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Jen James Nov 12, 2023

I absolutely adore Michelle! She's one helluva lawyer and she made me feel secure the whole way through. After being represented by a lawyer who made me feel very insecure and as if she didn't care at all, I was reassigned to Michelle. The difference was night and day. She's witty, hilarious, and aggressive in her tactics. She listens and gives hard but necessary truths. I believe she always had my best interest at heart, even when I was doubtful of my own case. In the end she got me EVERYTHING I wanted! I was represented properly I'd advise anyone to use her services. You wouldn't be disappointed.

Teresa L. Nov 04, 2023

Michele has been a huge support throughout my divorce in all areas of the process. She gives fair advice that applies to your unique situation and she is with you every step of the way.

jay man Nov 03, 2023

I am so happy i had poblenz law office on my side they did an excellent job with my case and kept me updated the whole way thank you so much and i will definitely recommend you to others thank you

Choca Shorten Oct 22, 2023

If you’re looking for a great lawyer, look no further MICHELLE IS AMAZING!! She’s a straight shooter, gives you all the facts, explains to you in detail what she’s doing with your case and what you need to do to ensure you get what you need. We’re going through a custody case over my granddaughter, and I retained her services for my daughter, and it the BEST decision we ever made!! Michelle was available, returned calls, emails and never blew us off like some attorneys do, she goes above and beyond. We got a true feeling of being heard as a person not just a number.

Kris Tolliver Oct 17, 2023

I'd like to meet Michelle's mentors to let them know she has surpassed them. My kid's mom was more about what was important for her and not the children's best interests. Michelle helped me not only prevent my kids from being taken 4 hours away permanently, but I was able to be awarded primary parent so I could continue to focus on what's best for them. I appreciate all of her hard work and the ladies of her team.

Morgan Sep 25, 2023

I have been dealing with other lawyers for almost a year. Trying to get divorced and haven't even been able to get my temporary custody. Orders and forced let alone filed. Mediation wasn't scheduled, nothing was happening. I took Michelle on as my lawyer and 0 regrets. This woman has been relentlessly trying to make stuff happen and has gotten mediation scheduled And she's Got the attitude and And make stuff happen type of behavior that I have full Faith that this woman is going to get me Everything I deserve in this divorce.

Michelle Russell Sep 12, 2023

I have the Michelle Poblenz Law Office in my phone simply as "Amazing Attorney" because that is exactly what she is. She is honest, fair and did not sugar coat anything. She laid it all out and did not make any guarantees! She also did not blow through the retainer, but was fast as lightening and getting things done and was in contact with me even in the evenings. My case is not an easy one, but she is the only one I trust to handle it! Thank you!!

Marysela Romero Aug 17, 2023

I CAN NOT put into words how GRATEFUL I am for Michelle. This amazing, smart, detail oriented and caring attorney put me at ease within 1 minute of our phone conversation. She helped me understand what we were facing and she was patient all thru the process. When we met up in court today she laid it all out and we came out with a Victory. God truly knew I needed a strong woman like her!!🙌🏽

Joel Nickels Jul 28, 2023

Mrs. Poblenz representation is superb, this is my first time going through a custody case, and she exceeds my expectations at every hearing. She will tell you how she expects the hearing to go, and try her best to make sure exactly what she said will happen, happens. She's insightful, and very knowledgeable of the court proceedings, and will not back down, truly fighting for her clients. Although this is my first time going through this type of ordeal, I am SOO glad this is the attorney I chose, and wouldn't choose another attorney, even if given the chance to. I love Mrs Poblenz and her no nonsense approach, she's very courteous and thoughtful of your situation, but doesn't play around in court. If you read this, take my advice, choose Poblenz.

Kenneth D. Jul 11, 2023

All I can say is if you need a custody lawyer for child custody cases you need to come here and work with Michelle. Very professional and everything she promised she made happen. Our case was a very tricky long drawn out case. Michelle was patient and communicated well with me and kept me up to date on everything. I highly recommend using her for any of the services she provides. She is not afraid to speak up on your behalf! Thanks again Michelle. Frances D.

Michell Ibarra Jun 05, 2023

The BEST divorce attorney! Michelle heard me, she knew what was best for my son and I, and she delivered. Thank you for making this tough/unpleasant process easy and clear!!!

Ashlee Cody May 24, 2023

In our child custody case, Michelle was not only extremely knowledgeable, but she acted fast every step of the way. Michelle and her team never left us in the dark on where we stood in our case, me and my husband knew what was happening at all times. Her hard work and the results of our case restored my faith in the justice system. If you're seeking legal help for a child custody matter, Michelle is who you want in your corner.

Barbie Slaughter May 11, 2023

I truly don’t even know where to start, Michelle has helped my husband and I out where words can’t even explain! Through all the frustration, all the tears, she got us through it all, and in a shorter time than we expected! She helped us with 2 different cases and we won both cases. Michelle and her team are the only ones we will ever have on our side!!

Paresh Thakker May 01, 2023

Michelle is an amazing attorney, she is very considerate, thorough, and fair in dealing with your case. She knows local laws and strives to work for you to resolve case in favorable manner.

Kiana Pierce Apr 28, 2023

Excellent attorney! She was recommended to me by my colleague. She was very thorough with information and worked hard on my case. She went above and beyond throughout my entire process with great communication. I definitely recommended her services.

Paula Levier Apr 25, 2023

Going through a divorce is no easy tasks, but Michelle put my mind at ease, she listened and she paid close attention to detail, she will go to bat for you. She's a phenomenal lawyer and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone, you can't go wrong using her, and I don't want to forget her team, they are best, ALWAYS working hard on your case and will get answers quickly for you. Michelle doesn't know it but she's my friend for life. :)

jakkie hernandez Jan 19, 2023

Michelle and her team are phenomenal, everything i needed was taken care of and she fought for myself and my child. i am greatly appreciative of them and what she has been able to accomplish for us.

Esma Esquivel Jan 03, 2023

Very helpful and informative

Patrick Rose Jul 19, 2022

I know few people and have recommended Michelle to few that has used her in their case and has always come on top of their cases and done excellent job and has manage to get done what other lawyers haven't been able to

Santi R Jun 04, 2022

Extremely helpful! What a blessed day it was when we found her. Haven't seen someone work so hard for her clients and make you feel as though things may turn out alright! Extremely knowledgeable about the law and has a vast amount of insight to how to keep the client on the right track. Many reviews will say otherwise! I say those are the same people who lie to lawyers! Regardless, she's charismatic and honest about how far she's willing to work for you! Don't pass up this opportunity to have some semblance of peace