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David Jan 19, 2024

This review is long overdue. Paul is an incredible lawyer. He represented me in a DMV trial and we actually won. Nothing short of a miracle! If i could give him a hundred star review it still would not be enough. Thank you so much for saving my life and taking my case. I will forever be grateful for what you did for me. Your advice at my trial and the way you handled the judge was unbelievable and I will always be in your debt for your help. Warm regards, David

Gerald Covington Jan 19, 2024

Paul took a case that was impossible to win. We won at trial! I cannot go into detail about my case except to say that he was the only one who could help me in this capacity. He is an amazing litigator and advisor.

David B. Jan 18, 2024

This attorney saved my life and reputation. Nothing short of a miracle, his conduct and advice during my trial helped save my reputation and my life. Very grateful for his help in ways that words cannot express. He is literally the best at what he does. Don't hesitate to hire him for complicated cases. He is quite possibly the best attorney in his field of expertise.

Gerald Covington Jan 18, 2024

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David Jan 18, 2024

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David Jan 18, 2024

Paul saved my reputation and my life. I had an extremely difficult case and only because of his guidance and litigation skills we were able to win at trial. Word cannot express the gratitude I have for his help.

John Barron Jan 25, 2023

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anonymous Sep 08, 2022

Paul is simply spectacular. When I was arrested for a DUI, I was in an extremely panicked state and I contacted his office. He returned my call within an hour. His straight-forward, no BS demeanor immediately put me at ease. He is in the field for all the right reasons — he is a man of honor and integrity, and genuinely wants to help. His credentials speak for themselves — he’s probably a top 5 DUI lawyer in the state of California. Hire him and don’t second guess yourself, he will fight for you and be on your side.

John Barron May 04, 2022

Paul made the outcome of my case amazing. There was absolutely no way possible I could have accomplished this without his knowledge or help. He navigated this case from start to finish and educated me on what options i had available that I did not know existed before. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need!

Sebastian Feb 11, 2021

Mr. Burglin was very experienced, helpful, and honest. It is nearly impossible to get a DUI charge dismissed in Marin county, but he was able to do so for me. He was the light in my life during a time of darkness and I will always remember his kind words.

Jennifer Gerstenzang Jan 25, 2019

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Jennifer Gerstenzang Jul 21, 2018

Outstanding Counselor!! Paul is an attorney I frequently reach out to when I want to consult with a talented peer on a case. He is always quick with a response and is incredibly helpful, brilliant, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of his craft. He is highly respected in the legal community and is a leader in the DUI defense practice on a national level. I highly recommend him!

John Jul 10, 2018

Mr. Burglin helped me when I needed it most. He was fair and honest and told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. He is the most dedicated attorney you can find when you really need help. He told me that my judgement would be better if I quit drinking and boy was he right. Not only did he help me resolve my DUI case, which by the way I was convicted because I should have been, but because I listened to him I lost 100 lbs. since my arrest 4 years ago. I not only owe him for resolving my case but I owe him for more than that because I probably added twenty years on to my life!!

William Barabino Jan 25, 2018

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Nabiel Hijazeen Jan 25, 2018

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Diana Camacho Jan 25, 2018

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Diana Camacho Jan 16, 2018

Paul is an excellent Attorney! The outcome of my case came out beyond my expectations. Once I turned over the case in his hands it was a huge relief, from the beginning he explained the process, expectations and possible outcomes. The final result was phenomenal!

Todd Kline Dec 02, 2017

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William Barabino Aug 19, 2017

Very Smart, Know the OUI Stuff and Knows it Well! And I'm a Lawyer. Great Teacher Too!

Nabiel Hijazeen Feb 22, 2017

I highly recommend his service