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Donnie B. Apr 28, 2022

Unreliable service. They regularly did not show up when scheduled, reported they'd completed a service when they hadn't come (and argued the point in spite of our security camera proof). Every service call, even trap pickup after cancellation of the contract, was a scheduling fiasco. Calls too coordinate were rude and unprofessional. This was a very bad and expensive experience. They accomplished nothing for us and took no responsibility.

I am giving 2 stars (instead of one) because the first service call was good, unfortunately the rest were a mess.

John Fortman Apr 04, 2022

The folks at AIPM do a terrific job. We have been using them at our house for more than 5 years now after suffering a huge ant problem. We have had no ants in the house since. They also explain what they treated at each visit which helps keep our pets safe.

Amalie O. Oct 22, 2021

After dealing with a major gopher invasion for over a year, I hired AIPM on the recommendation of my neighbor.  After 1-2 months, those bold pests disappeared and my property is difficult--varying slopes (some quite steep) and flat areas.   Fernando is great---we chat each time he works on the property and I always get a call from AIPM a couple of days in advance of Fernando's visit so I have a good sense of day and time when the service will be done.   Reliable and effective service!

Erika V. Oct 05, 2021

Fernando did an amazing job. Great customer service , great company. Very pleased with everything. Will be getting the monthly service for sure.

Armond Mansuryan Sep 15, 2021

So I just finished my house remodel a few months ago and had gopher issues. Had several mounts pop up overnight and gave them a call. After about a month and 2 treatments a month there was no gopher activity. Now lowered it to 1 time a month and will keep it that way. I have a large backyard on a hill and keeping them out is very important to me.