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usman chaudhry Aug 23, 2021

I recently worked with Ross from this firm and found him very experienced, knowledgeable, detail-oriented and helpful.

Sibyl Meyer Jul 12, 2021

Mr. Martoccio and the team offer the best service one could imagine. It was 30+ years ago that I needed assistance with a family matter and was at my wits end! John was kind, patient and extremely informative in helping me navigate through a difficult time in my life! I highly recommend this team for your legal needs. I promise you won't be sorry you did!

Lori Adler May 20, 2021

It was such a pleasant surprise to speak with John Martoccio! He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and responsive to our concerns and questions. He immediately put us at ease, provided clarity and then conducted a timely investigation for us. He answered our questions and gave solid advice!

Sandy Baby Apr 19, 2021

Very helpful! Gave me some great advice went out his way to speak to me! Game changer for sure! Thanks!!

Sandy Baby Apr 19, 2021

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Tom C Dec 20, 2020

They responded quickly and provided advice to de-escalate an issue we are having with a family member.

Felix Vazquez Sep 13, 2020

I'm glad for the quick response from John Martoccio, he was easy to talk too and very supportive and knowledgeable of my circumstances during my consultation with him. Will be looking forward to working with him on my complex situation. Thankyou

Lindsay Schultz Sep 01, 2020

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank The law office of Martoccio and Martoccio and more specifically, Jenna Spear for her recent assistance with what could have been a very messy situation. Her direction, advice and guidance was immeasurable. She was reliable, extremely quick to respond, and ultimately resolved the issues in half the time I assumed it would take. I’m very grateful for all of her assistance. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.

David Wang Jun 29, 2020

I first contacted Martoccio early last year. John called me back and discussed my situation on the phone. Based on his suggestion, I waited and gathered more information. I contacted him last month again regarding my case. This time John evaluated my situation again and provide a very good advice. Because the uniqueness of my situation, John suggested to take a different approach to deal with the issues. Although i only talked to him on the phone, I can feel his professionalism and deep care to me. I am currently holding off the case. If I proceed, I definitely will hire Martoccio to handle my case.

RaeAnne Rhule Jun 15, 2020

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Anna Salazar Jun 15, 2020

I needed to have a consultation in regards to divorce proceedings. So happy to work with John Martoccio. John was extremely knowledgeable very easy to speak with about my case.

Enedina Sanchez Jun 14, 2020

Highly recommend

don johnson Apr 30, 2020

Offered amazing advice about a marriage case I was wondering about. Answered all my questions and made the whole process simple and easy. Didn’t even charge me for this initial phone calls. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested.

Thomas Serek Apr 23, 2020

It has a been pleasure to work with John over the years!

Judy Keyzer Apr 20, 2020

Great office, friendly staff and very professional! I have complete and utter trust in their legal ability; very fair and trustworthy in the most difficult of situations.

kristen hill Apr 16, 2020

John Martoccio is a fair and knowledgeable attorney. He is always available to discuss personal legal issues with compassion. I highly recommend Mr. Martoccio to represent anyone in need of legal advice.

Damien Hinojosa Apr 11, 2020

John was extremely helpful to me dealing with a difficult custody situation. His insight and experience helped quickly drive progress. His ability to anticipate arguments and come up with solutions for potential pitfalls is invaluable.

El Sto Mar 19, 2020

I had a consult with John Martoccio regarding a disagreement that involved my ex-husband’s widow, my college aged children, and myself. John deconstructed my concern to get to the root of the issue. He was pleasant to talk with, asked all the right questions and prompted me to think of more questions. His ideas, advice, and how to approach this issue left me feeling more secure and confident at the end of our meetings. I would recommend John Martoccio.

Christian Martinez Mar 13, 2020

Very helpful and professional, I like the fact that he took the time to really listen and explained things clearly in moving forward with court. I would highly recommend. Hands Down!

Crazy V Mar 13, 2020

Very helpful and professional, I like the fact that he took the time to really listen and explained things clearly in moving forward with court. I would highly recommend. Hands Down!