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Randy Klein Apr 14, 2024

My wife and I were so excited to find a prime piece of property to build on. That was until we dug a 600' well and only got 1/2 gallon per minute! Finding the Well Watcher system was a Godsend for us. We now have plenty of water to irrigate our garden and lawn and we enjoy incresed water pressure! I am so satisfied I am considering becoming a dealer for them to help spread the word. Randy K South Carolina

Jeff Talbert Mar 27, 2024

2024 update - outstanding service! So i had to replace a pump after almost 4 years of ownership - no big deal. How many companies will spend half an hour diagnosing an issue 4 years after a sale? This one! So grateful to Tom and the rest of the team for all their help.We love our Well Watcher!! It's unusual when any product you buy lives up to its advanced advertising, let alone exceeds it. The Well Watcher does both. What a game changer for us and our low yield well! The system was easy to install (we did cheat and get a little help from a local plumber), with clear instructions and excellent quality. Dan was so gracious and took 3 calls from me as I Iearned to operate the equipment correctly. I was open mouthed in astonishment when I turned the system on and watched water flowing like a strong river into our bathtub that was normally a weak stream, and taking a shower this morning was a brand new experience! Absolutely wonderful. Dan, Lynn and the rest of your team - we can't thank you enough!!! 9/8/21 Update: 6 months in, I felt obligated to give an update on the experience. After adding a new water softener and iron filter, we did a bit of tweaking to the flow rate and even added a smaller orifice to the new iron filter as it had a higher backwash flow rate than the old one. It took a few days to get perfection, but that's exactly what we have. No stress to the well pump, plenty of water available and at a higher, more consistent pressure than we had ever hoped for. If Google adds a 6th star to their reviews, I'll come back again and click it. We love our Well Watcher!! 4/10/22. An update after a little more than a year.....Flawless performance that continues to exceed all of our expectations. Thanks Dan and team!!

Jess Helmen Feb 14, 2024

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Jess Helmen Feb 13, 2024

Ethan at Well Manager was awesome when it came to answering my questions on my unit. Whether it was install, troubleshooting, setup or just basic information on unit. As a first time buyer of one of their units, it can be stressful not knowing exactly what’s going on or how it even works. Ethan took my stress away, answering all my questions. If he didn't have the answer, he knew someone that did, and eventually got me one. This is a company that backs their product and truly wants what is best for the customer. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting improvement with their water issues.

William Yanke Feb 13, 2024

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