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Nick Damptz Nov 13, 2021

Jamie and his Staff are amazing and know what they are doing! As a Real Estate Broker I have worked with many attorneys over the 20 years of being in Real Estate and Hands down Jamie and His Staff are one of the best in the industry if you need anything related to Real Estate Use Jamie!

akachristine Sep 07, 2021

We were referred by our real estate agent team and it was a stellar referral. What a great experience closing on a home with the James W. White law office. James and his assistants, Sarah and Jackie, were timely and thorough, the entire process went so smoothly. Highly recommended law office - they look out for your best interests!

Dee Dugdale Jul 05, 2021

I use Jamie for the closing on my house, did a great job.

John Galt Feb 20, 2021

Exemplary Esquire for hire!

Grant Ecker Jan 09, 2021

Jaimie provided outstanding representation, an extreme breadth of expertise and unmatched professionalism in representing me in my house closing. Our closing was incredibly complex: Complications included negotiating to avoid a short sale, large acreage with verbal 30+ year land leases for farming to be concluded with closing, a shared driveway that was to be removed with closing, escrow, buyer and seller power of attorney at closing and most impressively covid-delayed closing services like septic/well inspections and the land survey. While the survey was still in flight, Jaime was able to get us closed and moved into our home, staying with us to navigate the title insurance and escrow complications 2 months after we moved in and signed on the loan when the survey was complete. It's important to point out that each of these complications took place with different parties which Jaime seamlessly navigated on my behalf. Jamie provided by far the most impressive and comprehensive legal representation, expertise and case management I've ever seen. Do not hesitate to enlist Jaime as your attorney particularly in support of real estate transactions.

Kris Kaldenberger Jan 22, 2020

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Mari Johnson Nov 12, 2019

Jamie does an excellent job assisting with legal matters

Laurie Sepulveda Holmes Jul 12, 2018

We are grateful to Jamie and the team who got us to close without stress. Jackie was wonderful and answered every question we had whether we called her or emailed. Thank you.

laurie holmes Jul 12, 2018

We didn’t have to worry about anything. Jackie answered every question we had whether it be by phone call or email. We’re greteful to Jamie and the great team that took care of us and got us through your close!

Kara Vienne Nov 20, 2017

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Eric Carson Apr 05, 2017

Jamie and Steve have been fantastic to work with. Jamie has been my real estate lawyer for 6 properties so far, with the 7th coming this month. His calm demeanor and sensibility are a true asset. His partner Steve took care of a business matter for me in the recent years which went splendidly. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

K Dec 30, 2016

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Melissa Dillenburg Jan 26, 2016

Thank you for your recent services. We would have been lost without James and Steve!

Ruth M.Maisonet Jul 07, 2015

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Susan Hoos Jan 01, 2014

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Dana Yesensky Colley Nov 30, 2013

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Larry L Jones Nov 25, 2013

I have worked with this firm for the past 4 years. What I appreciate about this one is the personal approach, the humane view of the law, and the efforts to understand the goals and desired outcome of every engagement. Whereas other attorney's focus on the opportunity to maximize the income of their firm, this firm looks to maximize the return for their clients. Without reservation, I recommend this firm.

Kathleen White Kowalski Nov 04, 2013

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Steven Ekker Oct 31, 2013

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Theresa Paguirigan Oct 13, 2013

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