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Matt Pender Jun 28, 2024

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T Dec 28, 2023

Matt is our long standing family attorney he has represented us for several years. He is always the first person we contact. Matt is an outstanding attorney we know he will always take the take the appropriate steps to take care of the issues at hand. Matt is reliable, trustworthy, professional he works very diligently in the best interest of his clients. Matt is the best there is. We have immense trust and confidence in him and would highly recommend him.

Walter Bamert Sep 07, 2023

Best family law lawyers around!

Claudio Mendoza Apr 02, 2023

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Melissa Feb 05, 2023

Matt is an OUTSTANDING attorney, he is very professional, thorough,honest. He stands out amongst the best. He has represented myself and my family in many cases and is held in high regard and the utmost respect. When it comes to trust in getting the job done Matt is ALWAYS the Attorney we seek out, no second thoughts. We highly recommend Attorney Matt Shaw.

John May 05, 2022

Matt Shaw is not only a fantastic lawyer, he is an awesome HONEST person. When I contacted him the first question he asked was “have you exhausted every option to save your marriage”? That is a man who cares not only about his clients but cares about your situation. I contacted other lawyers before him and not one said that. When it is time for him to go to work to represent you he simply can’t be beat. This is the lawyer for your needs if there is no other option to save your marriage. He is the best in the area.

anonymous Jun 18, 2021

Contacted Shaw Family Law just to ask questions and get a better understanding regarding a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. Mr. Shaw was very helpful addressing my concerns, and he wasn't even the original lawyer I used for my divorce from years ago. Really appreciated the fact he took the time out of his busy day not only to take my phone call but answered the many questions I had.

Carol Feb 16, 2021

I contacted Shaw Family Law through their website to inquire about a letter I received from a different lawyer. Matt emailed me directly to ask for a copy of the letter and then reached out for a phone call. Matt spent twenty minutes discussing my situation and offering his opinion and advice. He asked good questions to better understand my problem and patiently suggested what I could do to remedy the conflict on my own without a lawyer. He made sure I understood my options and that I felt safe moving forward. I found Matt to be personable, thoughtful, and warm in his interaction with me. Should my situation escalate, I feel confident in retaining his services.

Sarah P. Jan 12, 2021

Speedy process and reduced stress were crucial factors for me when I started looking for legal services. Matt and his staff were extremely professional and attentive, addressing my concerns and questions constantly and patiently. Working with Shaw Family Law was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! My thanks and appreciation for their work and dedication!

Christy Sep 05, 2020

Shaw Family Law has been representing me in my divorce case for almost a year now and I could not be in better hands. My case is extremely contentious, and Deidre Sanders at Shaw Family Law has handled it with bold strength and also a steady, polished ease. The lawyers in this firm are nothing short of brilliant. They have the perfect way with words to drive home a point effectively. They are efficient and prompt. Going through a contentious divorce is by far the worst experience of my life, but hiring Shaw Family Law is the only thing that has given me any hope that my future will be better than my past and present. I highly, highly recommend Shaw Family Law.

Jeremy Jul 24, 2020

I first hired Matt in 2018 to replace my previous lawyer who seemed less than motivated to do a thorough job with my legal separation case. As soon as Matt took over my case, he pointed out all of the things that should have been done correctly the first time. Once Matt finished cleaning up my previous lawyers mess, we took the case back in front of the judge for a ruling, and everything was ruled in our favor! I needed Matt's service's again in 2020 to get my child support reduced, and once again, Matt went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions and concerns were answered and dealt with. I am pleased to say we had yet another victory in court and my child support was reduced! Anytime I hear that somebody is seeking a good family lawyer, I never hesitate to refer them to Matt Shaw Family Law.

Cynthia Swanson Apr 11, 2019

I hired Matt to represent me during my divorce and a subsequent issue with my ex-spouse. I followed his advice throughout each process and he was spot on with his advice. I would highly recommend Matt

Kris Smith Mar 05, 2019

I felt that they really know the law and had my best interests at heart. Gave me all my options and potential risks of certain actions.

Anthony Nessie Sep 26, 2018

Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Matt Shaw Family Law was the best choice I could have made for my situation. I have referred quite a few people to him, and all have been impressed with his services. Matt goes above and beyond, to get the job done.

Brian Jul 20, 2018

My family went to many attorneys and were told we did not have a very good chance at winning our case. We went to Matt Shaw and it was like working with a Zen Master. Matt took us on as a client and was one step ahead of the opposition at all times. It was like they were playing checkers while he was Bobby Fisher playing chess. I would recommend Matt to anyone that wants the most professional, honest and understanding attorney in Illinois!

Peter Jun 29, 2018

My girlfriend and I got a prompt response after our request for a phone consultation, and Matt patiently answered all of our questions, without making us feel foolish or judged. I got a great first impression.

Don Jan 05, 2017

I used Matt 5 years ago and he was very caring, compassionate and understanding. His experience was totally awesome and FIRST CLASS ! Thank You Again Matt !

anonymous Apr 08, 2016

Mr. Shaw is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. His advice is spot on. He is kind, compassionate, and honest. He takes time to explain what to expect and answered all my questions. I am so fortunate to have found such a superb lawyer!

Julie Mar 13, 2015

I was referred to Mr. Shaw by a family member for child support case. He was straight forward and told me what the law was and what to/not expect. After I retained his services I wasn't disappointed. I found he is well respected by the Court and his peers. Anytime a friend/family needs a referral I direct them to Matt. I recently referred my daughter, that retired from the military, although he could not handle her case (jurisdiction) he personally got back to her immediately. She was then able to move forward looking into other resources. When time and money is imperative that is very important quality.

Toni Mar 13, 2015

Attorney Shaw is an exellent attorney and excells in his expertise. He is very concise and explains all court proceedings. He has handled my support, guardianship and custody issues with precise expertise. I highly recommend attorney Shaw.