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Ed Alexander Nov 21, 2023

We've had a Well Manager for 13 years. It has operated flawlessly, and has enabled us to live on our dream property. Our well is weak, but has provided water dependably through the Well Manager. The true test of any company comes when its time for service. After 13 years, our pressure pump failed. I called and got connected to Eric, who was patient and helpful. Even after all that time, he had us on file. He had the correct pump in stock, shipped it out that day. It arrived two days later; following the service manual instructions, I had it installed and working in 30 minutes. In every respect, you can't go wrong with Well Manager!

jim.pafford Oct 20, 2023

I absolutely love Well Manager. This is a special company that cares about their Customers and delivers nothing short of world class results and customer service. We had a low yield well and would run out of water consistently while trying to raise our family. We tried everything and just before we were going to decide to drill another well I stumbled upon Well Manager. I called and Dan responded and asked me very specific questions. When we were done he said “We can solve your water problems”. I ordered a well manager with a single tank and 4 years later I am still a very happy Customer. So happy that I called Dan and asked him if I could add another tank to the system and not only did he deliver on the tank he arranged to meet me to pick it up to save me on shipping costs. This company treats their Customers like family. The system is genius, the support is out of this world, and the appreciation they have for their Customers is something that is hard to find anywhere else! Trust is earned and Well Manager has earned every bit of my trust and appreciation! Your Company is one of a kind and I would recommend it to anyone struggling with low yield water problems. It just works! Thank you Well Manager.

Elizabeth T. Oct 12, 2023

Recently had a system installed (well watcher). I didn't know anything about the company, but Dan walked me through everything step by step. Great customer service and a great product. Water pressure is amazing, and my I always have water.

James Srour Aug 16, 2023

We have had the Well Manager for about five years and have recently added a second tank to it. This machine has saved us literally thousands of dollars in the well pump repairs and also giving us peace of mind not only is this high-quality equipment but they are. Service is phenomenal. They have never failed to satisfy us when we’ve had a question or a problem to solve. And there have been very few problems.. I highly recommend this equipment to anyone that has a low yielding well. They have the best customer service I have ever experienced.!

Dan Felton Jul 17, 2023

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