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Julia Rebeca Pereira Cavalcante Jan 09, 2023

I had a really great experience here. The optometrist was kind and took an adequate amount of time getting to know me and how the things I do on a daily basis may affect my eyes. I also liked the overall aesthetic of the office it had a very cozy feel. Would definitely recommend!

Evelyn Vickers Dec 30, 2022

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Gina Owens Aug 16, 2022


Daryel Taliaferro Aug 13, 2022

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Sharon Jeter Apr 01, 2022

At 71, I had been struggling with cataracts for a number of years. Although I stayed away from it, night driving would catch me when I miscalculated and stayed out too long. It was the worst. And don’t let it rain, very scary indeed! So I decided now was the time. My first appointment at Dr. Zuckerbrod’s office (Dr. Z) made me sure I had the right doctor. He had many patients—I wanted an experienced doctor. His staff is friendly and efficient as they keep it moving. I was out in a reasonable time. Most importantly, Dr. Z is very kind. The day of the first surgery, my daughter took me. Everyone made me comfortable. The heated blanket was so cuddly. It took some time for the eye medicine to work, but they soon wheeled me into the operating room. Everyone made sure I was comfortable. Next thing I knew, I was being awakened as it was all over. From that moment on my world brightened. My left eye aided by the surgery eye, seemed cataract free, until I covered the right one. The surgery on the right eye went so well. I could now see at night. In the daytime I discovered how much I had been missing. I couldn’t wait for the second surgery. Now that I have had the surgery in both eyes, I wrote this review without glasses. Thank you, Dr. Z, for giving me my eye sight back and for greatly improving my life.