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First State Bank- - St. Clair Mack is rated
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Christopher Dzialo May 04, 2023

My account opening was very simple and quick. Bank branch manager answered important questions in appropriate product selection; deposit taking was quick, and a copy of my banking application received. It was local to my parent's residence which makes it easy to visit this branch. I never banked with First State despite close location a few blocks down to my former residence In Macomb in 2008. Look forward banking with First State. I have a banking goal to understand account balances; the idea and value of budget, and work towards my first unsecured credit product. I'm not sure how First State differs from a credit union but I'm happy I became a hometown customer!

Christopher Robinson Mar 31, 2023

Great Staff

Darrell Roman Mar 14, 2023

A Great Branch and Wonderful Employees! As a customer for close to 10 years I enjoyed every visit to this branch. I was always greeted with a smile and a kind word from everyone. The Mack Branch employee's are the BEST! Whenever I had a question regarding my accounts, Anne Filinger came to my rescue and since she retired, Pat Fisher has done a great job helping me out whenever I need help with my accounts. Just a great group of ladies! Keep up the great work ladies, you are all appreciated! Thank you for your service!

Barb Carpenter Jan 10, 2021

First State Bank has been there for me through good times and bad times.

Nolan Richardson May 29, 2019

Just a really good local, hometown type of bank