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Amy McConnell May 29, 2019

This studio is honestly the best studio in the area. The owner, Megan, is very approachable, she is honest and is warm and friendly to the students and families. She encourages dancers to learn and grow through various forms of dance and cross training and encourages her staff to undergo continuing education frequently so that they are at the top of their game. She pours everything that she has into these dancers and truly wants each of them to succeed. The LeapNLearn program is hands down the most fundamentally sound children's program that is available. It is not your typical program where students frolic around without any further thought as to how this will help them fundamentally, this is a program that is built on the basics of early childhood development. The movements taught are built on developmental psychology and developmental principles to help children grow in all areas, not just dance. Students learn the basics of classroom etiquette, progressions and scaffolding material and they work on cross body movements to help grow the connections in their brains and develop strong neuronal pathways to enhance their gross and fine motor movements, all of which will set them up for success later on in their dancing careers as well as outside of the studio. Many of the things that are discussed through the LeapNLearn curriculum are not taught in the general teacher education but at the masters level. I cannot recommend this place enough. After dancing myself for almost 30 years, there is no other studio that I would take my children to.

lee romero May 17, 2019

Thank You sisu Dance Academy. You have been a blessing for a family. My granddaughters have improved so much since SiSu open. And Mrs Megan is a big part of that.

Jessica Sego May 16, 2019

I love the smaller class sizes, it allows for more one on one time.

Jessica Kennedy Apr 02, 2019

We LOVE SiSu for SO many reasons....the teachers, the training, the support, the opportunity to perform and the overall quality of the experience. We have 3 kiddos here with varying degrees of experience/ability and SiSu has been able to meet them right where they are and help them grow in their technique, confidence and overall love of dance. Can't recommend Megan enough.

Clock Expert Mar 31, 2019

Ms. Megan is an awesome teacher. I love taking classes with her. She takes every kid and focuses on each one individually. SiSu is inclusive and makes kids feel special and included. Thank you, SiSu!!