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Jessica Hatch Aug 22, 2022

My daughter took her computer in for repair months ago…. I called to find out what’s going on and received a voicemail followed by a text message asking to please text because I'm in a meeting…. Long story short, no response from my voicemail or text message. Still wondering if she’ll ever get her laptop back? Word of advice…take your business somewhere else!

Erika Lauser Mar 25, 2022

Very knowledgeable, professional and personable

Gail McPhaden Mar 19, 2022

Best of the best.

Renel Anglade Jan 31, 2022

Larry gave me great advice regarding what I should do with my out of warranty laptop with a broken system board. He could have repaired and fixed it again but called it a lemon and saved me money. I'd definitely go back when I need a repair or anything computer related for that matter. Thanks again.

Judith K Sep 13, 2021

My Family has done business with this Family for 12 plus years. Very Techie Savy. Honest and open, willing to educate others. 5 Star staff as well.

Jackie Sager Aug 06, 2021

Larry is a bright, passionate person who always delivers. He cares about his product and his people.

Bonnie Trembulak Feb 26, 2021

Larry owner of Belltech is the digital marketing director for the Bluffs Business Association. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of social media marketing, website design, seo, and computer repair.

Suzy Sofer Feb 24, 2021

Reviewer Did Not Provide A Comment

Cheryl M. Feb 01, 2021

Larry Bell is awesome!!!!!  He fixed my dying laptop until it ran like a brand new one. I am so happy!  I was having trouble with my computer even booting up.  I could go do a load of laundry and come back and my computer was still trying to boot up. Very frustrating!  Larry initially found several different issues of why it wasn't working properly and repaired all issues. Then he kept finding more issues with my computer and I was beginning to think it wasn't fixable, and wondering if maybe I should have just tried to buy a new one, because I thought it was going to cost more money to fix it.  But Larry said that he initially quoted me a price and that he would stick to that price even though he had to replace more parts in it.  I was so thankful for his generosity.  I love my laptop now.  I used to dread turning it on.  I will definitely always take any computer to him, and I recommend him to everyone.  Thank you Larry!

Preit Pro Jan 30, 2021

He was very honest on the price of replacing a part in my laptop that was tricky to get to. Reliable, honest and very helpful. If you need a laptop repaired, he is the one I recommend.