldn’t thank him enough for all his hard work .. I was facing 2 felony charges for a firearm and a stolen vehicle The state and the public defender was Offering me a six year plea Mr. Jean was able to take over the case and beat the case with a motion of the squash evidence After realizing the officer had lied in his report Highly recommend him Not just a lawyer more like a friend

Carrie SASSAN Jan 08, 2024

Jim is the most professional lawyer I have ever experienced. I would recommend him to anyone.

Carrie SASSAN Jan 04, 2024

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Tamyra Richardson Dec 25, 2023

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Tamyra Richardson Dec 19, 2023

My name is Tamyra Richardson and I greatly appreciate James DiQuattro because he help my son Devon Moore out tremendously he had my son case drop down to a mister meaner case and gave him probation. James has work very hard for my son case and he always told him positive words. It was a long fight threw the court system but we mad it with all of James help . This man is a very good lawyer he thinks about the case and the person and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart .because he fought that case for my son and never gave up thank you so much because it was my son first time getting in trouble.. THANK YOU you are appreciated.. James DIQuattro For being a good lawyer

Lexi Hughes Nov 25, 2023

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Lexi Hughes Nov 17, 2023

Hands down the best lawyer, helped me relive my case with first offenders probation, that will result in no felony conviction on my record, not only is he great at his job, but he also cares about his clients. Greatly appreciate him and all his work!

Dave’s Skinks Sep 25, 2023

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Dave’s Skinks Aug 29, 2023

Jim served me well some years back getting an adolescent charge removed from my record. Cut to years later, and AirBNB, a company I’ve used frequently, informs me they’ve updated their policies and I need to resubmit identification. Ok… 13 minutes later they come back that I’ve failed their background check and I must go through an appeal process, which they could not have made any more complex. I reached back out to Jim. Him and his team went right to work on the paperwork. We got a favorable resolution and apology letter from AirBNB 48 hours later. Best money I ever spent on an attorney.

Kaiya Reese Aug 25, 2023

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Tracy Coleman Aug 25, 2023

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Tracy Coleman Aug 24, 2023

James is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with! I was facing 10 felony charges where I could have served 2-5 years per count! I got no jail time and no community service! Only fines for 5 counts! I have referred several to him because he saved my life and I want everyone to know he is the best criminal defense attorney in Illinois! Worth every penny!

Kaiya Reese Aug 04, 2023

I Started out my case in July of 2022 with Mr.DiQuattro. At that time I had never been arrested or had anything else on my background. My case was a little confusing due to the fact I didn’t know exactly what I was being charged with. I didn’t know if I was being charged with possession of a stolen firearm or violating my Conceal to carry act by having a felon in my vehicle while having my registered firearm in the vehicle as well. The state pushed this case on me for an entire year. They even went as far to take me to trial trying to find anyway to charge me with anything they could. Once the state decided they wanted to take me to trail, Mr.DiQuattro made sure to set up an appointment with me for briefing. He went over the entire case from beginning to end and made sure every question was answered honestly and detailed. He has a wonderful assistant that is very hands on as well. Upon arriving to trail Mr.DiQuattro and his assistant were already there and set up which also provided me with a lot of comfort. During the trial Mr.DiQuattro definitely came prepared with his argument and questions and answers. I don’t believe the state knew what fight they had out for them in the moment. In the end I was able to be found NOT GUILTY OF ANY CHARGES!!! I am very excited and so thankful. Through the whole year Mr.DiQuattro kept in contact. He responded to texts and calls all the time. He definitely did his best to make the situation as comfortable as possible for me. What I loved the most is he was Honest about what all the possibilities could be. I am very great full and I’m so happy that I chose Mr.DiQuattro to defend me.

Gregory Griffin Jul 25, 2023

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Yeyo “Yeyo” Jul 25, 2023

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Nicole dietsch Jul 25, 2023

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Yeyo “Yeyo” Jul 18, 2023

Defender of truth!!Case dismissed! Highly recommend Mr.James Diquattro, hired him to represent me for a case for assault with a deadly weapon I was falsely accused of, completely handled my case with extreme confidence and positively proving I was innocent,top notch representation from him and his legal team 💯

Nicole dietsch Jul 15, 2023

James is a very patient and caring attorney. He takes his time to makes sure to listen to what his clients are going through and understands their needs and wants. James explains very thoroughly what the process is of the case. He takes the time to explain the discovery process and the discovery itself. James goes over what their options may be. His knowledge of the law makes him the right guy for the job. He works tirelessly to get the very best result he can. He not only cares about the case but he truly cares about his clients and their families. I would highly recommend James on any kind of case.

Gregory Griffin Jul 07, 2023

Let me start by saying I highly recommend attorney James DiQuattro for your legal services. His work on my FOID APPEAL was absolutely impeccable. His expertise was outstanding. Would not hesitate to contact him again if needed.