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MARK H LOGSDON Aug 26, 2021

I have been a customer since I was 16 years old. I walked into the Gratiot and 9 Mile Rd. office with my Dad, because I was going to buy a new VW Squareback. I, of course would need two things: a loan and a cosigner. We stat at the managers desk and he proceeded to talk to me (not my father) about loans. If I had x amount of money down, then payments were going to be X amount per month, and so on. He answered my questions, then proceeded to tell me what questions I should have asked. After he told me the answers to those unasked questions, I had my money to start paying for the car. That always impressed me. I was a 16 year old kid, and he treated me like a valuable and valued customer. Frankly, it was because of that man, that regardless of where I lived in the County, I had my FSB accounts to back me up. Fast forward som dozens of years. I am now 72 and the people I encounter at any of the branches are carrying on in the same spirit as that gentleman who helped me get my car so long ago. My main branch is the Hayes Rd. branch with the loan center. I could not be more pleased with the immediate help that I get, whether I'm there in person, or on a Cell phone call with someone at the branch. Thank you for everything Mark Logsdon

Roberto Benedettini Apr 30, 2020

Dealt with a few banks in the past. People don't generally get too excited about banks to review them. Been with FSB for over 5 years, and the fairest of all the banks I had dealings with.

garr cam Apr 06, 2020

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penny hartman Mar 06, 2020

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Chad Beskange Jul 20, 2017

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