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MARICELA Anduray Apr 06, 2022

Ian is so knowledgeable and helpful!! Love the professionalism and dedication of his work.

Business Response:

Apr 06, 2022

Thanks Mari! We started CitrusKiwi to help the small to medium business "Thrive, not just survive" and do it in a way that allowed them to have a website which can foot it with big companies who pay thousands or tens of thousands for their sites.

Julie Boutros Apr 06, 2022

Ian is amazing and very talented at what he does. He is always available when needed and good at keeping his clients happy. He has help a lot of people I know build amazing successful websites. PUTTING SOME ZEST INTO YOUR BUSINESS!!! GO IAN!!

Business Response:

Apr 06, 2022

Thanks Julie. Great customer service is such a rare commodity anymore, that doing right by customers has allowed us to stand out from the crowd. Don't SAY your company has great customer service, SHOW people it does! That's what we do at CitrusKiwi.

David Lesnick Apr 06, 2022

Ian is an incredible wealth of information and knowledge. One meeting will convince you.

Business Response:

Apr 06, 2022

Thanks David. It's built on 15+ years designing and learning the industry - one that's constantly evolving. And putting clients' needs first - most important!!

monet tilden May 07, 2021

Ian is so knowledgeable about what he does. He can provide a lot of insight when you feel lost and he works as if your business is his own. He is invested in your success. Plus their business model and pricing is really fantastic and unusual for the industry. Look no further, Citrus Kiwi is it.

Business Response:

Apr 06, 2022

Thanks Monet. We love working hard for our clients to make sure we give them the best service and product we can.

Kevin Lawrence Oct 09, 2020

CitrusKiwi Web Solutions is a joy to work with. Ian Shere is professional, responds promptly and continually offers valuable creative ideas long after he builds the website. I have always felt that my business needs are important to Ian. He continually strives to make sure I have exactly what I want and need. If you are looking for a web designer hire CitrusKiwi Web Solutions now!