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Noelle Clark Mar 16, 2020

Our company is very pleased with CitrusKiwi’s customer review program. It allows us to stand out in a competitive field. We even had customers from out of state contacting us, due to how quickly our website’s content appeared in their internet search terms. We appreciate their innovative ideas and supportive business model! We have worked with other companies in the past. and CitrusKiwi is far and above the most effective and attentive.

Rosa Vanoni May 02, 2018

I am so happy with CitrusKiwi Web Solutions and Ian. His hard work, shows. He took our very outdated website and made it shiny and new, with still keeping the feel we were going for. Personal emails and calls were made to ensure I was happy with any changes. If there was anything I needed updated or changed, it was completed within 24 hours! His customer service is beyond any I have dealt with in the past. I am so happy with this company and highly recommend them for anyone that needs a new website or just a website overhaul. You will not be dissapointed.

Timothy Davidson Apr 04, 2018

Ian has created several sites for my businesses over the years. When I recently joined forces to launch a new HVAC business in Sacramento, Ian came to rescue after my partner's website guy "failed to launch" and when he did finally launch, what a disaster. Ian to the RESCUE! In less than four business days we went from nothing to a great site for the new business. Couldn't be more pleased.

Garth Mathews Mar 05, 2018

Ian has the heart of a teacher. He's not content to just create amazing websites, he teaches the why's and why not's end to end. Everything from design to back-end security. Isn't it great when someone is looking out for your best interests and includes the features you don't even know you should be looking for?

James Despres Mar 02, 2018

Citrus kiwi is in one word amazing. You can tell Ian loves what he does. He is by far the most informative web-designers I've ever met(I've used four other design and management companies). Looking forward to using his services for many years to come. If you own a business, and need a web sight. I would very highly recommend Ian!!!