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stephanie castillo Feb 08, 2020

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P Murra Aug 22, 2019

Very through and pleasant. I did not wait long and glasses in same office.

Rosemary M. Oct 06, 2018

There can be a wait depending if the doctors were called in for an emergency surgery or a surgery presenting complications.  There are times when the office staff needs to squeeze in an emergency office visit.  Would you not want this accessibility if you were experiencing an emergency?  Bring a book or find another doctor.  The staff is friendly, supportive and excellent in efficiency and competency.  Dr. Zuckerbrod is highly skilled and competent!  Innovative in approaches. He also has compassion and patience for all his patients. Not all doctors have the skill or time or desire to be compassionate to our needs given the additional paperwork and changes in demands of insurance companies and changes in healthcare policies.  Be thankful skilled doctors are still practicing with high levels of care and ethics.  Dr. Zuckerbrod is a 5 star plus!!!!

nashwan jabri Aug 22, 2017

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Susan Nalepa Jun 28, 2017

I am so happy I have found doctors that truly care for their patients! Their thoroughness with the examination was great. Highly recommend these doctors!

John Jun 06, 2017

Got a piece of metal in my eye at work. Dr. Fifield was able to see me the same day and I didn't have to wait too long to be seen. Dr. Fifield removed the metal and got my eye back to normal.

Sarah C. Mar 11, 2017

Dr. Fifield is very knowledgeable and caring. She always takes time to explain things to me and make sure I understand everything that is going on with my care.

Ajb Dec 13, 2016

Excellent doctor, helps anyway that possible can. Since having eye surgery , he hasn't stopped trying to help me see clearly

Charles M. Jun 15, 2015

Ok I can only comment abut the one time I went there which was June 11 2015. I had to take my 91 year old mother in to get an exam as a prelude to her cataract surgery.  WHen I got there we were shown right in. The first person we saw was a really awesome young lady who was so sweet, so cheerful. Lately I have gone to a lot of places for my mothers health and so many handle her like a piece of freight. They push or pull or yell.  This person was so gentle, so graceful while she examined my mother with the various machines. She took the time to explain what the machines did and i was so truely impressed. Well they dialated my mothers eyes and we waited in the lobby which was comfortable and clean, until they were the right size. Then we went back and another woman did measurements on the cataracts. She was gentle and nice as well. Once again she was helpful and offered information as the exam went along. Eventually we saw the actual Doctor who seemed competent. I did not spend tht much time with him to really be able to praise a lot but the time that I did spend with him he seemed to be good. And lastly I had to deal with the woman who schedualed the surgery and had me fill out the obligatory paperwork. She was quick but thorough in explaining what each paper was for, let me read each one carefully without rushig me. Overall it was a very nice experiance. I am a lot more comfortable with my moms surgery if this is going to be the way she is treated. Like I say they dont tret her like freight but like an actual person who is scared, who is fragile, and they put her at ease and treated her with dignity. The only reason I gave them 5 stars is there was no place for a sixth. I would highly recomend them to anyone in need of their services I was truely impressed both with their people skills and their knowledge of their jobs.
Post Script: Since this original post I have been to the office several times with my mother. Each time I got prompt, quality attenton from some of the nicest, kindest, careing people. In this case first impressions are correct. I would reccomend them to anyone.

James D. May 12, 2014

OK, so when I saw Anna's comment, I felt that I had to comment.  First off, when someone ONLY gives 1- and 2-star ratings for all of the establishments that he/she has gone to, one has to wonder about the validity of said ratings.  Is the wait sometimes a little on the longer side at this business?  Yes, it is; however, this is the general state of medicine in the US - good luck finding a quality doctor that you only have to wait 15 minutes or less to see, and when you are being dilated, you can expect that an eye exam is going to take a little while.  That having been said, the doctors are competent and caring.  Dr. Garin was my optometrist when I wore contact lenses; he was great.  Dr. Zuckerbrod did my LASIK surgery (I see 20/15 now, which is better than 20/20), and I take my 60+-year-old mother to see him; if I didn't have confidence in the man, I would definitely take her elsewhere.  I haven't had a problem with the staff at the Bloomfield office, and would definitely recommend these doctors to friends and family.