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Danessa Perry Mar 28, 2022

We loved our time at Sisu dance academy. Ms. Amy is a phenomenal teacher and invested time and care into each child in her classroom. The studio is beautifully decorated with inspiring quotes and the staff are always very kind and professional. Ms. Megan is a joy to be around and does everything she can to support families in her academy. This is a great place for younger dancers starting their dance journey!

Dunkin W. Mar 28, 2022

What a great find - Megan truly runs a great program here for the kids!   We're new to SISU but it's easy to see the sincere dedication that they exude....just like their name..."SISU"....which is an old Finnish meaning for strength of will, determination, perseverance I believe.  It's amazing to see how engaged she keeps the students...which says it all.  The classes a well organized/structured, timely and diverse.  Always a great experience for any youngster or princess/prince in the making ;).

Suzanne Purdy Mar 14, 2022

Sisu has been a wonderful place for my daughter! Ms. Megan is very accomplished and she promotes dance education for everyone. She continually invests in all of the dancers, so that each dancer is poised, knowledgeable, and overall professional. Communication with the studio has been excellent as well!

Ryan Harris Feb 21, 2022

Very nice staff awesome environment.

Monica Cooper Jan 27, 2022

I have loved our time at Sisu Dance Academy! I quickly saw the level of love and care the staff puts into their students. Ms. Megan is very good at communicating upcoming events and activities involving the students and the studio. I feel comfortable with the open lines of communication. My son loves to demonstrate his Flamingo Passé for us and I look forward to him learning more in the future.